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Arcturus      June 04, 2016

Beloved Arcturus
David Christopher Lewis
June 4, 2016   9:04–9:31 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Arcturus and Victoria Release Light into South Africa and Lay a Violet-Fire Carpet
to Anchor Alchemical Keys through the Steps of the Messenger and Students

Precious Hearts,

I, Arcturus, with Victoria, come to anchor a great light for South Africa and the entire continent this day of the violet ray into the earth, far and high up into the atmosphere for the transmutation of all that is less than the light of the living God, the light of perfection, the light of divine joy, the radiance of the Eternal One within the earth and within you. Through this action of the sacred fire we, the co-creators of worlds, come to recreate all into that perfected, inviolate image of immaculate beingness in which all was created by us in the beginning and which will be pursued unto its conclusion within the evolutionary matrix of perfection that the Almighty has set before us all as the means of expression, beatification and joy.

Oh, the wonderment of creation. Oh, the divinity that can be felt within all life when one is attuned to that life through love—first within the heart and then expanding out into all creation by the consciousness wed to Spirit. Oh, how you may employ so many gifts and graces of the Spirit, blessed ones, if you simply choose to be in that sacred space of the light of the living God. And when you do choose this, you enter into the holy office of being a son or daughter of God, an initiate of the sacred fire of the highest order.

Many of you, as priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, have walked in the lineage of Melchizedek and the great Master Afra, who sponsors the entire continent and her people. And each of you works with him on the inner as you pray, as you sing, as you dance, as you co-create in any way through the living flame of joy, which is one of the greatest aspects of the violet light, which recreates, transmutes, consumes and then allows there to emerge something greater, more noble and divine in your midst.

You have utilized the violet light to transmute every aspect of the lesser self of your being and of the world at large. Yet, dearest ones, one of the greatest aspects of the violet light is that as an alchemical ray of divine beingness, you may also utilize it for co-creativity, as a white magician, with Merlin, with Saint Germain, with the great Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, and with us. Therefore any time that you see something that requires adjudication from the heavenly realms, simply extend your hand and send the violet ray into that situation or condition in order to bring about the highest alchemical work. By the employment of your consciousness, your third eye and the ray of God extended through your arm and through your hand and fingers, this ray will go forth to perform the perfect alchemy that you desire. And utilizing the I AM name of God and making your affirmation, that ray extends the light from our realms, the Elohimic realms, into your realms, dearest ones, and allows there to be an infusion of light and the graces of Spirit manifest wherever you so choose to direct that current of sacred fire.

As co-creators, you have much more power, God-power, than you realize when you choose to employ it with us in the I AM name—righteously, cosmically, judiciously, with great reverence for all life and an understanding of the equation of karma and dharma and of the nuances of truth that you, as witnesses to the glory of God, are able to cognize, to see, behold and Self-realize.

You have studied the sciences of light, of sound and of other ethereal matrices in past lifetimes, and especially now in this one. You have garnered unto yourself great wisdom teachings, truths of the ages, ancient wisdom from the great masters and mystery schools of the past, especially the Master Serapis Bey in all of his divine glory. Now, blessed ones, it is time to utilize all that you have learned for the greatest work, for your own opus of light to be carved into this world in recognition of your greater mission on behalf of the Universal Brotherhood of Light, those ascended beings and unascended initiates who are collaborating at this time for the great work of the instauration of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius. As you work consciously with us, we employ the greatest aspects of cosmic light that can be delivered into the world and that we, by divine law, are able to release. And in their release, there is new energy, new vitality, new wellness, wholeness and beingness in the greater soul of the planet and within your own soul, blessed hearts.

