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Shiva      July 21, 2016

Beloved Shiva

David Christopher Lewis

July 21, 2016   7:30–7:53 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana


Shiva Enfolds Us in Fiery Flames of Spiritual Light


Beloved Devotees of the Sacred Fire,

I AM Shiva, and this day I come into your midst in a living circle of flames that dance all around you, that dance in every dimension of light where you live, move and have your being this night. These living flames are active and alive. And each of them will work for you to inscribe within your aura a greater action of God's light tonight for your soul liberation, for your victory on the path and for all your spiritual needs to be realized according to God's will, wisdom and love when you put God first and are thereby anointed by this light of the Holy Spirit, who I AM as Shiva.

You have called me forth; you have called to Astrea. And we are almost inseparable in the action of our work to liberate souls, to invest God's light within their worlds, within their auras to free them from all that is less than God-perfection, all that is less than God's eternal joy, all that stands in the way of harmony and peace within their lives, which can manifest by God's grace when those souls live for the singular purpose of glorifying God and magnifying the Lord.

Many call me Lord Shiva, and I have received this title humbly from Brahma, passed through Vishnu. For each is also called Lord because we outpicture the law of the Word through our holy office within the Trinity of the East, which many are aware of who pray to us, who invoke our names for intercession in the world and in their lives. Just as in the West you call to the Lord Jesus, so in the East many call to us, as well as to Lord Krishna, so that God's light through his/her personages may be objectified in specific ways to benefit sentient beings through what we offer in answer to their prayers and calls.

We especially appreciate it when you sing the bhajans invoking our names, because when your hearts are engaged in this ancient form of divine devotion through the singing of these very beautiful and tonal hymns of praise and supplication, we come in answer to that devotion. We place our attention and our presence over the devotees so singing and praising God through our names. And there is a corresponding action of both blessing and boon, of both clearance and protection, a sealing action of the entire aura of the place, the sanctuary where devotees gather for these beautiful sessions of light that you call kirtan.

Yes, blessed ones, some of you have experienced them in an almost ecstatic state of inner bliss as the momentum of the bhajans increases through the increase of the speed of the drumming of the tablas, of the strumming of the sitar and of the pressing of the keys upon the harmonium, as well as the rhythm of the voice of the leader and those responding to those songs of praise. When you experience this dynamic of the increase of the light within your aura, please consider utilizing this energy to fan forth throughout the world that which you experience as that ecstasy, through devotion, to bless all life upon the Earth and to feel the increase, on behalf of all sentient beings, of that God-glory manifesting in your world so that all may receive this same impetus of inner joy that you experience.

Yes, blessed hearts, the joys of living a spiritual life of devotion to God are great. And we encourage many to consecrate and dedicate more of their time each week in the practices that will bring them to the state of Self-realization in God. How can you reach Self-realization? you ask Shiva this night. It is through attentiveness to the God-light within your being. It is through the acceptance of that light as the true reality of who you are as a God-conscious one. And it is through the fanning of this flame, of this light-energy, more and more; through constancy of devotion; through study and prayer; through selfless service to humanity; through sharing and teaching; and then, ultimately, through your complete union with God in the return to his/her heart known as the ascension for the final liberation of your soul.

You see, the path is not so difficult when you engage with us, with the archangels and angels of the sacred fire in the conscious application of what you know of the spiritual path, with a little more consecration and dedication each week, month and year. And when you have put in your time through this constancy, we will come to adorn you with greater spiritual gifts of light and cosmic fire. And this is what I do this night on behalf of Brahma and Vishnu. And together the three of us engage your soul in a cosmic soul-raising experience in the light. And the energy is increased in the room there in Santiago, where you, O devotees of light, are gathered. And the fire may be felt by your soul, and your spirits are raised! And there is the encouragement of your heart and mind to always be true to this path of light.


And within the fire that we bear this night to each of you is the solution to every dilemma, to every problem, every issue that you may experience this night and throughout your life. If you put your trust in God, if you surrender your lesser self, then all things, through God, will be possible unto you to fulfill, to accomplish, to self-realize so long as you maintain harmony, peace and, especially, humility in your life.

