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Paul the Venetian      January 22, 2016

Beloved Paul the Venetian

David Christopher Lewis

January 22, 2016   9:00–9:28 am MST

Livingston, Montana


Paul the Venetian Places a Cosmic Talisman of Love Beneath Canada


I am an artist of wakefulness; I am an artisan of spiritual light. I am one through whom the Divine One etches upon akasha consciousness, fire, presence. When you also choose to be an artisan of Spirit, an artist of the sacred fire, writing upon the substance of this world and illumining through your mind the essences of Godhood, outpictured through your heart, you too, blessed ones, may arrive at a destiny that is yours, in holiness, to know. You may feel welling up from within you that which is of Spirit, which when impressed upon matter brings about, manifests, a living fire that inspires, that blesses through its co-creation.

Many seek to draw from the universal something of beauty into this world, yet it were better for most to spend time finding themselves, knowing the God-flame within. And once that feeling, that perception, that beingness is manifest as a veritable living fire and reality, then what is artistically rendered, impressive in its spiritual fire, has the vitality to recreate the viewer in a higher field of awareness and to allow each viewer to stretch into a reality of presence beyond the confines of the human self.

As your Paul the Venetian, I come projecting scintillating light waves and fiery flames into your aura and world. And these are expressive of the beauty of heaven that I have been privileged to see, to behold and to capture on canvas, on earth and in heaven. And these fiery flames, which you may ingest through pranic breathing, which you may feel in moments of pure connectedness with your Presence, may impel you higher on your path and allow you greater creativity, even the dawning of your Buddhic and Atmic Presence manifest through your outer awareness, one with God's.

What can I say this day to bring devotees of love into a greater effulgence of light? I sought from the blessed Maha Chohan something that would nurture you and your souls at this time of Earth's history and your specific evolution, that would allow you greater feeling of the nature of God within, greater understanding of eternal truths expressed through the third ray of divine love, friendship, beauty, grace and kindness. And these I have embedded, inspired by the representative of the Holy Spirit, within these fiery flames that now surround you in an aureole of light, that now dance and play upon your auric field to transmute all that is less than beauty and harmony, peace and grace.

Burn through, O sacred fire, within these your cherished heartfriends this day, and impel them into a world of light, a world of joy, a world of spontaneity within the Holy Spirit's graceful Presence and comfort flame. Allow each, through their feeling world, to have love grow, to have love flow. Give them respite from the machinations of darkness, from the anti-artists of today, who do not grace the cosmos with the love of their true Self and instead project images of darkness, decay, denial of God and ignominy of all sorts. Burn through their creations now and consume that manifestation of impurity that has projected a ray of deviltry in the minds and upon the third eyes of millions and billions upon Earth. Renew the spiritual light of beauty within this world, as grace in form, in color, in texture and in tone returns through the brushstrokes of those learning the arts, captured in oil, in watercolor, in tempera, in acrylic and in media of all kinds.

Grace this Earth with angelic thoughtforms, imagery and harmonious feelings that manifest through both the music of the spheres and the imagery thereof in Mater, O Lord. This, my prayer, I give for a return—through true composition, through the composure of self within God—to true artistry through the rendering of the art of the Divine Self in form here below, through dance and music and play and the outpicturing of virtue through all.

O God, impress upon and within this world a new dynamic of harmony. And through that harmony, harmonize souls to thee. Allow them to feel gratitude, grace, uplift and support within the Holy Spirit's Presence of true beauty and comfort. Let them know thee, O Lord, in the living flame of love that burns within their hearts and in the vital essences that within this fire manifest in all manner of nuances and graces of your Spirit. 

Now, blessed hearts, because this specific broadcast originates from Winnipeg, the heart chakra of planet Earth, I use this opportunity to expand the love fire there and within Canada for the transmutation of all that is anti-love that has crept into society at all levels; that has found entrée into the government, the economy, industry, communication, education, commerce and into the thought processes, minds and souls of the Canadian people.

Blaze forth this love now in grand measure, O God, to recreate Canada in the original Bonnie Blueprint of light through the sponsoring masters of this commonwealth and nation of light. Burn through, O love! Burn through, O love! Burn through, O love, all that is anti-love that assails the souls of her people and their physical body temples of light, Nature itself as she groans and travails at what has manifested upon and within her through man's inhumanity to the elemental kingdom.

