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Maha Chohan      May 15, 2016

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
May 15, 2016   11:15 ̶ 11:59 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Maha Chohan's Fiery Pentecost Message on Love as the Key to Our Victory

I AM the Maha Chohan, and on this Pentecost I come to infuse you with light, to infuse you with fire, to infuse you with the breath of the Holy Spirit, whose representative I am. And I encourage you, blessed ones, to commune each day with the Holy Spirit, in all of her divine beingness, in all of her cosmic awareness, so that as you engage with and enter into that light field that she emanates throughout the cosmos, you may receive what you require of her gifts and utilize them for the blessing of humanity, the raising of consciousness, the ennoblement of every soul.

You have invoked the light throughout this cycle, and the light has come to serve you. Often the Lord, through his emissaries, determines how the sons and daughters of God living upon Earth may best be served through the grace of the Holy Spirit. And through God's eternal light and cosmic discernment, what each one specifically requires is then delivered through the agency of the Holy Spirit, often through the inner voice—through that still small voice of the conscience—which urges the soul upward and onward on her path of divine glory. And often through some measure of intercession; through a kind word; through a heartfriend, teacher or compatriot of light; through something that the Holy Spirit inspires upon you through nature; or through your own mystical awakening, the alchemy of love manifests in your life.

Dearest ones, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is one of the greatest gifts that a disciple may receive within an incarnation upon this planet. And many of you have received one or more of these empowerments—fiery baptisms, as they have been called. Yet, have you retained that light? Have you discerned what that initiation boded in terms of how you can move forward within the initiatic path to make greater contact with heaven, to discern each day what steps to take on your journey of light and how best to serve humanity through the gifts and graces that you and only you may employ through your conscious life lived to the glory of God?

Every empowerment comes with a price, and that price is to utilize the light, to glorify God and to bless others. If you take that light and keep it only unto yourself, then you are as that one whom the Lord Jesus spoke of in his parable of the talents who hid that talent in the ground rather than multiplying it for the greater benefit of life itself.1

Consider your gifts of the Spirit—those of the nine and the twelve—that you resonate with, that you know with a certitude that you have been sent to this Earth to share with others. As you utilize the grace of the Holy Spirit through this one gift, or more, blessed hearts, then God may multiply the light flowing through you in order to offer more of the same or others of these gifts unto your heart, unto your soul for the edification of mankind—the gifts of healing, mercy, wisdom, faith, knowledge, tongues, miracles, prophecy and the interpretation of those tongues—or for the assistance of one or more lightbearers on their own sacred journey.

You see, when, through the gift of discernment, you utilize one or more gifts on any given day through your highest offering to the universe, I am there in that moment of the transfer of divine energy, of light, of God-beingness. I am there perfusing through your aura, through your chakras the essence of godliness, purity and beingness so that one or more may also receive from the Lord through you the encouragement to move onward on their path, to be victorious in all things, to sublimate the human consciousness unto the God Self and to Self-realize the divine nature in self and in all.

The purpose of the ministration of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost—and potentially every day—is the ministration of love in its highest vibration through this agency of pure light and, for those who can withstand it, even the lightning of God's fiery heart. Yes, you have heard of the Keepers of the Lightning. This sacred holy order is reserved for the few, those who can maintain balance and equipoise within self through thick and thin, losing not their harmony, retaining the grace of that balance.

I call to remembrance one within your midst of whom this messenger spoke, beloved Joyce Genis, who did keep and maintain that light within her heart on behalf of those for whom she prayed as she served tirelessly to prepare for the victorious Maui Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace, held within the Hawaiian environs. Yes, dearest ones, I have been working with this soul for many lifetimes, and this day I raise the frequency of light within her for the fulfillment of the final aspects of her mission in this final lifetime within this planetary home. This initiation is the gift of the sacred fire to this soul, who has served selflessly and even proffered, through abundant giving, more than the 10 percent of her income back to this holy cause.

Yes, dearest ones, the requirement for the initiation of the keeping of the lightning within the world and within self is complete selflessness through thick and thin, complete ardor toward God within the heart—fiery in its nature, blazing forth in its glory. And when you can surrender as this one has surrendered, having even co-written that beautiful ritual of the sacred surrender early on in this movement, then you too may make progress as this one has, withstanding the fiery initiations that at times have come through this mouthpiece of our hearts. And you, blessed ones, in that enfiring can receive the same empowerment whereby you may make the final leap into the arms of God and receive the gift of the ascension at the close of this embodiment.

Yes, I honor one in your midst and I could speak of many who have also laid down their lives for this cause. And yet I choose to simply glorify God within one who is dear to my heart, dear to El Morya's heart, dear to the heart of the Eternal One. You see, blessed ones, some of you desire approbation, acclaim, recognition, yet this only comes truly when you have given fully of Self. And then in a moment of cosmic connection, the Lord does honor you as he honored Jesus the Christ on that day of the holy baptism in Jordan with John, when I spoke forth those words on the Lord God's behalf: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”2

Yes, the lightning descended; I appeared as a dove in the sky. And though many thought that this was the voice of the Father, yet, blessed ones, I tell you it was the herald of the coming mission of Jesus, the fiery initiation that occurred at that moment through water and through fire and through the voice of God through me.

