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Solaria      March 20, 2016

Beloved Solaria, Golden Goddess from the Sun
David Christopher Lewis
March 20, 2016   10:45 ̶ 10:58 am MDT
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace with Peace and Aloha and One Thousand Buddhas
Maui, Hawaii

Enter the Sun Presence of Cosmic Peace

From the Great Central Sun I come, blazing trails of Solar joy throughout this planetary system, encapsulating within the minds, the hearts and the souls of initiates the Solar aspects of peace, which are great, beloved ones, in their glory. And these you have access to through your spiritual disciplines this day, your oneness, your new sense of beingness in God, the greatness of God within you, the allness of God living within every cell of your being, the perfectionment of light as it flows and courses through your own Solar being, one with God's.

What is this Solar being of myself? you ask. How may I access it? How may I utilize it in my daily life? Is it real and true or is it some ephemeral concept that I cannot yet fully imbibe or resonate with? I say that when you align yourself with the Sun each day, in all of its glory, there is that infusion of that Solar radiance and beingness, that joy and that peace right where you are, where you experience the connection with many, many Solar beings who live within the Sun and who love you so and emanate forth their radiant fields of joy and light to any who are attentive and who look to the Sun as a resource of that pure-light beingness in God.

Attentiveness to the Sun requires mindfulness and Buddhic presence. And in the great silence of your soul, the spirit moves and allows you to feel that Solar uplift and support, to intuit what the Sun is speaking unto you through the Solar initiates abiding there. You may sense in some way that there is so much distance between your Sun and this Earth. Yet, dearest ones, from one perspective this is an illusion because the Sun, as your local Father-Mother God, is one with you, even as you have proclaimed it this day. And in that oneness you may instantaneously draw forth the virtues, the beingness, the graces and blessings of the Sun and all evolutions living thereon unto yourself and through yourself as a blessing to all life upon Earth.

You become a nexus for the Sun's distribution of certain Solar rays, through your consciousness, to the consciousness of the many. You become a nexus for the golden-crystal-age awareness to flower upon Earth radiantly, beautifully, magnificently. And when you consciously do this in moments of stillness and silence, where you are attentive to the Spirit as it speaks through your being, I am there perfusing throughout the atmosphere around you and the atmosphere within you these Solar graces, these Solar essences, these Solar beingnesses.

Yes, it is a time of initiation—the initiation of new cycles of light within you as you are willing and able to accept them in your life. What these initiations are, dearest ones, are individual to you based on your level of awareness, your level of determined, conscious will to engage in them, and the grace that comes to you by and through your mentors of the Spirit—the hallowed Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe and other holy orders in heaven, whose masters dote on you, teach you, share with you, muse with you and inspire you, if you choose, daily.

Now there descends from the Sun a golden orb of light that alights here on Maui to impregnate the Earth with its glory and radiance and establish within this flowfield and the flowfield of your individual auras light, Solar joy, Solar peace, Solar beingness. Drink in the rays of light from this holy orb of Solar joy and allow the transfusion from the Sun to you to manifest for your optimal health, wealth and well-being from this day forward.

Even in those climates where you have less sun throughout the year, such as in Scandinavia, you may consciously draw forth the light of the Sun into and through your being by making contact with us and accepting that radiance, that blessing, that grace for you, dearest hearts. For the stream of our awareness, our love and our radiance is always available, day and night, night and day. And though the Sun may be on the other side of the Earth in terms of the rays directly impacting you during the nighttime of your twenty-four hour cycles, the rays of the Sun actually penetrate through the Earth to reach you in a harmonic state of quiescent love and light as you rest, regenerate and are blessed by these subtle currents. Therefore, you see, the Sun is always invested in the health of the Earth and all evolutions living hereon. The Sun is invested in your true spiritual well-being, the well-being of your souls and spirits, the well-being of your minds, hearts and temples of light.

What is well-being? you may ask. My definition is that it is simply oneness with the Source, whereby the wellspring of beingness alights where you are, suffuses you in its radiance. And through your acceptance of it, that wellness state becomes more natural as you affinitize to it and glory within it to bring about true joy and happiness for you and for all.

As the solar orb now performs its alchemy of the distribution of its rays unto every cell of your being, into your minds, throughout your awareness, you receive so much more than you can cognize at this time within your higher mind, which one day will blossom as a great boon for you as an initiate—for your victory on the path, for the succession of your spirit beyond the beyond unto infinity, and then further within.

O dearest hearts, ultimately you will know that we live, move and have our being deep within you, for that is where God abides. And when you can feel that resonant field of beingness each day pulsing through your heart's beat, coursing through your chakras and light body, then you will know this oneness with the Sun and the state of perfectionment within the One.

[Solaria sings for 35 seconds in an ancient, angelic tongue.]

My song celestial now lives within you, abides within the sacred space that you have created through your reverence and stillness. And this harmony will harmonize within you greater light, greater flow, greater beingness ever, my precious ones.

I AM the Golden Goddess from the Sun. You may know me as Solaria, for within the Solar awareness of eternality, I abide. Thank you.

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