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Zadkiel      March 19, 2016

Beloved Archangel Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
March 19, 2016   9:04 ̶ 9:15 am HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Maui, Hawaii

Archangel Zadkiel Blazes the Violet Fire throughout
the Hawaiian Islands, the Fire Ring and the World

I AM Zadkiel, and I am here, unannounced, to blaze the light of the violet fire throughout these islands of the Mother and through your own soul. For your soul represents the Mother aspect of your being. And lest you forget who you are in God as a Mother being, I enfire you this day with this light, dearest hearts, so that you may enter into the higher equation of cosmic transmutation that we, the archangels and archeiai, are involved in in our sacred work on behalf of the Lord God.

We represent that which is true and holy, pure and undefiled in the rays that we exemplify, amplify and accentuate through our own. And as you choose to invest your lives and your heart's fire in the invocation of the sacred fire, and especially the violet light, I am there with my beloved Amethyst to make it manifest in reality, in these several worlds, in the very physicality of your being—where you live and move and have your being, where you walk with God. Therefore as you experience the dynamics of the seventh ray in action through your lives, we, as cosmic alchemists, invest great God-quotients of light to enfire you as initiates of the sacred fire for this work on behalf of mankind.

Blaze forth the violet light into the Hawaiian Islands now! Blaze forth the violet light throughout the fire ring and especially within the Aleutians in this hour! For there is a rumbling beneath the earth, which if not consumed by the action of the infilling of that violet light could result in greater earth changes in that region, dearest hearts. And therefore we send the frequencies of the violet light there! We send the frequencies of the violet light into, through and around Japan, the Koreas, Taiwan, the islands of the archipelagos and throughout Sumatra and the regions of Indonesia. Blaze forth the violet light throughout the Philippines, down into New Zealand and the great country and continent of Australia. For as you have your representative of that great people here, we utilize her causal body in this hour to deliver the dynamics of the violet light into every person embodied there, from all nations, all peoples.

You see, blessed ones, it is imperative that at times you make your physical presence known within these pilgrimages and sacred events. For we utilize the best of you, the allness of you in this equation of the delivery of light upon and within the planetary body and unto her peoples.

Blaze forth the violet light now down into Antarctica! And we send a specific ray of that action of the seventh ray to transmute the records of the denial of the light of the living Christ there as it was outpictured—and still is in certain quarters—through Nazism and all that it represents. Burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through, O sacred fire, and dissolve on contact evil, darkness and all that is not of the living essence of God.

Now, because you have come to these shores, we utilize each and every one of your causal bodies, blessed hearts, for the delivery of this fire unto all the islands of Micronesia, Macaronesia, Easter Island itself, where there were records of great darkness at one time. Burn through, burn through those records, O sacred fire, as the living essence of God-good and the utter beauty of the violet light in all of its radiant manifestations. Burn through, burn through the records around Midway from World War II. Burn through, burn through wherever there were battles during that time of Earth's history, the darkness through what transpired, and where there is now again the unleashing of armaments of war. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

There is a great clearance of the entire fire ring now by great hosts of light who have come in answer to your prayers, your calls, your heart's intent and the invocation of the light that you will continue to engage in this day for all of the Earth with Beloved Kuan Yin, the Mother of Mercy, and with her great bodhisattvas of light. Burn through and accentuate that flame of mercy everywhere upon this Earth.

O beloved Amethyst, my beloved, work with Kuan Yin this day to perform cosmic alchemy throughout this planetary home. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through!

O fiery salamanders, we invoke you everywhere where there is, in any manifestation, an outpicturing of that which is less than the perfected matrix, the ideal, the blueprint of divinity and the violetprint of freedom, liberty and the resonance of that seventh-ray flame of joy, which all may experience in the Golden-Crystal Age now dawning of Aquarius.

O blessed hearts, commune with the violet light each day. For it is a living flame; it is a cosmic essence of God-good. And if you truly understood the dynamics of all that it represents, all that it is as God's gift to humanity of transmutation, mercy, freedom and buoyancy in joy, you would clothe yourself with that light consciously each day, as alchemists, to anoint this Earth with that light-energy field of presence, of harmony. It is that which the Master Saint Germain and his beloved Portia saw long ago as the answer to Earth's dilemma in this hour—to bring love into physical incarnation through this amplified aspect of that love-fire of God, which is all-merciful, all-giving, all-loving.

Yes, this alchemy of the action of the angels of the sacred fire is now complete, to a point, and it will continue during this event and while some of you even remain here and travel elsewhere upon these islands to anchor that light, to be that light, to be that love-fire of transmutation and divine joy. Blessed ones, though you are having an experience in nature and in your vehicles during this event, truly it is the inner work that you came to perform, that you are invested in while here that is part of your calling as an initiate, that is part of your reason for being here, and why you were self-chosen to be a part of this alchemy.

Thank you for answering the call of the ascended masters! Thank you for what you do, who you are and the light that you have become through the words that you utter in the I AM name. We the archangels and archeiai know you by your light, your love, your words, and it is an honor to be in your presence and to bow before the living essence of God that you bear.

Blessed ones, we are one in seventh-ray joy, flying to the Sun, where one day we will truly be, as Morya has said, “all one.” Blessings.

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