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Hilarion      June 15, 2016

Beloved Hilarion

David Christopher Lewis

June 15, 2016   6:45–7:07 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Hilarion Comes to Infuse Us with Higher Healing Light


Good Morning, Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen,


As your Hilarion, I come this day with an infusion of light into your cells, into your physical body temple, into your mind, your heart, every organ and system within your being. And this infusion is a grace from God, extended from my heart to each of you for the purpose of bringing you to a new and higher level of conscious awareness through your physical temple of light.

Yes, each of you can have perfect health and vitality if you choose to make it so through every conscious act, every decision, every moment of time in which you abide within your Presence, within a state of divine equilibrium—body, soul and mind. When you consciously choose to live in the integrity of this state of being, within your Divine Self, there is no cause for human concern about anything that may come your way, because the inviolate nature of perfection manifests through your mind- and heart-set, steely in their determination to fulfill your purpose upon this Earth. And health, wealth, vitality and the perfectionment of every ideal that you hold your attention upon manifests because of the stream of this awareness that flows unto you, as a river of life, through your crystal cord from your Divine Self.

Yes, there are many avenues of expression that you may choose to manifest in your life. Yet the greatest of these is to allow the flowering of your Presence to manifest through you, whereby the flow of eternal light is sustained through your waking consciousness, one with God. When you choose to sustain this awareness, then every vital energy packet of light is there manifesting in your world.


Though you may take supplements, vitamins and decide to ingest this or that substance as the perfect diet for your temple, the greatest diet, blessed ones, is light, is love and is the fruit of your experience in God as a vital and conscious son or daughter of the One Light and initiate of the sacred fire, drawing forth from the universal, through your Presence, light, light, light! This is what sustains you in form upon this Earth. And when you activate this dynamic through the holy breath of God, and when you sustain it every conscious moment of your life, then that perfect health may be yours to experience. And through that health, the greatest work that you can convey to mankind will manifest.

Why do I come this day to speak on this matter when you know this teaching in your heart and within your higher mind? It is because during this service and subsequent ones during the upcoming Meru University Summer Solstice Event, beginning in two days, you may receive from the heart and mind of Lord Maitreya a greater infusion of light than you had thought possible if you first are able to acquiesce to your Presence and allow this light-energy field to be yours and to sustain it moment by moment for God's glory to manifest where you are.


If you desire higher mindfulness, how will you sustain what the Master brings unto you? It is only through an advanced form of higher mindfulness that you will be able to sustain it. And this may be accessed through that vital state, the metta state, of Buddhic beingness, which is a choice to manifest in your world. Some of you have chosen to live, move and have your being within this vital state, this dynamic reality of being. And therefore you have received divine impressions deep within you that have allowed the sustaining grace of God's Presence to occur. Yet many fritter away much of what could manifest in their worlds by acquiescing to something less than this state of perfectionment. And therefore though they may receive great infusions of light from the ascended hosts, from great cosmic masters, the chalice of their being is not strong enough to allow the sustaining mastery of this presence to occur.

Dr. Shakuntala Modi will speak to you at the end of this service, giving many keys on prayer, which, I say, I promote and sponsor and which I encourage you, each one, to understand. Though you may have been decreeing and praying for decades and even for lifetimes, what she will share with you is so dynamic, powerful and wonderful from the eyes of heaven, from the perspective of the ascended hosts, that if each of you can truly take it to heart and make it real for you, you will be amazed at the shift in awareness that you will sustain and the blessings that will come unto you through this new understanding of the dynamics behind and within holy prayer. It does not require hours and hours of ritualistic repetition. It simply requires a heart infused with love for God and for all life in all universes and a cosmic entreaty for blessings, protection and graces of healing to manifest, for the great light to descend and for archangelic intercession to manifest.

Truly the heart of a child, the heart of an innocent and pure one, when infused with this light through holy prayer can be both a boon and a miracle to many upon Earth. And you, each one, becoming childlike again in spirit and in consciousness, can be a nexus for the release of even greater light than you had thought possible in this lifetime. Miracles are occurring daily through the hearts of initiates of the sacred fire who are literally on spiritual fire in their being because there is no diffusion of the resources of heaven manifesting through their awareness. They live, move and have their being in the vital stream of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. They have become this chalice and vehicle of light through their crystalline awareness, purified and rarified in the eternal love fires of God.

If one can do it, dearest ones, all can do it. It is simply a matter of application, of choice and then of work. Jesus said, “Work while ye have the light.”1 What light was he speaking of? The light of himself, the living Christ manifest through his being. It was also the living light of the eternal Presence of each one, and that light was accentuated through his presence in their midst.


Therefore you are that light, you are that presence of beingness when you choose God first and foremost, when you hitch your heart and mind to the star-fire reality of your God Presence and then make it real, active, even spiritually coercive, by the grace of the Holy Spirit so that others follow suit because they are inspired by your example of a graceful life lived to the glory of God.

Dearest ones, many settle for a state of health that they consider normal, when I say that it is not spiritually normal for sons and daughters of God to abide in levels of awareness where there is pain, frustration, anger because of choices made in diet and, more importantly, in thought, feeling and a certain heart- and mind-set. Your simple choice to be godly daily allows there to be arising within you a new field of cosmic energy, which when utilized and employed by God's grace can truly allow you to live within a new cosmic space of light and divine love.

I am now extending to each of you cosmic rays of wholeness, blessings of spiritual power. And this empowerment is for those who will utilize it for conscious works of the Spirit, blessings upon mankind, both personal and planetary-wide. Utilize the gifts and graces that we have provided by extending your hands to those loved ones in your families and communities who require upliftment, support, the healing touch of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother through you; by simply allowing God's real Presence of healing love to flow through your heart, head and hands. You can make a difference that does not require knowing everything about everything of the human system. The most important thing to know is that you are loved of God; that you are pure love; that you can extend that love through compassionate, gentle and kind acts toward any part of life; and that God will be there working through you to perform perfect alchemy—the alchemy of love.

I have come early because of the work that must be accomplished on behalf of this planet, for many live in fear of what is coming or react with horror at the terror that has manifested here, there and everywhere. When you are ensconced in God, no act of terror can touch you, because you make right choices to live in your Presence. And your Presence will guide and guard you every day to be in the right place at the right time and not to engage in things that compromise the sacred space of your auric field of light as a son or daughter of God, an initiate of the sacred fire.

Many of the most heinous acts, crimes, murders, rapes and that which arises from hell itself manifest within the dark field of environs that are not purified through prayer or by the presence of angels. They occur in places where there is heavy drinking, drug usage or where dark music is played and people revel in what is not sanctioned by heaven as virtuous, blessed and beautiful.

Take heart. Utilize the resources provided unto you through the teachings of the ascended masters and the great cosmic beings. For when you do, you co-create the new world beyond this world that will be sustained by God's grace in your midst until many more awaken and are quickened unto the light to know their eternal nature in God, live in their Presence and enjoy the fruits of the Spirit and the blessings of the One Eternal Light.

I AM your holy brother of healing, of music, of science, of truth. And I radiate the truth of beingness to all who will hear, all who will truly listen and then act with forthright determination to be godly, loving, respectful and kind. Thank you, dearest hearts, for your loving attention this day. Namaste.

1. John 12:35


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