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David Lewis      January 17, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 17, 2016   9:40 ̶ 10:00 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Living a Soulful Life—Part 3

Soulfulness Is Our Natural State of Being

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and thank you for participating in our broadcast service today. We've been focalizing a little bit on the soul and soulfulness, and I'd like to share some more musings that I've had lately.

You may have heard that when people pass from the screen of life, when they make their transition, that their bodies actually weigh a little bit less than when they had the breath of life. So the spirit—or our soul, in this case—actually has weight. They have measured the weight of people before and after their transition, and it is a very small amount of weight,  about 21 grams or .7 of an ounce—yet it is some weight. So the spirit, even in the physical dimension in which we live, move and have our being actually has weight.

You could say that the breath itself that is inside of our body is a part of that spirit, or our soulfulness, and has this weight. So when we expire, literally and figuratively, we release that breath for the final time, and that breath itself has a certain weight. And then our soul departs from our body temple and we are soulful in another dimension, no longer in this plane.

It's interesting to note this because many who are atheists and agnostics feel that there is no God, or they don't know if there is one. And yet right within our own temple we have spirit manifesting as this soulful essence of who we are and it can actually be registered. It can be acknowledged; it can be weighed.

A long time ago I saw a book written by Mark Prophet that was originally called The Mechanization Concept. Later it was published as a pocketbook called The Soulless One. Even as we are attempting to be soulful, we recognize that there are entities, or beings, that do not have souls, and therefore soulfulness, and that have been created in laboratories on other worlds, possibly even within our own world. Why? Because God didn't create them. They were created by man as a kind of robotic creation, without the eternal flame embedded within them.

Yes, scientists can manipulate the DNA; they can transform all kinds of matter. Yet man himself cannot create, fully, as God creates. What we manipulate within the laboratory, like a Frankenstein type of individual, does not have a soul. Only God can embed within a living being that soulfulness, that light-energy, that eternal fire that animates one as a living spirit. In a sense, soulless ones do not have the spiritual essence within them that allows them to evolve, have complete consciousness and to manifest their Solar Reality, their God Presence.

This doesn't mean that we go about trying to ascertain whether someone is a soulless one. We look upon every individual as a potential Buddha, Christed being, and representative of the Divine Mother. We're not in the game of analysis or judgment or determining this. Why? Because it's really not our station, our office, our right to be doing this. As sons and daughters of God, we, like the Elohim, like Cyclopea, hold the immaculate concept for all life, including ourselves. It's our mission to uphold the highest, the best, the brightest, the greatest.

As a freshman in high school I was told to read a book called Lord of the Flies. It was a terrible book, in my opinion, about young boys on an island and something terrible happens. It was a psychological study about their reactions and about their humanity and their inhumanity. And I thought, “Why is it that in our culture we focus so much on evil, on negativity? In Hollywood there's a tremendous focus right now on blood, vampires and zombies, on soulless beings walking around, the walking dead. I think it's because people are coming to grips with the fact that it is a time for us all to reach up into our Godhood and manifest our divinity, to be truly soulful. So when we come into this time of transition, what gets outpictured is the antithesis of this, because people have to make the choice whether to be spiritually fulfilled in their God Presence, to be soulful, or to manifest the opposite, which is to be soulless, to be devoid of spiritual light and fire.

So as we see through the media and all around us parts of our civilization crumbling right before our eyes, we cannot have fear. We can't focus on that to the exclusion of focusing on reality and the higher aspects of our God Presence. Because if we do, we'll be caught in this drama and this illusory field of nonidentity, of nonbeing, of soullessness.

As we read the Master Afra's book and imbibe his soulfulness and feel our own soulful essence registering, amplified and accelerated and, in a mindful state, we allow our soul to speak, to be, to manifest with great loving devotion toward God, we will counteract the downward spiral of civilization that we see in our society today. We are the arbiters of a new divine destiny. So long as we maintain our focus on our high and holy office as sons and daughters of God and bring forth that light—bring forth that soulfulness through our conscious choices day by day through the way in which we live, the vibration that we hallow within our sacred temple of light, our physical body, and everything about us—I believe we become the answer to the dilemma that we are seeing in our world today.

Through soulfulness, we can resolve the psychological disturbances and imbalances in the world and within the mental and emotional lives of people who are acting from an unconscious state that is soulless. Violence, murder, mayhem and war of all kinds originate from a soulless state outside of the circle of God's identity and being. To transmute this, even within our own soul, we invoke the violet light and feel it blazing on the altar of our hearts. And through this soulful attitude of grace, beingness, reverence and sanctity within our own body temple, we become a laboratory for new divine, higher experiments of the Spirit. We don't have to create a Frankenstein figure and somehow animate inanimate matter with electrical impulses. We have all the divine impulses within us from the cosmic electricity of the mind of God, the heart of God, which will always stimulate us to be our best, to be our brightest, to glorify God in all that we do, think, feel and say.

