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Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays      June 01, 2016

Beloved Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays

David Christopher Lewis

June 2, 2016  7:00–7:22 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Beloved Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays
Retune the Earth and Us with Their Co-creative Fires

We are the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays, and we come this day in honor of sons and daughters of God upon Earth for the victory of you as initiates of the sacred fire, for the victory of your mission fulfilled, your life Self-realized in God, your heart blazing with the Solar Reality of true divine beingness.

Yes, blessed ones, we are the originators of worlds, the co-creators with the Almighty of all that you see, behold and experience within the Mater planes of being. And this day we choose to emanate frequencies of God-consciousness and universal awareness whereby you may, if you choose, also enter into this state of pure beingness with us to experience your Godhood, your co-creativity, your union with your Source.

Your goal, if you choose to accept it as a mission possible, is to be God Self-realized every day in every way. And this requires your attention upon your God Presence, your focus upon the eternal light, your reverence for all life and especially the heart consecrated to God and blazing with that eternal love fire of heaven, which signifies one who is truly one with God. Entering into this equation of beingness, you fathom the higher realms of light, the more refined experiences and vibrations and frequencies of God-consciousness.

Blessed ones, you should be evolving day by day into greater knowingness of who you are in God. And if you can truly say that you are making progress and stepping up the ladder of God-attainment, then we call you initiates; we call you to greater service; we call you unto a new reality, a new world, new thought, new love, new light. The creation is new every day for those who look to their Source for inspiration; for greater love to be flowing forth through the heart; for greater light to be experienced within the auric field; and for greater intention to manifest through the mind, set to a divine course of reality.

When you are trued in this way to your Divine Selfhood, we are there originating all that is beautiful, sublime, real and true within you for your divine happiness and your inner joy, whereby that reverence for life may manifest in every moment as an appreciation, a gratitude for what is beautiful, sublime within the world that God has created through us.

Now you ask, “Can you tell us more about the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays, O Lords of Life?” Well, we work behind the scenes in those secret aspects of inner knowingness that you access in holy meditation, inner silence, entering into the stillness of the Presence. For from the point—and many points of light within the Mother realm of being, as the unmanifest yet to be employed—we draw forth from the universal the substance that stretches across the galaxies and the cosmos, that interpenetrates every atom that exists within the matter planes and beyond, and that is behind the creation itself. Some children have asked, “If there is one God, then who created God, O my father, my mother?” This is the ultimate question.

Beingness existed before unbeingness; beingness existed before the unmanifest. And yet this dynamic may never be fully comprehended by the human mind evolving in time and space. You must enter into that beingness to fully grok it, to know it. And when you do, your life shall be fulfilled in this state of perfect equanimity, of perfect knowingness through beingness. Yes, blessed ones, this is the state of consciousness that you should desire, with desirelessness, to always experience, behold and be.

When you can, you can truly say that you have released all desire, save that which is born of the unmanifest virgin consciousness of the Divine Mother. Then you have tapped into the keys whereby the co-creative power of the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays may emerge from within you and then be utilized to create anything that you desire, with God-awareness, to thus manifest. All things are possible to the initiate, one with God. And yet many, not having entered into true surrender and beingness in the eternal spirit of oneness, do not know the miracle light and the all-possibilities of this state of being.

Therefore seek it. Look for it each day in the way in which the flower blossoms, the sun shines upon all, with reverence for all. Look for it in the swaying of the grasses upon the plains, in the trees within the gentle winds, in the eddying waters of the great Yellowstone or of any rivulet or brook that dances and sings to life with a hallowed knowingness of its own confluence within the one river of life.

When you enter into this spirit of eternality, we are there vibrating through you new awareness and appreciation for who God is within all life. We are there experiencing the love of the cosmos in moments of cosmic perception. And we allow you, in the intimacy of that true knowingness, to tap into our awareness, our love, our light. Truly, dearest ones, it is when you experience this state of pure beingness that God originates through your mind, heart and soul, your will that which is sublime. And when you desire in any way to be co-creative, to draw forth from the universal something new, blessed and beloved of God, simply breathe deeply and accept this radiance, this joy, this inner beingness unfolding from within the center of your being. And then feel the expression of it as that light essence of true joy, that which children know and experience in their innocence, which signifies their own purity of consciousness, which is born of God's eternal being.