I know that I am speaking quite quickly, and you, beloved Susanna, are doing a fantastic job of translating for us. And we applaud your efforts and the efforts of all those such as Jaime, such as Gloria and those in Barcelona who are translating our messages into the Spanish language. For we know that you all feel deeply, that your hearts are open wide to the light of God that always prevails. And so often we come with an increase of the energy on your behalf so that you may be healed of anything that is required for you to experience on your path of light.

Now, blessed hearts, I speak of the upcoming pilgrimage, of which other masters have spoken of late. And I say that I, Shiva, will be there to support the great work of Saint Germain, the Divine Director, the God and Goddess Meru, Casimir Poseidon and all of the blessed masters who will come to share with you and speak unto you through this messenger of light. Yes, I will be there to adorn you in those hours of your devotion and of your attention with these same fiery flames of the Holy Spirit through my manifestation as Shiva. And there will be change within Buenos Aires and Argentina. There will be self-transformation in the lives of all who come and untold blessings of the Spirit to charge forth the light deep within your soul so that as you utilize that light consciously in your lives, you will win your victory in this one lifetime. You will ascend at the conclusion of this incarnation, and you will reunite with your God Presence in the immaculate matrix of that sacred ritual of the final yoking of your soul to God.

Blessed ones, breathe in now these fiery flames that are coalescing all around you and within your aura this night. Breathe them in and fear not the fire of God. For it will burn out of you all that is unreal and ensconce and enhance all that is beautiful, real and divine. For the fire is what makes permanent within the higher etheric octaves of light that which is true and pure, holy and real. The fire stabilizes all in the heaven world because God is a consuming fire.

You may not have thought of what God is consuming through his/her fiery being. God is consuming you to be one with you. And so long as you desire to be consumed by God, then so it shall be in the ritual of the fiery initiations that come to those spirits who love God with their entire being. In this consummation, in this burning action of light, you are made permanent, at least part of you, during each session of this immaculate matrix of transformation and transubstantiation. A part of your soul ascends during each of these sessions to reside directly with God, your own God Presence. And as more and more of you ascends during subsequent services and devotional events, practices and courses, you will be amazed to find how much easier it is to resonate with God, to experience the light within your chakras, within your aura and even, for some, to begin to have more mystical experiences through that oneness with God, whereby you feel deeply, you know intuitively. For you are becoming more of that eternal fire of the Spirit.

This entire HeartStream is one that you may study again and again, blessed hearts, to understand more of the spiritual path so that you may truly know that toward which you are heading through your devotions, through your sacred work and service. For if you understand this path, then the mysteries, having been revealed, are no more. God is self-evident unto you. Your beloved I AM Presence becomes your greatest friend and benefactor, and then it is simply most natural to enjoy God's presence in your life day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. And in this cosmic level of beingness, through that joy flame of cosmic happiness, you ascend; you are one in the Sun.

I stand now in the sun of this solar system and draw forth greater fire from the sun to enfire you in light so that, immersed in this light, you may be versed in all that is divine— the music of the spheres, sounds of the silence and the soundless sound of the Cosmic Void, wherein the Divine Mother resides in eternality, co-creating through the unmanifest state the substance that will become a new universe for all.

I AM Shiva. Though some have called me the Destroyer, I say that I am, through the fire that does destroy all that is unreal, also a torchbearer, returning you again to Brahma, the Creator. Therefore I pass that torch now to him. And soon Brahma may speak to you if you invite him to share with all the processes of creation itself, the emergence of life, all that transpires in what the great Elohim fulfill through their creative work that lasts eons and eons and eons of time as you know it.


We are the timeless ones living in the eternal Now, which, if you choose, may reside within you right here, right now, blessed ones. I love you with a love that is immortal. And I raise you through fire, even for a moment, to experience the immortal state of pure light. Now live in that light, become that light—and you will win. I thank you.


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