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Amaryllis      April 03, 2016

Beloved Amaryllis
David Christopher Lewis
April 3, 2016   11:06 ̶ 11:27 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Amaryllis Rays Forth the Loveliness of Spring

As your Goddess of Spring, I, Amaryllis, come to be with you, each one, for the refreshment of your souls during this time of year when the greenery is beginning to bring unto you a sense of renewal and the beauty within nature, which, if you are sensitive to it, causes you to think on God, to muse on the Divine and all that is harmonious, gentle, pure and radiant that nature outpictures in its myriad manifestations of glory; and which you, as a soul of light, may also send forth through your spirit, one with God.

What you see objectified in nature, dearest ones, as all the elements of the world that God has created for you, may bring unto you insights into the eternal nature of life itself. For in the spring regeneration occurs, resurrection manifests. And when you are attuned to the cyclings of light within nature, you too may be resurrected in consciousness and begin to feel those new and higher impulses flowing through you, sent from God for you to enjoy through your own natural life lived in harmony, peace, sanctity and love.

I have been employed by the Divine One in this renewal as it manifests around the world—somewhere—as spring dawns in every climate, among all peoples. And this consciousness of spring brings the new vitality of joy and the radiance of the sun as it dances and plays upon the footstool kingdom of your Earth and as each tiny little bud and being receives, through those impulses, the essentials of life for the fulfillment of its destiny, its own seed ideation of its beingness as a part of the whole.

When you engage with nature in growing food, flowers, herbs, succulents, trees, berries and all manner of foliage, you are one with me in consciousness. For I am there when you plant; I am there when you water; I am there when you tend; I am there when you speak to the precious elementals who inhabit and ensoul each bush, flower and blade of grass, and to the many beings who so love you as you appreciate them.

Yes, dearest ones, I am within the Spirit that is within nature as spring dawns in your land and in all lands. And it is my great joy to exemplify the natural spirit of spring as it brings this sense of freshness, of buoyancy, of inner joy, of harmony, of radiance and of that peace that flows because you know that the long, cold winter is over and that now everything may become rich in the verdure, the greenery, of nature's finery of love.

Truly, dearest ones, God is great and has created life upon every planet, within every sphere of awareness that is opportune for the ennoblement of his/her being as spiritual essences, even within the matter planes of awareness. Therefore seek within matter how the Mother represents beauty and beingness in your domain. Investigate, through your own experiments with the elementals, how growth can be magnified through love; how the plants themselves may, in a sense, evolve when you activate from within them even higher essences that they hold within their beings because of your appreciation, your love, and the dynamics of spiritual light that you carry within your Higher Self, your inner being.

There are so many mysteries that could be revealed if mankind as a whole were more sensitive to life within the natural order. And yet many mystics have already discovered secrets that are being revealed, even today, through those who objectify the love of God within the nature kingdom through their givingness of self; through the offering of their own essence within the experience of gardening, permaculture, farming and tending every plant and being with conscious awareness, with the same love and appreciation that they show to animals and other human beings and to God him/herself.

When you call upon the sylphs, the undines, the fiery salamanders and the gnomes and utilize the resources of their inner wisdom in all of your work within your gardens, both outside and within your homes, you will be amazed to have revealed unto you certain deeper mysteries through your communion with them. And you will truly, blessed ones, also receive the graces of the four cosmic forces; of the Goddess of Spring, yours truly; and of other cosmic devas and beings of light, who will work with your soul and spirit to bless your homes and properties, your businesses and your sacred work with the light of God as it is outpictured and brought forth through the nature kingdom.

Why, beloved Jasmine herself has spoken to you a few times of her work with the fragrances of the flowers and the essences of plants themselves, the oils of their spirits as they are perfumed into the atmosphere. When you sense consciousness within a plant, a tree, a bush, a flower, an herb or an entire guild of beings woven into a tapestry of light as they together, as a family of oneness, outpicture the greenery and the finer aspects of nature on your behalf, you will sense your oneness with the All through the oneness that they hold amongst themselves and on your behalf, dearest ones. For when you enter into the oneness of nature itself, you have a greater opportunity to experience a deeper level of oneness with all life, including the higher archangelic realms, the great cosmic masters of light who ensoul worlds, star systems and galaxies. And through this oneness state of pure being, you will be able to draw forth from the universal your abundant life in great measure, including the spiritual gifts of higher perception that you seek, in order to glorify God and magnify the Lord in your lives.