The action of the sacred fire that we release now this day is for the re-creation of you and of your world, that which you have created through your consciousness, into a higher spiral of light, of divine energy and of higher Solar beingness. If you will accept this alchemy today, then, dearest ones, past limitations will simply drop away from you and dissolve, as by magic. Things which have burdened your mind, your soul, your spirit and your body temple will no longer dance and play upon your psyche and cause imbalance, inharmony, discomfort of any measure. Yes, the new state of higher awareness is yours for the asking. It is not something that you must grasp for with human desire. It is simply there as a God-free gift of the Divine for you to accept and then to experience again and again through this inner knowingness of the true reality of your God Self.

These emanations are now dancing upon and playing upon the finest aspects of your consciousness as we retune you to the reality of light in its infinite resource of spiritual power. And this retuning will continue through your summer conference. And those who are daring enough to be here in person will receive a thousandfold more of these emanations and frequencies than those who only experience this state over the broadcast and the airways. This is the dispensation and the power of God that will be yours if you claim your right to the abundant life and then choose to make it so because you are tapped into God, which is the all-power of creation, and you have every resource to be Self-realized within this state of higher reality. Knowing no limitation, you simply are God-desire manifest as perfect love, fulfillment, joy and harmony.

Now, as Elohim working with the elementals of the nature kingdom, we also bring before you, each one—as another dispensation of grace because of that wonderful song that you sing to the prayer “Save the Elementals,”1 with the joyful visualizations of the gnomes and nature spirits—a specific elemental who will serve you for the duration of this life and beyond. In a sense, we have created this elemental anew for you. And this one is, as it were, a composite of earth, air, fire, water and ether—the five elements all wrapped into one. For this one may change and morph from a gnome to an undine to a sylph to a salamander and into that etheric state beyond fire, as a cosmic shape-shifter, so that you may utilize these five crystal rays any time that you desire to so accept and behold the love-light of this being in your midst, in your life, for your work, for your service, for your inner childlike state of being.

This one may be assigned anything that is righteous, anything born of pure motive to serve God within the nature kingdom, within your gardens, within your homes, within your world. And this one, whom you may simply call My Beautiful Deva or my Beautiful Devic Being of Love, will work for you in mystical, magical and miraculous ways to co-create with us, with God Eternal that which is pure, sublime, holy, sacred in every way. This is a major dispensation for this Earth and for initiates of The Hearts Center community and those who choose, from this day forward, to support this work, this reverent community in any way— through prayer, through your financial resources, through your purchases and especially through your attendance at the events proffered to the world and those in which our mouthpiece is present for a greater action of light to go forth for your blessing and ennoblement.

Think on this, dearest ones. Is anything too hard for the Lord?2 No. And even we, the Elohim, are co-creating something new each day. Creation was not left off millions and billions and trillions of years ago. It is something that is ongoing and occurring every moment within eternality. And therefore because we have imagined it, it is so by the law of love, and you are blessed thereby by this dispensation.

Let your burdens be light; allow your world to be suffused with Solar joy each day. Look not to the past, to problems, imperfections and issues. Look to the present and the future within what is manifesting within each moment, where love co-creates perfection, where joy originates new possibilities, where the co-creative fires of the Eternal One descend into the nexus and the chalice of your being to allow there to be growing within you light, love and joy.

We pray that you feel this support, this uplift, this new awareness, this shift of beingness. And if perchance you do not yet know, through the sensitivity of your soul, this fire and this shift, do not be troubled. Simply love God and accept the gift and it will work for you each day in every way for your God-victory, for your ascension and oneness.

We are the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays. We have come, we are here, and we are everywhere where God is within all. Thank you.

Messenger's Comments:


The Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays assign Dean Anderson to create five songs to them over the next two years so that this energy will be anchored in the Earth. This is a major opus to the world that will continue blessing all worlds forever. And they say that you should receive $500.00 per song. And we will raise the funds for this alchemy, for this son of God to perform his alchemy with the Elohim, for the divine music of the spheres to come forth.  And if any would like to support this, you may donate to the Art and Music Fund any time, and we would appreciate your support.

We would further like to state that the co-creativity of the Creative Arts Team and those who have created new music or brought forth new words for music that was and is inspirational, harmonious and beautiful has allowed there to be this dispensation today, including, as they mentioned, that one song, “Save the Elementals,” to the music of Franz Lehar with the visuals, which we will play now in honor of their presence today.” The words will stream through the video. Please pour forth your love, your joy, your happiness through your singing to ensconce within the Earth this action of this dispensation today.

1. The Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays are referring to prayer 70.006, “Save the Elementals,” in The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras. This prayer has been put to music and synchronized with images…
2. Genesis 18:14.

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