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Kuthumi      March 18, 2016

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis

March 18, 2016   9:55 ̶ 10:09 am HST

2016 Maui Prayer Vigil

A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace

Maui, Hawaii 

Attaining Buddhic Mindfulness through the Peace of Stillness

Most Gracious Hearts,

You may attain Buddhic mindfulness through the peace of stillness as you abide in God's Presence and feel that peace as the flowering of the flow, of the glow of true beingness within.

“What is mindfulness?” you asked. “And how do I access it and maintain it throughout the day, throughout the evening?” This has been your dilemma and your desire, the conundrum and the goal.

For those of us who have attained this level of Buddhic mindfulness, we determined that at all costs we would maintain the harmony and the beauty, yea, the sanctity of peace by allowing God and the great God Presence of our being to be central within our lives. And our days were filled with a continuous prayer for peace throughout the world and we individually maintained that peace, through stillness, deep within our being.

Does this mean that you are inactive, not engaged in the daily affairs of your life? Of course not, blessed hearts. Yet what it requires is that you are ever mindful of God. And then through your love of God and for God within all life, the peace of God arises naturally within the field of your activity. The love of God flows through your heart and mindful expressions of Buddhic awareness, and the creative spark of your identity actually accelerates as you are able to cognize what is that peace, what is that flowering, through stillness, of your Divine Selfhood.

Many of you have engaged in various activities and sometimes are very busy, busy, busy bees in all that you do, even in your work and service to life. Yet you know that in your busyness and in all of your activity, when you maintain presence and the peace of the Presence in your lives, through stillness, that activity is infused with a greater God-glory, with a greater God-beauty. And then through that infusion, that activitythat work and service becomes a permanent blessing to all those engaged with you, to all those on whose behalf you work and labor in love, in joy and in reverence.

For when the busyness of civilization loses sight of God, is untethered through a lack of focus upon the divine light, then peace is not present within that civilization. And you, as initiates, must then make a greater effort to draw forth that light through the power of your God-reality to restore peace, to restore wakefulness. And you may call upon all Buddhas to quicken this mindful state and to allow this presence to again flow through all avenues of expression and for the glory of God's grace to move through you—through your consciousness, your chakras, your very being and essence.

You seek planetary peace and you know that it begins first with you. Therefore allow yourself to be at peace with yourself. Allow yourself to be at peace with nature, to be at peace with your brothers and sisters, to be at peace with life as it moves in all domains through the breath of the Holy Spirit that perfuses the heavenly order and the natural kingdom of life upon Earth. Allow that peace, through your Presence, through soulfulness, to be present within your life as the foundation of all that you do, think, feel, cognize and act upon. When you determine that, at all costs, peace will be your primary emanation within your life, others will feel that radiant field of being pouring forth from you, moving through you and casting far and wide its holy radiant energy as a blessing.

There is no limit to what peace may fulfill and may accomplish in your life if you can imagine it, if you can realize the nature of peace, as Jesus did. Oh, how he taught the initiates how to leave a legacy of peace through their lives and many, many, many points of cosmic awareness whereby they could tangibly anchor that light, through their beings, upon and within the Earth. And so we, even those who came later with our offerings of the Christ Spirit through our holy orders, were able to establish more and more of this Christic and Buddhic Presence through our lives, our disciplines, our engagements with Spirit daily.

So it is that within this holy order of The Hearts Center Community—and I do call it that, a sacred-heart order of light, and you its brethren and sisters—peace may begin to flow in a greater field of cosmic awareness and expansiveness through those of you who take this calling seriously and yet joyfully; who respond to heaven first in all things; and who mindfully move through life with a Solar and sole purpose of being that Presence, being that light, being that love-field of picture-perfect peace.

O, restore upon this Earth, devotees of peace, the kingdom as Jesus perceived it when he spoke that seminal prayer and when within his words were fulfilled in time and space as he anchored them through his Presence the all-possibilities of planetary peace and of that sacred kingdom come again upon Earth as it is in heaven.

An angel of peace now delivers unto you an unguent of light as a blessing for those of you who have come physically to Maui so that this unguent may be yours for the duration of this life to utilize in spreading this light of peace throughout the planet. As you give peace and signs of peace and expressions of peace and words of peace to others, I am there standing behind you, at your side and before you to augment that which you offer with the radiance of my heart as a brother of peace.

Now this unguent has been fully established within your auric field and moves deep within your being, to the soul level of your spirit, to assist you in maintaining Buddhic mindfulness throughout your days, throughout your nights, in service and in rest, in prayer and in labor as you walk with God, as you talk with God, as you are godly every day.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for being that peace to our Earth in joy.

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