I believe that our soulful state is our natural state of being. You could write that down: “My soulful state is my natural state of being.” You can see this in infants, who are born in a beautiful state of sanctity, fresh from heaven, from the altars of God and from the presence of angels. Look at infants and see just how they manifest innocence, which is the “inner sense” of the soul; how they manifest purity, which is also the essence of their true being; how they manifest simplicity. They're not caught up in the dynamic and the dialectic of a frightful world. They come in dependent upon their mothers for feeding, for nurturing, for love, for caring. We can be like these infants when we have that same stance and attitude toward God. We are completely dependent on God: we desire to be fed by God, by light, by love, by virtues.

As soulfulness is our natural state, within that state, we live, move and have our being within the Oversoul of God's eternal Presence—God's overshining radiant light-energy field, the cosmic aura of God's being, the universal aspects of God's consciousness, the mind of God, the heart of God. In this Oversoul in which we live, move and have our being, we have access to everything that we require. We breathe in the light; we breathe in spiritual essences, prana, chi. And in this breathing, we become more soulful. This is why pranic breathing within meditation, within exercise and just whenever we choose to focus on our breath, is so important. Because in that breathing, the soulful aspects of our True Self become more prominent. We become dignified within the Oversoul of God's eternal Presence.

There's a lot of programming that occurs to make us less soulful. Yet we can choose to live in God's program for us, God's divine blueprint, God's plan rather than according to the way of life that the media projects and attempts to inculcate within humanity. God embeds within us his/her virtues, his/her graces, his/her beautiful divine aromas, beatitudes and the matrices of perfection that are part of that divine blueprint. And so long as we stay true to that blueprint, we will retain our soulful spirit, our soulful attitude, our soulful grace and comportment toward one another, and a soulful attitude toward the Divine, toward nature, et cetera.

Because soulfulness is our natural state, we don't have to attempt to be something other than who we are. We don't have to try to be what Hollywood and Fifth Avenue attempt to coerce us to be in order to sell us their wares. We simply manifest our divinity in this natural state of being, and in this we are fulfilled. In this, through our soulfulness, we grace the universe with our gifts, with our blessings, with our talents and graces. In this natural state, we find recourse to the eternal Presence in ways that God highlights within us, using our natural proclivities and working with resonant energy fields to intensify that light so that through our focus, through our concentration, as initiates we can project great light rays, great light-energies into the world wherever required to assist sentient beings to be liberated, to be fulfilled, to be Self-realized.

As we are Self-realized within our true soulful state, we raise the entire consciousness of humanity into this same divine soulful state of the mystical, magical, miraculous Presence of God, which is everywhere, and yet which few fully realize, enjoy and access because they live in the illusory dream state of unreality.

Two days ago I watched a movie called Ninety Minutes in Heaven. It's about a minister from Texas who is traveling home, I believe after a convention that he went to. It's raining pretty intensely and he has an accident on a bridge and he dies in this terrible crash in which a prisoner who's driving a state-owned truck plows into him and completely demolishes the vehicle. Another prayer warrior comes and calls him back to life, and he goes through an intense time of rehabilitation with a lot of challenges.

This is a great movie because it's very real. It's kind of intense, yet it's very, very realistic. It goes through what this minister had to learn from his experience in heaven. It's also about letting go and how the minister had to allow other people to serve him, whereas he had always been the one who served and visited people in hospitals and in their times of need.

If it's something that you would like to see, I recommend it. It is intense at points and yet it is a psychological study. Finally this minister reveals what he experienced in heaven, why it is that he has so much pain and why he isn't communicating and being more open and loving with his loved ones in the way that he used to be. It's because he yearns to be in heaven and he wonders why God has thrust him back into this world of pain, where he has to go through a major, major rehabilitation. At the end of the movie, you see the actual person, rather than just the actor who portrays him, and he's speaking in a church and it's very beautiful. His message is very clear. This is the type of movie that we require in the Earth to help all of us to reach that soulful state of our God-identity, to understand what is important in life—love, giving, serving others and allowing others to serve us and care for us too.

Thank you very much for listening to us today. My prayer now is that you will have a soulful day, enjoying the spiritual fire and light of your Presence with family, friends and with your co-workers during this entire week. And as you imbibe that soulfulness of your Presence in greater and greater ways, consciously, my prayer is that there will be born within you a new, higher awareness every day, that in some way you will make greater progress—you'll be happier and more joyfully self-fulfilled in God. So let it be. I accept it. So it is.

Have an awesome day, and thank you to beloved Phil and Barbara for your wonderful service today. Bye-bye.


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