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David Lewis      January 12, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Overshined by Beloved Afra)
January 12, 2016   8:40 ̶ 9:00 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Living a Soulful Life:  Part 2

Working on Our Psyche to Manifest Soulfulness

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Our soul is our psyche, and psychology really is the study of the soul. Many people desire to be psychic or to develop their psychic powers, unknowingly desiring, in effect, to manipulate their solar faculties, when in truth and in accordance with the holy will, wisdom and love of God, these naturally develop when we focus on true divine spirituality. Often those who have certain psychic powers have developed them in past lifetimes and brought them forth into this life. In some cases, these have arisen after a near-death experience, as a divinely inspired revelation or as an amazing alchemical gift of Spirit, of God, to the soul, whereby the person can utilize this gift for God-good in the Earth.

When we speak of the psyche, we are really talking about the inner person—the inner man or woman, the heart essence of that one, their soul. I do not claim to have any psychic powers whatsoever, and any gift that I have received I feel has come as the result of my communion with God, my devotion to God through his/her saints, especially Mother Mary, and through constancy on the path, daily devotion and the disciplines of the Spirit.

There are many, many psychics, mediums, channels around the world of varying degrees of true spirituality. And I know that each of you, as an initiate, as a master-in-the making, has the inner resources to understand this dynamic and the sensitivity to feel what is of value; what is of worth; what is really rich in Spirit and true; and what is dynamically, spiritually persuasive and powerful versus psychic energies that are titillating to the carnal mind, the lower personality, et cetera, yet do not necessarily raise consciousness or bring us to the fruit of our own divine union.

Within our movement, as we know, the messages from the ascended masters are those that bring light, inner joy, harmony and an infusion of love, as well as a message that hopefully is enlightening and conducive to our spiritual growth. There are many channels and psychics around the world today, many of whom are bringing forth similar messages about the great shift and about going into the fifth dimension and drawing forth that fifth-dimensional energy into the world. And then there are many who purport to communicate with galactic beings and even beings who inhabit UFOs. I personally feel uncomfortable with this and do not desire to go there, because I feel that God is beyond UFOs and spacecraft, that the true ascended masters and divine beings can instantaneously transport their awareness, their consciousness, their light-body field anywhere in the cosmos without a craft or necessity for an object to carry them.

Therefore I would like to make this distinction, because at times I receive emails and sharings, even from heartfriends, about this or that transmission from some other so-called messenger. And when I read them, they kind of give me the heebie-jeebies, because I know that the source is not necessarily the same source from which I receive—from the ascended masters and divine beings, through the great HeartStreams that they deliver.

This is not in any way a criticism of the individuals who are involved in this psychic activity. It is simply the dynamic that the Universal White Brotherhood carefully chooses those through whom it desires to communicate. I trust that great masters such as Peter Deunov, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Godfre Ray King, Lotus, Geraldine Innocente, Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet have delivered directly from the ascended masters and the higher Source great teachings of light, along with the energy of pure love, pure light, which always houses and is invested within these messages.

I could have named many others, including Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Babaji, as well as the great teachings from Agni Yoga early in the last century through Helena Roerich and Nicholas Roerich. And there have been others that I may not be aware of who have been great messengers of light. There are many gurus East and West who I feel an affinity for, a connection with, who have delivered great, great teachings—Ramana Maharshi and other sages of the East, some of whom desire to be more anonymous, many who have gone into samadhi and have transferred to their disciples great light, great presence, great teachings. And of course there are those in the Buddhic tradition who follow their lineage back to Gautama Buddha, Padma Sambhava, et cetera.

So wherever we choose to derive our source of inner inspiration, of divine knowledge and wisdom, ultimately that has to resonate deep within our hearts, at our core, in our soul, in our own divine psyche. When you are disciplined on the path, you do develop the sensitivity to know instantaneously what is rich in that Spirit and effulgent in the grace of God and what is not beneficial for you to focus upon, involve yourself with or dwell upon.

In our soulfulness, when our psyche is clear, our conscience is clear. You may have heard early in your youth the term “having a clear conscience”—in other words, you haven't sinned or done a lot of bad or evil things and so your conscience is clear. When your conscience is clear, the inner voice speaks and you have the instantaneous recognition of that which is true, divinely inspired, beautiful, harmonious. You feel it in your core and you feel it in your gut—if you desire to use that term—and you know with certitude that the words that you are hearing originate from reality, from higher ascended beings and masters of light.

All of us go through steps, stages and phases of our spiritual evolution, and so what may have worked for you thirty, forty, fifty years ago does not necessarily work for where you are in consciousness today. You are probably finding resources now that are bringing you to even greater and higher understandings of your spiritual journey and path. And yet you don't decry what you learned earlier, because it was a stepping stone for who you are and where you are in consciousness today.

