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Goddess of Liberty      July 24, 2016

Beloved Goddess of Liberty

David Christopher Lewis

July 24, 2016   9:40–10:00 am MDT

Livingston, Montana


The Goddess of Liberty Speaks on the Importance of Gratitude Today


From cosmic realms, I descend into the Earth for the victory of liberty, freedom and justice in this realm. Blessed ones, liberty is a flame of sacred fire that is ensconced within you in that God-essence which is your threefold flame. And it is also, on a magnified and universal scale, that which liberates every soul, through the gift of free will, to experience God within her evolutionary path, her sacred journey back to the source of all life and love.

You have heard of soul liberation, and you are involved and invested in this work of the ages to truly be free in God permanently, to be inviolate in light, reverently, and to reach your destiny, which is Godhood, which is blessedness within the greater context of God's all-encompassing Presence. Truly to live, move and have your being within the sacred space of God-light should be your goal, your highest dream. For in this Self-realized state of eternality, there God exists within you in completeness, in totality. This is liberty manifest, blessed hearts.

I come in this cycle of Leo, for to focus upon the flame of God-gratitude is most important in this hour. Many rail against much, and in this hurtful state of self-denial they cannot access the eternal light of God within themselves. For through thankfulness, one contacts love. Through reverent gratitude and thanksgiving in any form, one taps into that divine estate whereby God may be felt, love may be experienced and the divine world may be opened through the nexus of the heart. For Leo, as the sign of the heart, provides opportunity for initiations of the heart. Therefore during this cycle, be cognizant of your heart chakra in its most powerful aspect as a haven of God's eternal love, as a resource for God's love to flow through you to all life, as a vehicle for the expression of any aspect of that love through the flame of gratitude.

Gratitude in action, manifest as charity, givingness, self-sacrifice, moves you through the initiations of the ruby ray unto the glory of your soul in Buddhic awareness. For having first fulfilled the seven rays' initiations through the twelve to the six o'clock lines of the cosmic clock, now you are ready, in Leo, to experience Buddhahood in a greater way. The seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven o'clock lines of the cosmic clock afford you the initiations of those five crystal rays, dearest ones, through which you may access more of the intuitional gifts of the Holy Spirit, the blessings thereof, whereby, attentive to that inner voice, you soar in spirit to experience a new level of Divine Selfhood, of inner joy. And as you imbibe and embody gratitude, justice, reality, vision and victory in their God-essences, instilled within you is a new world awareness, a higher level of cosmic consciousness. And God experiences him/herself through your temple of light, even physically if you choose to so allow the energization of your being in physicality with that eternal light.

It all begins with God-gratitude. Therefore be careful to always express words of appreciation, love, cherishment and holiness. If you devolve as an initiate into those states of compromise, blame and shame—and the blaming game, which I will no longer name, manifesting as a vile attitude that does not invoke the beatitudes of God—then it denigrates you and those whom you criticize, condemn, judge or in any way gossip about.

Yes, blessed ones, gossip is one of the most diabolical actions and activities that disciples of the Word can engage in. Remember Melchizedek's words unto you to speak only of the divine and to hold every lifestream in his/her highest estate of light. For to denigrate, even subtly, through words that compromise your own God Presence means that gratitude is not flowing though you, and an unholy stench manifests through this dark attitude, which at times we even observe in our initiates.

Burn through, O sacred fire, all that is anti-God-gratitude this day! And allow everyone to experience a new state of being by holding true to their highest heart's experience of divine love, appreciation and joy. Burn through, O sacred fire, O fire of liberty, and liberate their souls this day in that spirit of oneness, that spirit of light, God-glory, nobility and reverence for every life-form—even the cells within their own temples of light, which can live, move and have their being in that divine solution of perfection, crystalline in nature, glorious in God-essences, virtuous in every way.

To demonstrate gratitude consciously, aptly in some way each day during this cycle will allow you to pass every initiation, blessed ones, that comes your way and to have the beginning of your victory in these five crystal-ray initiations. It is so important for you to be successful within on behalf of many souls. Those who lapse into that state of ingratitude, the ingrates, must be taught the new science of love—self-love in God, divine love through expressiveness and appreciation of the beauty and harmony of every soul, of every life-form.

Rancor seems to be that which moves through many who do not attest to Spirit. They dwell in the flesh veils of maya, in the flesh pots of human desire. Desire God and liberty shall be yours. Desire spiritual fulfillment, and then all the material blessings that you require will become available to you through that joy-field of light that you co-create through a grateful heart.

I stand in New York's harbor, raising my torch high to illumine this world, your world, with light. If you would be illumined ever more in a greater way each day, week, month, year, decade and century, and even millennia, then, blessed ones, feel the impulses of that light manifesting through the gratitude spirit. Know the beatitudes, internally, of which Jesus spoke.1 Study them. Be expressive of them. Teach them to your children. Remind your own soul to be grateful. For even in the little things, you overcome that which could then manifest as a sense of injustice and every impropriety that could arise from that state, such as violence, decadence and even the ultimate rebellion against authority—the authority of the Divine One, God him/herself.


A grateful heart sings of the Source and spins in unison with that music of the spheres that God emanates throughout the creation. A grateful heart trues your soul to its divine estate, to at-one-ment with the eternal heart. A grateful heart co-creates the abundant life, first internally and then externally in every sphere of awareness. A grateful heart, giving of oneself fully to God and to all life, nurtures everyone and everything through that love-field of beingness that is expressive of every other virtue, that naturally manifests and flows through the heart—through that fiery Leo heart, grateful to God for life itself, for breath itself, for a beating heart itself.

I send a ray of light unto every candidate seeking office in these United States and around the globe. If you truly desire to be of service as a representative of your people, then illumine the world with your true heart, devotional and upturned toward God, rather than engaging in deceptive and dark activities.

Assess every candidate, blessed ones, by their heart, by their givingness, by their attitude. Listen to their voice. Does it flow from a fount of inner peace, of genuine goodness? Or is it tainted by the angst of inner rebellion against God, the Source of all life. If you simply meditate on virtue, you will know who are the truly wise ones. For their wisdom flows from love, from givingness and an inner joy. These are our exemplars, those who may truly represent you as good shepherds and shepherdesses of light.

My ray incites all to higher awareness beyond the human pale, through the energy veil. All are now held to a higher standard of virtue; the ongoing cycles of light within this planet, solar system and galaxy require it. What is past is prologue. The new energies descending and arising within you are calling all higher. Aspire to perfection through love and your victory is assured.

I AM the Goddess of Gratitude, the Goddess of Liberty, the Goddess of Joy all wrapped into one eternal flame, which is Liberty's legacy of light. I thank you.

1. See Matthew 5:1–12; Luke 6:20–23.



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