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Serapis Bey      March 11, 2016

Beloved Serapis Bey and Justinius

David Christopher Lewis

March 11, 2016   7:00–7:28 pm MST

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Serapis Bey Escorts Us at Luxor to Witness the Ascension Process


All Hail, Sons and Daughters of the One God!


I AM Justinius, captain of the seraphim, and I assign two seraphim to each of you this night—one on your left, one on your right. And as you leave your physical temple with us in consciousness, at the behest of Serapis Bey, we will escort you to Luxor to experience the dynamism of this opportunity to be within the Retreat of the Ascension to see what transpires there, to know the infinitude of that light, and to humbly abide in the very living and vital essence of purity, God-consciousness, oneness with the I AM.


Therefore, seraphim, escort these now to the sacred doorway of light where Serapis Bey himself, with Amen Bey and his beloved Clara Louise, greets you and where Archangel Gabriel and Hope also shine forth their light. Enter now through this pearly white translucent gateway into the sacred temple of this retreat.

Many souls upon Earth, because of their attainment, are also called in this hour to experience this dispensation of grace. And therefore you see them also accompanied by two seraphim, and all are dressed in white, the garment of humility, sanctity, chastity. All are present and accounted for, beloved Serapis, and I defer now to you, O Chohan of the Fourth Ray, hierophant of this retreat.


Serapis Bey:


Welcome, disciples of the Word, initiates of light, those who desire above all else to know God and to live within that eternal flame of the ascension. Observe within this sanctum of light the radiance of God manifesting as that accelerated light-energy field that all initiates of the ascension assist in promulgating and in emanating as a part of the work that is an aspect of the mission of this retreat. For you see, in addition to the training itself—learning all that there is to know about the ascension process, the initiatic path, and resolving all issues within self to prepare the platform of the dais, whereby that ascension current comes forth and initiates one within that final blessing of light—there is also the responsibility of each one to provide an impetus, a record, a manifestation of their own light-energy on behalf of other evolutions following in their footprints.


Therefore divine footprints upon the sands of Egypt are required of each initiate, whereby the light embedded within akasha provides a resource, that impetus, for others. For this is part of hierarchy itself, leaving one's legacy in light; allowing there to be, through the connectivity of all souls within the greater antahkarana of the Universal Brotherhood, acceleration, transmutation and transformation because of the very crystal-clear record of a life lived to glorify God, fulfilled in the disciplines of the Spirit, lived in order that the divine purpose be fulfilled within every breath, within every heartbeat.


Truly, you may not have considered yet that your legacy is important for many souls who are spiritually attached to you on the inner, yet it is so. The legacy that you leave, the record of your overcoming and victory is essential for many evolutions, dearest hearts. Therefore we take note of this dynamic as a part of the hierarchical chain of light of all initiates, past, present and future. And as we assimilate the ascension currents, there is also the provision for the leaving of these indelible records of light of each one's lifestream on behalf of many souls.


Those of you yet embodied upon Earth may consider, as a directive from me on behalf of the Lord God, that you may begin this process even now by detailing the records of your own overcoming of your human creation, your psychology, the resolution of all, and what it took for you to realize who you are in God, the steps and stages of this path as you experienced it. And then by leaving this legacy as a record of your victory, others may take heart, through mindfulness, to follow suit and be victorious in their own right. You have been encouraged by both this messenger within this dispensation and previous ones to write your own biographies, to keep your journals, your diaries enumerating your spiritual experiences, carefully documenting that which is of benefit to your soul and has been during your sacred journey, with the nuances of your gleanings of this path carefully and creatively recorded.


You see, dearest ones, within the retreat here at Luxor, we also work with the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels to access some records of overcoming that individuals may not have quite remembered, both in this life and in previous lifetimes. And so there is within this study the accessing of those key points of the path whereby one sees choices made, victorious manifestations anchored within the Earth through those choices, and then the arc of light that was established as a result and the ascent, step by step, on the crystal stairway of light to higher octaves of divine radiance.


Some of you have noted, even within this activity, the requirement to carefully provide to those who newly find this movement and organization crystal-clear steps and stages of that path so that they may follow the initiates all the way to their victory. Therefore this is a collective work, dearest ones, and not one that only one may fully enumerate. Therefore provide your input as you see it, having experienced it and having overcome so much to date. And one day a new publication will come forth about the ascension process, the initiatic path sponsored by me through you, each one. And there will be this tome of light presented to the world that many will utilize in future years and decades, and possibly even millennia, to understand that path as it has been outlined and experienced in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


You see, dearest ones, many of you read the arcane teachings of the overcoming of souls long, long ago. And yet the dynamics of living in the world in this hour, in this time requires an even more mindful understanding of the path as it relates to technologies within this civilization of Earth, given the challenges that you experience, the dynamics of life as you live it now. Therefore what you add to this equation will assist many who are newly finding the opportunity to be of service on this path of light and to truly get to know themselves by also getting to know the ascended masters, higher initiates, and guardians and spirits of light in the heaven world.