Dearest hearts, I am coming again and again at the close of a number of your future events to baptize you with fire, and I encourage those who have never attended an event before to make your presence available to me for this initiation. For I tell you in earnest that it may be the turning point in your life, for your ultimate victory at the close of this life to move past the rounds of rebirth unto that state of immortality and oneness with the Lord God.

Those who have already received the fire from my heart may come again if they dare, and I will call to task some who have let go of the hand of God and not even recalled or studied the message that I delivered unto them. How many of you can in this moment recall the exact words that I spoke unto your being? If you can truly say that you have memorized them, then I bless you this day. If you have forgotten what I spoke unto you, how can you be ready to receive additional words from me and a more fiery baptism of that Holy Spirit that I would proffer you?

Therefore become the words that I have empowered within you. Become the fire, the lightning, the wind itself, through which I move and live and have my being. Become the fire by invoking, meditating upon and entering into that fiery furnace of light and allowing that furnace to suffuse your aura—which at times becomes sullied with the energies and vibrations of the world—with the full fiery flame of the Holy Spirit.

If you dare to have me in your midst, then be ready for the fire to enter your aura at any time, dearest ones! For I will burn out of you all the dross of your lesser self and all manifestations below the level of the Christ consciousness and Buddhic awareness. I will move you, through any means possible unto me, unto higher consciousness. I will deliver specifically what the Lord God allows me to convey unto you through the fiery flames that I bear and that I am privileged to initiate disciples within because love is front and center in their lives—love of God, love of the Divine Self, love of every individual and love of the Spirit within nature, Mother Earth herself.

Yes, love is the key to the victory of the light within you and for the victory of your overcoming in any situation and the passing of every test. If you have love, you will discern the way to go, the path to tread, the words to speak, the measures to take, the individuals with whom to collaborate for the highest walk with God. For love is that walk; love is that pathway; love is that which inspires you to make progress each day, to take that next step, even when you are burdened in some way to the extent that you would rather remain in bed or enjoy a moment of reprieve far from the fiery furnace of my heart.

Those who make the greatest progress are those who have learned what the fire is composed of, what these eternal flames of light that I bear will provide as a resource on the initiatic path. For through them, true happiness, divine joy and even ecstasy and divine bliss may arise, whereby you may weather the storm of that fire's appearance in your lives. Yes, dearest ones, those who have the greatest love for God are those to whom God delivers that bliss of beingness deep within their hearts.

If you desire greater vision, if you desire greater bliss, then I say love with a greater ardor, love with a greater candor, love with a greater God-desire to simply be that flame, that fire of love to all throughout your day, throughout your night and in every moment. When you can truly say that you feel the fire burning within your breast and that that fire is composed of your love for God, then you are close to God's heart. If you cannot feel that flame throughout your day, then go back to the basics on the path. Meditate on the light within your heart with Saint Germain. And once again, when you feel that leaping of the flame within you, then you may employ your alchemy, the sacred gifts of the Holy Spirit to deliver that level of heart fire and love to the world and to others in need.

Yes, blessed ones, some, even through the ritual of giving many prayers and decrees, do not feel the fire of the words and the empowerment that comes through those words, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, within their heart. How can you say that your decrees and prayers are then effective if you are not that fire of the words, if you are not the momentum of the Holy Spirit that is behind those words? It were better for many of you to simply be still and know that I AM God and to learn how to feel God's love beating within your chest than for you to drone on and on and on without accepting within self the eternal essences of what these words represent as God consciousness, Solar awareness and divine beingness.

I do not say that you should stop praying; I simply say that your prayers, to be more effective, must be clothed in your essence of God-joy, of God-beingness, purity and love. I am telling you on behalf of every sponsoring master of this movement, on this day of Pentecost, that I am absolving you—the broadcasters, leaders of these prayer sessions—of giving so many of this and that prayer or decree if you cannot feel the light of the prayer itself moving you into higher spiritual dimensions of being. It were better to give a prayer once with the full intention of your soul and deliver to the cosmos who you are, what you are, why you are and how you are than to simply, having memorized the words, speak them unintelligibly to me.

And what do I mean by this? I cannot hear the words that you speak if they are not said with pure devotion, praise, consciousness of oneness and blessedness of being, dearest ones. They do not register within the mind of God, upon the altar of God if they are simply said without the momentum of your hearts empowering them with the fire of your eternal being. Therefore give what you give with the fullness of your being. Make up your own prayers if necessary.

