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Buddha of Diamond Crystal Light      August 26, 2016

Beloved Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light
David Christopher Lewis
August 26, 2016   7:00–7:11 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

              The Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light Refashions Us in New Crystalline Beingness

Beloved Ones,

The source of stillness sits within the sphere of silent Selfhood. The origin of oneness arises inside the initiate who surmises God with no surprise and who is wise in that which allows the Sun to rise within.

I AM your Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light, and this night I spin a new yarn of beingness within you. And as you utilize this resource to provide for yourself a garment of light as you knit consciousness and as you weave awareness, there I am within the substance of beingness. There I witness you in the state of silence.

When you enter the great silence, God-consciousness is quickened and the lesser self is completely asleep. The space between the words allows you to absolve your past and to resolve your future within the eternal Now, knowing eternality within that point of originality, that space of silence. When you find surcease from movement of the ego, the great God Presence begins to flow and flower within. Feel the currents of cosmic consciousness playing upon the higher senses of your soul and spirit. Know a deeper intuition that arises beyond human recognition, for it flows from cosmic volition and permanency of being.

You may ascend daily from within the silence of your inner being. And through the daily ascension process, where light fully manifests through every channel of being, you weave the threads of your supernal Self, the immortal garment of light.

Investigate beingness daily and find and self-discover the process by which and through which sublimation, consummation, divine consumption occurs. If you are willing to be consumed by God, then all of you will be subsumed into that Presence and then all that is left is beingness, light, consciousness.

            What does your flower of God-identity look like? Choose the pattern, the color, the texture, the toning blush of inner beauty. Find your place in nature, your eternal nature, your Buddha nature, and your lotus will live within God's garden of light; your rose will shine within a new haven of perfection and glory.

Beingness arises from the breath that is pure, the mind that is clear, the heart that is serene. I make you liquid during this hour so that at the conclusion of this service I may recrystallize you into a new being—glorious, transcendent, shining in the wonderment of higher spheres in the great cosmic seas of God's eternal being.

Let go of your past permanently, and let in the future of originality, co-creativity within the sacred Now that is the isness of God.

Purusha. Purusha. Purusha.

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