Well, Afra speaks of the soul within this tome of light that you have within your hands and that we pray many more hundreds and thousands upon the African continent will soon have within their hands to utilize. Oh, how great the glory of this teaching when understood, when assimilated, when utilized by people everywhere upon the Earth for the victory of the light, for the overcoming of darkness, for the consuming of ancient patterns, records of darkness. When you truly know the truth, when you feel the light, when you experience divine beingness, nothing can stand in the way of the delivery of the new alchemies that are emerging in this time from the minds of the great cosmic beings, stepped down through the manus, the chohans of the rays and your own sponsoring masters for all manner of beautiful co-creations to manifest for that victory at every turn.

Yes, we are those who turn worlds, blessed hearts. And what do we turn them toward? God, God, God, for Earth is one of a number of planets within various star systems that have temporarily lapsed into unconsciousness. And yet it is time for people to now awaken! And so we stir the pot and we awaken souls throughout Africa, and especially in South Africa this day in preparation for the coming of this one unto you, whose heart, blazing with the sacred fire, will deliver the alchemical keys for many of you to make the greatest progress that you can make in this lifetime for your victory.

Yes, you have settled for less. Well, it is time to not settle for anything less than perfection, divine glory, holy love, brother/sisterhood, collaboration, cooperation and oneness in the Spirit. And when you understand all of these dynamics and what is at play and the possibilities before you, dearest hearts, then you will have the impelling joy to make the step-by-step progress that is essential for the victory of tens of thousands of souls. And as they awaken, you will be there to address them, to teach them, to present unto them the deeper mysteries. For they will be as little babes looking unto you for support, for understanding, for that teaching and that divine example.

First and foremost, you must be love at all costs. You must be a true brother or sister of light to serve, serve, serve them as you would serve the living Christ and as you would serve a newborn child. And in that service and in that refinement of who you are, then your highest will emerge; then your best will come forth; then who you truly are, as a disciple and as a servitor with the great masters of light, will be there for each and every one.

Now that I have released these rays through each of you to thousands of souls in your areas, I choose to perform one cosmic alchemy this day. And that is to lay a cosmic violet-fire carpet before this one who will soon be in your midst so that everywhere that he walks with you, there shall be anchored deep within the earth alchemical keys and formulas for thousands of souls to be quickened, awakened and restored to their divine light; to have the insight from within of all that is virtuous, holy, pure and undefiled.

Many of you know that this one was embodied as David Livingstone. And this day I also choose to deliver into the earth, through every place that he walked, light, light, light! And I must say that he traversed much of the soil of the southern half of that entire continent of Africa. And if you could see the tracings of those journeys, you would see the light essences that we employ now in the very places where he did employ the flame of ministration, service, healing and love on behalf of many hundreds and hundreds of souls. The legacy is left; the record is there. And we utilize the akashic record this day to embolden many more to rise up into the light, to put aside every aspect of their past and the dark deeds of past lifetimes and now be enriched by the sacred fire, by the violet light in the true joy of spiritual quickening, awakening unto eternal glory.

O blessed hearts, how great is God! How great is God! How great is God, and how great is God within the threefold flame within you when you utilize it for God-good, when you understand who and what your I AM God Presence is and the power vouchsafed to you to perform alchemy of all kinds daily, hourly, moment by moment if you choose. You have settled for much less than you could have as an alchemist and as a priest or priestess of the sacred fire. Well, I say, settle now for nothing less than the perfection of your God-identity and rise, rise, rise into this state of true beingness, true divine joy and holy radiance.

Finally, blessed hearts, I am aware that many of you have suffered in your body temples, in your financial lives, and you have weathered many storms with the downturn in the economy of South Africa. It is time for this to change permanently. And what will bring about this greater change than this awakening that I have allowed to manifest this day, by God's grace, through the delivery of this sacred fire into the earth and into the atmosphere, though it may take time for many to embrace the necessary changes that are essential for a new life of abundance, joy, wholeness and beingness to manifest. Yet what has been accomplished now will come to fruition according to cosmic cycles as people awaken and utilize the light for greater God-consciousness, Solar awareness and beingness.