Oh, you may become much more sensitive through introspection within nature, through communion with life itself within the natural order—among the plants, near the bees, the birds and the tiny creatures that toil endlessly on your behalf to create the platform for your evolution upon Earth itself. If you could sense the multiplicity of many dimensions of beingness as they are universally represented and manifested through this natural order of life, you would indeed, dearest ones, access also the secrets of the Source, the secrets of the Sun, the secrets to universal life as you experience it in those sacred moments of cosmic connectedness with any part of that life within your realm.

O, truly how great is the universal consciousness of God as God perfumes it throughout your world, all worlds and the cosmos itself. Oh, how great is the radiance of the Presence, the feeling nature of life and all sentient beings, whom you may, through sensitivity, also feel when you are in league with the light through what the elementals do for all evolving upon Earth. When you are in league with them by being obedient to natural laws—the laws of harmony and balance, renewal and of the resurrection fire itself, spoken unto you by beloved Jesus so recently—you truly will magnify the greatest and the brightest in your lives in the way of opportunities afforded you for advancement on your path.

O, when you understand the dynamics of water itself and the holiness that God embedded within the sacred formula of H2O and how this molecule holds the field of the Mother in a sphere of light, in a radiant field of purity, whenever you ingest water or any liquid that contains water you can thereby consciously drink in that Mother energy for your renewal, for your health, for the restoration of wellness and wholeness of your physical temple, and especially for the balance and well-being of your emotional body. Yes, water represents the Mother at the most intimate level of life within you, for you are nearly all water, blessed hearts. And when you truly understand that you are Mother within Mater because you are water, then you feel and know the liquid-light crystal nature of your inner being as one with the universal Divine Mother. And even this understanding and inner knowledge can bring you to inner bliss and higher beingness in that state of oneness with the All-Mother, who is love.

O precious hearts, it is truly a new day. And Omri Tas, with Govinas, comes on this third of the month also to bless every lifestream, especially those who invoke the violet-laser light, the violet flame, the violet fire, or who meditate upon that radiant field of forgiveness, mercy, kindness, alchemy, freedom, liberty and justice. With them, with Zadkiel and Amethyst, Saint Germain and Portia, Arcturus and Victoria and the priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, who understand the dynamics of seventh-ray joy and eternal freedom, they come to renew within your lives your true essence as you give birth, in the springtime of your being, to new cosmic ideations and essences; as you are co-creative, offering your best to God and to the universe each day; as you simply meditate upon light, love and virtue in its rarefied aspects, in its magnificent opportunities.

Yes, blessed hearts, working with the violet fire in conjunction with the emerald light is a key for all to utilize for the resurrection of consciousness, for the renewal of divine awareness, for greater inner understanding of the nature of beingness itself, of life as it exists in all realms—from the tiniest little creature, an ant, unto the greatest cosmic nova that exists in the macrocosm of God's being. Truly, love is at the core of the resurrection light, which you may experience every spring and, if you choose, every morning, which is a type of spring for you. As you spring out of bed each day, remember me. Sing this “Melody in F,” which you have heard. For on the strains, the vibratory fields and the flowerings of consciousness as the violins and cellos are playing Rubinstein's great melody, I am there weaving divine cords and ribbons of light through your aura and blessing you with the bestowal of heaven's grace within your world.

I have prepared a sacred garden of light in the etheric plane, which you may walk within this day in consciousness as you meditate upon the greenery and the refined fires of liquid emerald light within you and within nature. And within this garden, you may pluck flowers, which will not die; they will be with you in spirit forever. And where you enjoy one and take it unto your heart, another will spring up magically to replace it. Imagine flowers that never fade. This is the beauty of heaven that is always within the Holy City in the springtime.

If you can imagine this, dearest ones, imagine it for yourself. Yes, you will not fade; you will not die. You are immortal, everlasting love. You are the one whom God loves, even as God loves all his sacred ones, her beloved ones. Knowing that you are sacred and beloved, refreshed in this understanding, you will live ever in the springtime of your true life, one with God.

I AM your Amaryllis, loving you unto the new day of the appearance of your eternal Selfhood forever. Thank you.

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