Now that I have covered this matter, let us move into that sacred space within the retreat where you may observe the Maxin light, as the ascension current upon the dais, as it is experienced by a specific soul who has now qualified for the ascension, who stands before you in all her glory and divine radiance. This unnamed one has proven that she may bear this eternal love fire of God all about her and through her by her self-sacrifice, her humility, her complete surrender to the Almighty. And having fulfilled her destiny upon Earth, the light is shining upon her visage. And angels of the sacred fire stand round about the dais in this hour to accompany her within this sacred process. The call is made by her own I AM Presence for the process to begin, and angels and seraphim stand forth, coalescing the light within their beings and adding the momentum of their light to this initiation. And you, each one, within your Higher Self, also serve as an electrode for this process this evening.

Now the light begins to descend from above, even as it ascends from below, and there is a merging of this fire directly within the heart of this initiate, and there is the glowing of that fire as a hot, divine essence. And the frequencies are stepped up within the ascension current now, the acceleration occurs, and the frequencies continue to swirl all round about this one. And the glory of God is fulfilled in a cosmic sphere of light as all last vestiges of a self lived outside of the Divine are consumed. And the soul emerges as an eternal Spirit, one with God, in a new glorified body of eternality.


There is cosmic applause and acclamation now as all witness this great feat of divine light. And there is the singing of the seraphim as their wings of light vibrate to create a divine, harmonic field that can be heard as a melody of unity and oneness. And even the great cherubim at the throne of God descend to surround all within this sacred place as the love fire of the Almighty is felt in all its glory, and the divine brilliance and radiance of that which is eternal manifests within the auric field and being of each one attending.


You, each one, are raised in this hour within this light-energy field. My purpose in bringing you here is for you to feel some semblance of this experience so that it leaves an indelible mark upon your soul; so that, dearest ones, throughout the duration of this life you will have the memory of this experience; so that in all your striving for perfection, in all of your disciplines on the path, you may recall witnessing this glorified state of being of this divine daughter of God as she became one with her I AM Presence. It is to remind you of how you too may have this as your own great opus of accomplishment, may see it and realize it according to the cosmic cycles of your own God-manifestation of light.


Now Alpha himself welcomes this holy one unto his heart. For she did, throughout her many lives upon Earth, call to the Father God and seek only that oneness with the Father of all lights. And in her seeking and striving, in her chastity and humility, she has wooed the very living Presence of Alpha unto her in this moment. And as the Father places the sacred kiss upon her brow and embraces her in her new immortal state of being, there is a sacred hush of sanctity that all feel in this experience of oneness and divine Presence.


You see, blessed hearts, every prayer, every call is answered. And when there is the true virya of your love for God within your prayer, your inner desire for that oneness and that state of the perfected heart, heaven answers in a sacred moment when all has been fulfilled and when you then are embraced by the one to whom you called, by the very object divine of your devotion, the very one to whom you have consecrated your very essence and beingness.


As you assimilate the light that has been shown forth and emanated within this initiation of the ascension, my prayer is that particles of this may ever remain within both your inner and outer recollection, your own personal book of life. This is my gift to you, each one, this evening, precious ones


Now I return you to Justinius, captain of the seraphim. And I command that the seraphim return you unto your temples of light in the physical octave for your service this evening, to glorify God and to retain evermore this state of oneness and divine love. Thank you for coming. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for being initiates of the ascension evermore.




I, Justinius, now command the seraphim to escort you, dearest hearts, safely back to your temples, as the master himself has requested. And through the integration of your spirit within your body, that record of this experience is anchored deep within your soul and even within the cells that represent, within your mind and brain, your memory body, as well as those within your heart that retain the essence of the feeling of this experience this evening.


Yes, your cells do retain memories, patterns, engrams of light within them. And therefore these are charged by this cosmic energy, by the ascension currents. And as you continue on the initiatic path to perform alchemy of all sorts and to invoke that white light of the Christ and of the Divine Mother, these engrams will continue to vibrate, coalescing light within your cells and preparing you fully for your own ascension at that cosmic hour of your victory.


Now the angels depart. The seraphim alight and then ascend with me to the sun, for we will recharge and then receive our next assignment from Alpha and Omega, from the Elohim and the great hosts of cosmic beings.


Thank you, initiates, for this opportunity! Be victorious in the light!



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