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Prajnaparamita      March 16, 2016

Beloved Prajnaparamita
David Christopher Lewis
March 16, 2016   9:49 ̶ 9:57 am HST
2016 Maui Prayer Vigil
A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Peace
Maui, Hawaii

Prajnaparamita Welcomes All to Maui and Calls for the Presence of a Thousand Buddhas in Our Midst

I AM Prajnaparamita, mother of all Buddhas. And I call the thousand Buddhas to come now to Maui and to all of the Hawaiian Islands to sit in the lotus within the atmosphere of this place and in the lives of every devotee who desires planetary peace. And I ask them to emanate those waves of God-consciousness, Solar awareness and divine Presence to bring into manifestation this law of peace, this love of peace, this essence of peace that first arises from within the souls and the hearts of devotees and then is broadcast throughout the world within these waves of beingness and divine love.

As you are generous with your loving hearts, employing them in works of gratitude, graciousness and the greatness of your soul, I am there harmonizing all, influencing many realms of being through the various layers of Buddhic awareness, who I AM and represent as a mother, and who you too, as a conscious one, may also manifest through your being, one with the All-Buddha.

O how great is the light of eternal peace. O how wondrous is the confluence of life itself as it is experienced throughout the vast cosmos and as each lifestream embodies one aspect of that eternal light. O how you, as a conscious one, may rise in spirit each day in some dynamic way to present your best to life through your loving awareness and to be that light of peace to mankind.

Now, O Buddhas, fan the fires of Cosmic Christ and Buddhic peace throughout multidimensions of being as we begin this seminar and prayer vigil. As each one walks in the light of peace on Maui, let their footprints trace, from their own vantage point, one aspect of Buddhic peace that may be subtly anchored upon the Earth to influence all life with each one's specificity of glory and beingness.

Contemplate peace within yourself throughout these five days. And then upon returning to your homes of light, consider how the building of this sanctum of peace within yourself on a daily basis may also provide a resource, an avenue of expression for this planetary peace to be unfurled and to expand throughout the cosmos.

[Prajnaparamita sings in an ancient tongue for nearly a minute, including: Brahma. Brahma. Brahma.]

The Lord has heard my song. And the distillation of sound and light, of movement and color has now gone forth to establish a foundation for your work, dearest hearts. Be that peace, be that love, and all worlds will change through your light, through your breath. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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