As an advocate for the great masters East and West, each of you can take up your part in this restoration of light. And when you embody within yourself the new economy, utilizing the golden rays of light from the Central Sun, stepped down through many solar planetary homes and even through your own I AM God Presence in the center of your being, then you become that nexus for the greater harmony, peace, progress and abundance that can be. When you accept both your virtuous and your abundant life each day and repeat those affirmations until they become ensconced within your subconscious to the extent that you no longer retain any level of human lack, desire or need, then your virtuous and even opulent life can ensue.

You know that within your subconscious there sometimes remain seeds from the past that bring you down, that bring you a sense of self-defeat, that bring you into those states where you are vulnerable to disease and to that which attacks your body temple, your psyche, your emotional and mental state of harmony, wellness and wholeness. I wipe clean all of these dark seeds from the past, by God's grace, within each of you as initiates of the sacred fire this day. And if you choose now to live in the new matrix of perfection, it will be so for you if you choose never to repeat something negative, something dark, something that is untoward toward the Holy One, God Almighty. Then you will see the self-regenerative changes manifesting within your world that will bring you that greater abundance, joy, harmony and peace.

The choice is yours whether to live in the integrity of God-beingness or to accept something less of the human state and level of nonconsciousness and unconscious beingness. Therefore choose the higher road; choose the walk with God. Choose to be delivered day by day from all the less thans, all the imperfections, all the nonsense that mankind en masse have accepted as their normal state of beingness. You can live in God-beingness by your conscious will; your choice; and your desire, wed to God's desire for you to be that one with him-her in the eternal state of immortality and God-consciousness.

The simple retuning of one's being into the state of the I AM awareness is key for many to overcome habit patterns and what they have accepted that is less than their true Self. Therefore you have no one else to blame—not even the dark ones who at times attack you or try to prevent you from doing your spiritual work. They have no power over you when you are aligned with God and when you are soaring in spirit with that cosmic attitude of gratitude welling up within you and that flame of givingness, service and beingness, which initiates ever-new, present cycles of God-glory in your world.

Do not give a long leash to the dark ones in your lives. Cast them out, if necessary, day after day, those who taunt you, those who attempt in any way to denude you of your God-beingness or to delude you with the illusion of maya and nihilism. Burn through all the illusions now that I see are still remaining in the subconscious of initiates throughout the world. Burn through them now, O angels of the sacred fire. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. Burn through. They are dissolving by an action of such cosmic grace as has rarely been released to the Earth through the voice of man.

Dearest ones, these HeartStreams, originating from the great God and Lord of hosts and manifesting through the agency of the Holy Spirit, through a true prophet of this time, is the alchemy of love of the highest order and one that you can embrace day after day to be recreated in more refined light fields and to retain your state of true beingness. One of the major purposes of these HeartStreams is to quicken you again and again because of the state of entropy that exists upon this Earth. For things continue to swirl downward, in a downward cast and spiral, because of the acceptance of gravity itself as the norm.

Well, I say, accept levity, light as the new norm of your lives and spiral upward, ever upward, dearest hearts, into the perfectionment of your I AM God Presence, into the joy of divine beingness, into the radiance of God-grace. And as you choose to go up rather than down, to go in rather than out and to present yourself as an initiate, as one who can be entrusted with this mission and this great love of this hour, then you will be able to employ all that we present, all that we offer in the greatest outpouring of your hearts to humanity. And when you breathe your last breath and the Maha Chohan receives, on behalf of the Holy Spirit, that breath you will be subsumed into the grace of eternal givingness, having given your all, having served to the max, having extended your heart again and again unto hundreds and thousands to offer the cool drink to the thirsty souls who required God's love, God's grace, God's comfort.

Be that comfort day after day, and God will comfort you in that eternal moment when you emerge from the chrysalis of your yesterday's self into the light of eternality as an ascended spirit, one with all that is.

We are Arcturus and Victoria. We have come to initiate spirals of light, violet light, throughout Africa and the world this day. And we thank you for your attention, for your listening ears, your open hearts, your gracious souls and spirits. Thank you.

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