For example, some of us may have gone through the Unity Church or through Divine Science or through other organizations that were rich in truth and spiritual teaching. And yet for today's dynamics and challenges, it seems that we require greater inspiration, a more direct current and stream of light to help us meet current challenges. And therefore going to the ascended masters, going to the great Buddhas of light, going to Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus and other amazing masters who can shine their wisdom teaching and their light-energy upon us and within us and highlight what we require right now, the essentials that our souls are crying out for, is where I believe that we are all evolving. And when we find a book or a teaching that resonates with us, it does illumine some aspect of our consciousness, even the deeper subconscious aspects that we may not have resolved yet, and it can help us to make greater progress.

So we find these keys. Ho'oponopono was a great key for many of us. When we recently had a birthday party at my home and twenty-two heartfriends from the area came, John Fanuzzi said that this was one of the singular teachings that he received in the last decade or so that he found to be most helpful on his spiritual journey. And I can say the same thing.

When you observe something that pricks your consciousness and you are about ready to be reactive, breathe, do the Ho'oponopono prayer, sing the beautiful song that we have been privileged to have access to, and work on yourself. Go deep within yourself. Work on your psyche, on your soul, because there you will find the elements, the particles that are somehow in alignment with what you observe in the outside world. And when you transmute them and resolve them, there will be a mystical, magical and miraculous manifestation—the four Ms—the resolution of the issue, which now doesn't seem to be such a big thing, and you can move forward without reactivity, without judging, without entering into duality.

Many of the Buddhist teachings and the Taoist teachings, which Cathleen shared recently at our event in Tucson, bring us to this nondual state of being centered, being heart-centered, being at the core of our being, in the very center of our highest reality so that we can truly feel God's Presence, resolve all issues, know who we are, even enter into that nirvanic state of beingness, in which nothing penetrates our aura to affect us in a negative way; in which we live, move and have our being within a nondual state, feel God's Presence continuously, and know higher thought, higher mindfulness and the divine reality of the heaven worlds.

Whenever we choose—or hopefully all the time—we have access to the ascended masters' streams and HeartStreams of awareness, which raise us up, encourage us, give us hope, peace and transcendent understanding and consciousness so that we can make greater progress and retain the light that we have gleaned in this lifetime and many lifetimes. We can remember the teaching and utilize it at any point on our path when we go through an initiation. We remember what a saint has done to overcome; we take courage in what that saint did to master himself or herself; and then we too, through our own affinity with that saint, that divine being, can overcome temptation, trial, tribulation or darkness.

Those who seek psychic powers, in my opinion, are not the true spiritually minded people. The unfoldment of spiritual graces and gifts comes naturally over time when you are in harmony with your True Self, your I AM Presence, your God Self, your Solar Presence. When you practice the disciplines of the path over years and decades, and sometimes even lifetimes, you naturally move into this harmonic state where your sensitivity grows; where there is an instantaneous recognition of that which is true, that which is valuable for you; where you receive what you require as you require it on your sacred journey, and there is no struggle against something or toward something that is outside of yourself. You realize that God is within you, that the light is front and center in your life, in your being.

And the ascended masters' consciousness wends itself right within your own auric field. You can even feel the presence of a master when he or she lowers his or her vibration into the room during our events. Often you tell me this. You have said, “I felt when the master entered the room. I could feel the increase in the energy.” This is the gift of our movement. When we say on our website, “Experience the ascended masters daily,” this is true. You experience the same level of awareness that they project of who they are in their union with God. You are rising to experience the same energy, the same spiritual dynamic. You don't just rely on the masters to constantly feed you; you are self-fed by the light through your own connection with your Source, through your own Divine Presence. The ascended masters are there as guides, guardians, advocates and teachers. They would never interfere with your own sacred communion, with truth, with reality, with the divine light.

So as we study the Master Afra's book on soulfulness, brotherhood, love and freedom,1 I hope that we can ingest these deeper frequencies of soulfulness within our psyche, within our soul so that naturally, through sensitivity, we will be able to do greater spiritual work on behalf of all sentient beings; we will rise into those states of awareness that God is leading us toward, that our higher mentors of the Spirit are guiding us toward as they hold our hand. And there will be a gentle and beautiful manifestation of this grace that will result, ultimately, in the unfolding of these higher spiritual faculties, according to God's timetable. We don't have to strain or stress about them; we don't have to unduly desire them.

One final thing that beloved Wayne shared from the Master Omraam's teaching on clairvoyance is that often people rely on those who have spiritual sight because many of us don't have that sight all of the time. However, intuition and the sensitivity of the soul are forms of clairvoyance. Rely on that rather than flocking to those who claim that they see. Sometimes, because they have sight and you don't, they can be a little bit egoic in the way that they tell you things. So be careful. Align yourself with the humble, with the true teachers who are rich in humility. Humility, as we know, is one of the greatest virtues, if not the greatest. Those who are humble and who don't espouse their own egos and prowess, what they can do, are those who, I believe, you can rely upon.

God bless you. Thank you so much for listening today. I had to come early for a specific reason. Have a fantastic Tuesday, with beloved El Morya with you, around you, within you all day. Take care.

1. David Christopher Lewis, Living a Soulful Life: Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom Volume 1, (Meru Press, 2015).

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