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Purity      January 27, 2016

Beloved Purity
David Christopher Lewis
January 27, 2016   1:30 ̶ 1:47 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Purity and Astrea Initiate Cycles of Light in Your Life

Thank you, Rune. Following is a HeartStream delivered to me by beloved Purity and Astrea on the twenty-sixth of January 2016 at 4:26 in the morning until 5:07, in writing, which I will read now. And if the masters desire to augment or embellish it, I am open to that. 

Devotees of Light,

Initiate cycles of light in your life. Deliver light to all from the center of your being. Light up the world where you are. Be an example of purity through pure thoughts, pure feelings, pure words, pure intentions, pure actions and pure vibrations. Enjoin the light of purity to clear anything and everything that requires more light, more love, more power, more truth, more understanding, more honor, more freedom and justice, more beingness.

Purity contains the essences of all the rays, the power of the Presence and the fragrance of all divine Mothers. Purity is the epitome of the feminine aspect of God in all of its creative power, flow and beauty. When you live in purity, you shine forth the full flowering nature of your own Godhood in all of its innate beauty, grace and splendor. To beautify the world, invoke purity. To beatify our planet, invoke purity. To clarify any issue, invoke purity. To bring anything unto resolution, invoke purity. Purity complements and compliments all because it highlights the best in all.

Purity is not archaic, outdated, drab or unexciting. Purity is fresh, new and glorified and renews all within its grace. Purity brings the Divine Mother's graces into play in every place, at any time, with any person and in any situation. Purity harmonizes all disparate issues and thus is a great mediator and counselor. Purity accentuates what is brightest, best and boldest within the soul and helps it to emerge from the latent into the real, from the passive into the active, from the underworld into the full light of the noonday sun. Purity allows you to shine forth who you are in the full regalia of your highest creativity, using all of your talents and gifts in exactly the way that your True Self desires.

Purity is the essence of truth within all religion, yet is not confined to any one religion. It is above all human systems of belief, for it originates from the essence of what condoned caused all spirituality to emerge from the origin of all life. All life truly originated in purity and will return to purity, which is spiritual fire, light; boundless, spaceless beingness.

Purity locks you in with the circle and sword through a magnetic matrix of perfection. Yet this action is not in any way bondage. It is completely freeing and liberating; in fact, it frees you from all limitation. Purity quells human desire because it is born of God-desire. Purity relieves all stress and distress because in the center of the circle there is perfect equanimity and peace.

Purity brings all that is essential to mind, to heart and to action because it is the Shakti of the power of Spirit, as the grace within Mater of the Mother's realization of Spirit, as the creation itself. Purity can both uncreate by dissolving and consuming and then recreate by the action of the buzz saw, Omega; and the sword, Alpha. Thus the circle and sword is a symbol of Alpha and Omega manifesting as the masculine and feminine aspects of the fourth ray together as one, united in perfection's glory.

It is also the ascension current and fire, the all-consuming fire that raises all unto immortality. Purity is imbibed fully as a divine elixir during the ascension process. In the pure light of God, you take in my drink into every atom of being, every cell, every particle of your Selfhood. Purity raises you to the fount of true Motherhood, the source of all creativity, the nexus of the eternal Now in the heart of God. 

Be purity. Be Astrea. Be light. Love the light within all beings and raise all in purity's fire. 

David's Comments:

            This was the message released, with just a few additions as I delivered it live. On behalf of Scandinavia, I would also like to say now that this action of Purity, coupled with the light of the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Light, manifests as a triune action of the white flame of the ascension to bring about that which is truly motherly, divine, beautiful, harmonic and rich in Spirit.

We have heard the news in the United States of much of what is transpiring in Scandinavia, and especially in Sweden and Norway and Denmark, of the attack upon women by unconscious men that manifests as rape, as perverse fondling of their bodies. We heard of this in Germany and we are seeing it in other nations in Europe. This is a travesty and an affront to the Divine Mother and to the white ray of purity. How do we deal with it? What is the answer of the hosts of the Lord? It is to invoke the protection of the Divine Mother within our auric field and to not allow ourselves to dwell in the state of mortality whereby we lower the energies of our beings below the heart to our lower chakras, because then we invite this type of affront.

When you are centered fully in God, you will not be in those places at inopportune times. You will not be subject to this diabolical activity. In fact, when you learn, through the science of the spoken word, the art of clothing yourself in divine light and fire, you are impervious to these manifestations and you can live, move and have your being within the full integrity and purity of your True Self. However, since many are not yet there in consciousness, we can pray for them, emanate light to surround them, sealing them in this impervious light of protection and purity. Our purity is our greatest protection. The light that we wield within our aura is blinding to darkness, deviltry and that which is despicable unto the hosts of the Lord.

There are also very important measures that must be taken by governments in order to protect the culture of the people living in various nations. And therefore it is altogether appropriate, lawful and just to set up systems that indeed check this darkness at the borders and allow only those who have pure intentions to come forth and immigrate into various nations. Therefore we can pray for our governments and institutions to institute laws that are appropriate and just to safeguard the culture, the people, the light of our nations and of our peoples from darkness, from cultures that do not recognize or accept our cultures and do not truly desire to integrate appropriately or merge the energies of their beings within our cultures for the highest purposes.

When we give our calls to beloved Mighty Astrea and Purity, we can see the circle and sword going forth protecting all life, enveloping all life and stripping away all that is dark, dense and devil-like within the Earth and bringing about the blossoming of the light and the age of purity in our midst.

So thank you for all that you do in invoking that light on behalf of Europe, on behalf of Scandinavia, on behalf of many, many embodied angels in Scandinavia—many of whom came from Venus and are there in the North to anchor the light of divine love, as well as purity and the grace of many Mother beings. The beauty of the souls of these peoples in their ancient origins, back to Lemuria and beyond, is evident to me as I travel there, and I have been in Sweden approximately nine times in this life.

I'm looking forward to the time when I can return and do more intense spiritual work on behalf of the Scandinavian peoples, when invited. I'm looking forward to being with the beautiful, beautiful souls who are so nurturing and loving, gentle and kind, who love nature, love the snow, love the cold and cool temperate climate in that area and who are invested in securing the protection of the true cultures of light of the Scandinavian peoples.

With the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, the Brotherhood eternal conveys to each heartfriend within our movement—and especially those in Europe and in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden and Norway now—their appreciation for who you are, their love of your souls and their sealing action through this mighty action of the circle and sword of Mighty Astrea today and every day.

God bless you. Thank you, Rune. Love to your family and all heartfriends there. Bye-bye.

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