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Surya      February 10, 2016

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
February 10, 2016   7:00 ̶ 7:22 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Surya Says: Clothe Yourself in the Sun! Mother Mary Is Coming!

I, Surya, come clothed with the Sun this day on behalf of the Cosmic Virgin, also clothed with the Sun—Mary, the Mother of all. She is coming, dearest hearts, to you if you would receive her—her emanations, her teachings, the light that she bears on behalf of the evolutions of this Earth. She is coming to heal families, communities and nations. She is coming to deliver the cosmic goods of the enriching light of the Sun of eternality in your midst because this is what the Earth requires—light, light, light!

You know Mary as the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Did you know that she, as an initiate, as an archeia, learned the secrets of bathing in the light of the Great Central Sun in order to be expressive of that light in its fullest magnanimity, in its greatest grandeur, in its most powerful manifestation for virtue to appear here and there, for wholeness to endure throughout the eternal life cycles of the sons and daughters of God sent into matter to spiritualize it with the light of the living Christ consciousness?

Mary, the ideal of motherhood; Mary the ideal of the virgin consciousness of purity; Mary, she who saves sentient beings by her love, by her givingness, by the nurturing presence that she embodies as the soul, as the feminine potential of Godhood within ye all. Oh, if you knew what Mary could do for you, dearest hearts, you would be at her feet in prayer, even as she, in obeisance to the Cosmic Mother, is there throughout the eternal cycles of life to pray for and nurture you in that Solar light and radiation of God-glory. When you live within the Presence of Mary, you live in the light of all that is virtuous, clear, clean and present within the One Spirit of all-givingness, all-motherhood, all-beauty.

Even Jesus, in all of his glory, gave deference to his mother and often accedes to her to bring forth into manifestation that which the Lord God deems as essential, as required for the healing of souls, for the raising of consciousness and for the abiding Presence of the Father-Mother Spirit of the Almighty to alight within the matter planes. And even as Mary also gives deference to Jesus as the perfect Christ-man, so in this interchange of mother and son there is the dynamic of the spirituality within physicality of that light and radiant field of beingness for all to tap into and to ennoble themselves within for the perfect balanced manifestation of that Solar joy, of peace and of picture-perfect presence.

Dearest ones, the prayer vigil that you will engage in beginning this Friday is a great opportunity for you to both soar in spirit as you live and walk upon the Earth and to engage heaven in the most meaningful, expressive and physical opportunities for Self-realization, for wholeness, for healing and for the restoration of balance within families, communities and nations.

You see the dissolution of the cosmic order of the day within the building block of society, which is the family. Mary comes to invest her light, her soulfulness within this equation on behalf of mankind. And if you engage and offer yourself to this equation in the full givingness of your heart, your soul, your spirit, you will see cosmic transformation occur both within the greater sphere of the Earth and especially within your personal life.

Many of you have issues with your current mate or your former loved ones that are yet unresolved at some level of your being. How do you think that these may be resolved, dearest ones, in eternality if you have not first gone to the source of all truth and light, the Cosmic Virgin, within the matter planes to communicate, to seek a higher walk and to have the restoration of wholeness within you, which then leads to a greater wholeness manifesting within your relationships with all? Every relationship is an example of an opportunity for self-transcendence of both partners and of the family that ensues when the two come together in union, in holy matrimony to conceive of God-children, of beautiful souls, with their opportunities for Solar evolution, whereby they may work out their salvation within the Earth itself.

You see, the coming together of man and woman through the holy yoking of their souls with one another is for the infusion within the Earth of God-children and for the continuity of the race that manifests through that sacred act, which many now downplay as simply for pleasure and excitement. Dearest ones, Mary models the ideal of true union with God. And when you are absorbed into the Presence, when you are subsumed into the light through the givingness of self in your relationships, in your sacred union, then there is born the sacred space of that light as a sphere of fire for a soul to incarnate, for a spirit to come into matter to bring the boon and the beneficence of that light into play within this world.

Yes, make life sacred again through impressing love within every act, including your union with your beloved. Make life sacred again by infusing love into every communication, into every gesture, every word, every act, every thought and feeling. Make life sacred again by loving every form of life as you love God, as you love self, as you love all. The sacred has left many spheres within this world because of man's inhumanity to man, especially the violent act of abortion on this Earth.

Therefore to restore the sanctity of life, it must begin by first recognizing when life is created, how life is created and how God imbeds within that life an aspect of his/her eternal Presence and glory within the threefold flame, within the essence of that one. When this is understood—and it should be by all—then sanctity toward all begins anew, then life is refreshed with a new spiritual reenergization, which occurs because life is put first and foremost before all as that which should be protected, revered and nurtured.

I, Surya, come clothed with the Sun, traversing the skies in my chariot of fire this day, absorbing the cosmic rays from the Great Central Sun and then projecting them as tangible manifestations of that light for ye all to accept, to breathe in and to nurture within yourself. You see, I am a sign of what is coming as the great instauration of light within the age now dawning of Aquarius, where love is front and center and present within the lives of every evolution upon this Earth; where all look to the sun, bathe in its glory, focus upon the quiescent and powerful energies of Source within that solar disk, which represents the Great Central Sun, that which offers itself to all forms of life as a means of co-creative fire, potential and beingness.

Dearest hearts, endure within your Solar Presence. Focus upon and within that cosmic reality of you as a sphere of light, as a being of cosmic joy. Endure by living in that Presence, that eternal spark that is your essence, that is your light and the source of all love. Endure through every initiation; pass your tests; realize your potential; give your all; keep on keeping on, bathing in the love fires of God each day through your devotions; sing your praises; embed your essence within your prayers. Leave nothing on the field of activity except the allness of yourself. For this is your life; this is your opportunity to give of yourself to every form of life. You know the law; you have the science. Utilize alchemy at every turn. Be your best throughout the day and fulfill the quest to embody virtue and the all-light of your Presence.

Yes, Mary is coming. How many will listen to her beautiful harmonic voice, her endearing messages and feel the radiant Presence of her pure being? Choose life, choose God, choose beingness and live within that light, enjoying God's love for you, God's Presence in your midst, God's glory all about you.

When you went to Peru, to Cuzco, I was there. When you climbed the sacred steps of Machu Picchu, I was there. When you stood at the sacred gate of Amuru, I was there. When you stood upon Titicaca's shores and traversed her waters to the sacred islands, I was there. Yes, dearest ones, I have been there for you in your sacred journeys and pilgrimages. And I will be there in Argentina and Uruguay to wrap you in the light of the Sun and to renew you in your own Solar Reality as you accede to God, as you endure within that Presence, and as the power of the light works its work upon you to recreate you in a higher image and likeness than you have yet modeled and manifested in this life.

Be that Sun-reality of cosmic joy. Breathe in the living fires of eternality from the sun as you meditate in the morning at dawn and in the evening at dusk upon that sacred disk of light before you. You may even behold a chariot of fire issuing forth from the sun as I find my way into your world, as you pray and sing to me and what I represent of Godhood and of the evolutions of Sirius.

Let the light flow through you; allow that light to grow within you; see that light manifesting all about you, dearest ones. And in the end, you too may be clothed with the Sun, like Mary, like me, and reach your full potential of Godhood, of gracefulness, of beauty, harmony and peace.

I AM Surya. I have spoken, and now there is crystalized within the Earth that Solar light, as cosmic gold, and golden rays deep within you as an anointing of Spirit this day for you as a faithful one, Self-realized in God and bathing in that light eternal. I thank you.

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