You heard Dr. Modi in the interview with David. Yes, she is an initiate; she is a Keeper of the Lightning. She is one who has been entrusted with a great cosmic mission—one whom we trust and whose prayers we answer instantaneously because of the purity of her heart, the purity of her motives to set souls free from all entanglements, entities, discarnates and attachments less than perfection.

When you can pray as a little child prays, knowing that God, the great God of the universe, will hear and answer your prayer, and when you say it humbly using your own words, I can assure you, dearest ones, that these words register instantaneously with the Lord God and that the seraphim and cherubim get ready for action in order to fulfill the edict of the Lord of the universe in response to that humble and loving call.

It may be, as we move forward within this movement and in coming days, months and years, that there will be less of the repetitive prayers that many of you are used to and that you engage in a deeper and more mindful way of expressing the depths of your heart's intent, the richness of the love that beats your heart, the essence of your soul so that you will never forget what this path of the ascension really is. And you will make that progress, because I can assure you, dearest ones, that the greatest sin against this movement and what this messenger has laid down of his life for you individually is that you, in a willy-nilly way, resolve not to lay down your life for your own victory—going here and there, taking teachings from left and right and all about from others and yet not applying the singular most important of all of the teachings, East and West, which is to love God with your entire being and to serve, serve, serve selflessly with your entire essence.

Dearest ones, this empowerment this day is required for all of you, and not one can say that you are not ready for greater fire if you are willing to receive it. Are you willing to receive it, blessed ones? Some have almost been fearful, wallowing in trepidation in their response to me. Yet for those who are bold, for those who care for humanity and not for the human self, I will be there. In fact, I am here now for you. And the light that I deliver this day, as great as I am able to release it through these fiery flames and words, will work for you, will allow you to free yourself day after day from all limiting factors, from diseases of body, mind and soul, the subconscious and unconscious patterns that still beguile you and keep you embroiled within something less than the highest etheric vibrations of heaven's glories.

Many of you are like human yo-yos—up and down, up and down, up and down day after day—going here and there, one day pleading for assistance from us and another pleading for mercy because of the light that we delivered; for it was too intense for you to earnestly receive, ingest and then assimilate and become.

Well, we have said from the beginning that this movement is for initiates, and it is true. Many have left because they could not, with the full courage of their hearts, withstand the initiatic path and what it endeavored, by God's grace, to offer them as a pathway to their freedom in the light and their ascension at the close of this lifetime. If you can truly, from this day forward, express love in some tangible way each day to God, your Higher Self, to loved ones, heartfriends, co-workers, and even to strangers—especially to the precious elementals, who serve you endlessly in nature—then I can assure you that there will be that singularity of light before you to lead you on by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, which I will give you.

If you are true to me, I will be true to you, confide in you as I am able and be your advocate before the Karmic Board, the elders of heaven, Jesus the Christ and the Lord God even if you have not quite made that mark with flying colors and still require a little bit of mercy to win your victory. You see, dearest ones, love precipitates mercy at the required hour of its appearance for that love to bestow a miracle of transcendence or the way out of the human dilemma. Love precipitates the answers from heaven right within your lives, right within your midst, because love is the key that turns every door on the initiatic path and love fulfills all through those hearts of fire who have learned its lessons, its nature, its glory within the God Self.

Well, I pray that the fire that I have delivered unto you will burn on throughout this Pentecost day and evening and that it has lit a new fire within you that will move you to greater progress, greater victories, greater oneness.

I AM the Maha Chohan, loving you no matter what you do, yet clothing you with those flames if you can receive them as my heart's love and devotion to your soul. I thank you.

[The Maha Chohan releases the breath of the Holy Spirit several times.]

Messenger's Comments:

The masters and the Maha Chohan chose today to deliver this message through the broadcast from Canada to also help with the situation of the fires north of Edmonton and Fort McMurray. I had asked that prayers be offered during every two-hour period for the fires. So for the duration of this two hours, from twelve to two Mountain Daylight Time, the masters would like Arnie, those who are participating, to focus on the resolution of the cause and core of these fires, the putting out of the fires with Godspeed, the protection of all elementals, both those unseen within the nature kingdom and those precious animals themselves who are in flesh form on the Earth, including many birds, who have been impacted tremendously by these fires.

So part of these breaths that the Maha Chohan breathed after the HeartStream were to quell these fires and qualify their effects both in Alberta and in other provinces that may be impacted in Canada as a result of these fires.

In the name of the living God, we call for the cosmic rain to descend. We call for help, help, help from heaven as abundant rain, beautiful rainstorms without lightning today to help all firefighters and all working on these fires. Help them with Godspeed. We see the atmosphere cleaned and cleared by this gentle yet steady and powerful rain—not too much, not too little, just right. And we accept this as a reality and feel it in our hearts manifesting, by God's grace. We know that there is the coalescing of light, through our intention, to deliver the blessing of the Holy Spirit today within Canada and especially near and around Fort McMurray and where the fires have travelled. Safeguard all life in all domains.

Thank you, precious hearts, for your love and understanding.

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2 Peter 1:17.

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