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Aloha      March 19, 2016

Beloved Aloha
David Christopher Lewis
March 19, 2016   10:44 ̶ 10:57 HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Maui, Hawaii

Aloha is Spreading the Spirit of Aloha throughout Terra

Sons and Daughters of Peace, Devotees of Aloha,

            We are gathered in the sacred space hallowed by the native peoples to bring a new awareness of grace, of beingness, of divine joy to all the islands of Hawaii, to all the peoples of all nations, islands and continents through your love and that which you have brought to these shores and now to this mountain peak.

            There is a new resonant field of peace established here that, from this day on, will be sent forth in a radiant aura of mindfulness, Buddhic awareness. For the thousand Buddhas have gathered round about you in the atmosphere and charged forth their radiance unto all peoples throughout the Earth. You have mindfully invoked their presence. You have intended through your hearts and minds to benefit sentient beings—through your heart connected with theirs, your mind one with the all-mind of the All-Buddha. In this grace of beingness and in a sacred space of oneness, we spread the aloha spirit throughout all dimensions and planes of being to envelop all of creation. And our Elohimic awareness, as a magnificent heartstream of light, and you, each one, as a ray of that heartstream, may from this day forward, as you choose, see yourself shining forth a multitude of these rays of God-glory, God-grace, God-givingness.

            Yes, we are Peace and Aloha, and we infuse within you this selfsame spirit that you have felt and seen within the native peoples—that which welcomes and blesses through the smile, through the gesture, through the flowers and the aromas and the givingness of self in this spirit of aloha.

            Mahalo, dearest hearts, for abiding with us during this time together. Mahalo for the great love that you bear, the radiance that you share, the joy that you express, the tenderness and loveliness that abide within your hearts, your souls, your gentle spirits.

            Now we release thousands of doves and nene into the atmosphere that will go forth petitioning the souls of millions to speak only of peace rather than war; to manifest from within the ambiance of peace, the grace of peace, the blessings of peace.

            When you return to your homes of light, take with you some remembrance of this place, Hawaii, whether it be a token provided as a craft from those who use their hands to fashion something symbolic of their people or whether it be something that you find along the trail that is allowable for you to have that you can hold, charge and allow to be a talisman of our hearts.

            Now as I turn in 360 degrees and charge the atmosphere with the radiance of Peace and Aloha, there is this cosmic infusion of beingness and grace firmly established deep into the ocean, to the bottom of its bedrock, and high into the atmosphere, the stratosphere and beyond. This is the power and the Presence of Elohim—to infuse all life with the essence of God-good, the blessings of Spirit, the oneness of all life.

            Aloha oe, aloha oe, aloha oe.

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