Burn through! Burn through! Burn through, O love! Chasten mankind that they may return unto the laws of beauty, perfection and divine beingness this day. And inculcate within the matter plane the culture of the Mother, which must arise from within the souls of all for all to know God fully and intimately from deep within the heart.

Yes, blessed ones, though you know me as a gentle third-ray master, even I at times, in answer to the calls of the righteous upon Earth, come with the intensity of the love ray in its ruby aspect to transmute, on contact, darkness, decay, degeneration. And in answer to the calls of initiates within this commonwealth, I come to impress deep within the Earth under Canada a light ray of such intensity that it will manifest, in coming weeks and months and years, in a magnetic attraction to good, to God, to beauty, to harmony. This was and is my dispensation this day, sought from God, that this magnetic icon of light will be a permanent focus for true love to emerge, for true beauty to remanifest in all spheres and for the grace of God, the harmony and peace thereof to flow, to rebirth every soul in her original “pinkprint” of love.

O angels of the sacred fire, go now into every home within Canada and stir up the ethers by your love fires to bring harmony and new opportunity into play for this culture of divine love to manifest. O angels of the sacred fire, go into Ottawa this day and teach the leaders of this commonwealth the law of love. For many have let go of the hand of the Christ and the Buddha and the Divine Mother. And many laws have been written and are now in vogue which are not in alignment with the true law of love of the One God. Therefore dissolvedissolve, dissolve all laws unlawful upon Earth in the eyes of the Divine One, and rekindle within the hearts this law of love, which will eventuate as a return to this law of beauty, of grace, of reverence and understanding.

I now expose to mankind the deviltry of those anti-lovers who would destroy civilization and the cultures of love. One and all are called to task and given opportunity to bend the knee through the law of grace and harmony and peace. All must give answer; all must respond to the living Christ, seated upon the throne of God in the Holy City, for cosmic justice and judgment to manifest through divine love, through this ruby-love flow this day. And the days are shortened for the elect. And righteousness is illuminated in the heavens through the lives of the saints upon the Earth who sing unto God, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty,” day and night, giving praise to the One Source of all, the Father-Mother of all spirits, the creator of all sentient life.

Return, O mankind, to love, and Earth shall truly be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. Return to truth, light and understanding of the path of beauty and harmony, and Earth shall experience a surge of light into a new era of Aquarius—of pure divine love. Sing of love throughout your day; be true to love in every communique. Speak of love from your heart to one another, and justice and righteousness will reign within sister and brother.

I AM your Paul, loving you free to be that love in action always. I thank you.


Messenger's Comments:


I would like to describe this talisman that beloved Paul placed deep within the Earth under the commonwealth of Canada. It is a fiery rose-heart talisman of cosmic crystal, a crystal so pure that it holds a field of energy representative of the Maxin light and the magnet in the heart of the Great Central Sun. This talisman, as a cosmic magnet of love, pulses with the cosmic heartbeat of the Earth itself and of the Elohim of the third ray, whose heartbeat is majestic. Heros and Amora, as Elohim, consider their heartbeat to be very slow in comparison with ours, and yet each pulsation of their heart is cosmic, energetic and very powerful.

Therefore this talisman actually impresses the very heartbeat of Heros and Amora deep within the Earth to call all to love—to respond to love, to live in the integrity of love. It is such a powerful talisman that its effects are felt even beyond the Earth unto other planets within our solar system. And those true to God and to a path of light will feel, at some soul level, the pulsation of this talisman, and through their obedience to its call and to true love, hopefully will abide in that sacred space of love for the duration of their lives.

Thank you, beloved __________, for living there in Winnipeg and, as best as you are able, anchoring the light of this third ray of divine love on behalf of all brothers and sisters of this movement of The Hearts Center and now are broadcasting, I believe for the first time visually. I think we should applaud and champion and savor. Thank you so much for learning the technology and for being willing to go the extra mile to make this happen. And thank you, __________ and all others who contributed today—__________, with your calls, and all other beloveds of God's heart in all the provinces of Canada.

Now there is an extension of Paul the Venetian's heart fires through every Canadian heartfriend, linking you all in this web of love. And this includes the brothers and sisters at the Ideal Society community in Jaffrey, British Columbia, as well as other disciples of both the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Peter Deunov who live in Eastern Canada, those of all provinces.

This action of this antahkarana of divine love is complete now. And maybe in closing you can play “The Gift of Love” one more time, song number 122. God bless you. Have a great day. Bye-bye.

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