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Padre Pio      January 10, 2016

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
January 10, 2016   11:13 ̶ 11:41 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Padre Pio Shares Why We Meditate and Comes with a Chalice Anointing by Melchizedek

Dearest Ones,

The light is present where we are. God is here, intimately inscribed within our hearts, our minds, our souls, our innermost beings. As we feel God's Presence and intuit all that God desires to manifest through us, that light expands and there is an increase in opportunity for a new life, for a higher form of joy. And in the divine resonance of the perfected spirit, through beingness in God's Presence here, all are raised, all are whole, all may be subsumed into the eternal light and, through an anointing of the Holy Spirit, dwell in perfect peace and spiritual solace.

There is much noise in the world. Go within to enter the noiseless state, the soundless state of being. And when you have mastered inner stillness within the great silence of your true Selfhood, there you will feel the allness of God and yourself one with the All, your being caught up into that eternal light of the Sun and of the Son of God.

In our spiritual communities, our monasteries and cloisters within our sacred brother/sisterhood, we engaged in the art and science, the discipline of stillness. Why? In order to shut out all except that light, that beingness, that oneness. And when we were bathed within this radiance and felt that eternal link betwixt our hearts and the hearts of Jesus, Mary, Saint Francis, Joseph and many saints, through their hearts, one with the heart of God, we were fed by that stillness; we received our inner nourishment. And the holiness of that experience permeated our beings and etched itself deeply within our souls. And that anointing has been retained, even unto now, of that sense of oneness and inner peace, of divine joy and ecstasy, of holy bliss within the very living Presence of the Eternal.

One of the major purposes of meditation is to sensitize yourself to God's light, to allow the irradiation of your inner being with the frequencies of the Divine One so that through this absorption of your being within God and God's essence within you, there is the permanent linkage of who you are with the One. And as you can sustain that sense, that knowingness, that experience of oneness, it will enable you throughout the duration of your life to remain in God's Presence as his son/daughter, as her child of light and love.

Within meditation, there can be communication betwixt you and God and God and you through this linkage of light. You absorb both the radiance of God's eternal wisdom and the intimate knowledge that is conveyed unto you in sacred moments of beingness in which you receive inspiration, understanding and what you require for your spiritual journey each morning, each evening and whenever you desire to so associate with God in this business of the Spirit that you choose consciously to engage in.

You are paid with virtues as you offer yourself in this consummate experience of communion with God. You are vouchsafed with so many transcendent engrams of higher awareness as you surrender all—save God within self—to God. For in that sacred art of surrender, there is the complete alignment and unification of your being with the all-beingness of the Father-Mother of all lights.

The purpose of prayer and of devotional singing is to accentuate this experience through the expansion of your heart—through adoration, through direct devotion between your soul and the Oversoul of the Almighty. In that devotion, a new world is born within you; a new energy field alights where you are; a greater presence of cosmic activity may be entered into, felt and utilized within all of your work and what you consider to be the mundane, as well as the spiritual, which are simply flip sides of the same coin of a life lived to the glory of God.

Your daily experience of God within your midst is your joy, your reason for being. And the daily anointing of your soul in this intimacy of Spirit within matter and matter within Spirit, and the cosmic interchange of your light with God's, and God's with yours, allows there to be transmutation, transformation—truly the spiritual transubstantiation of who you are now into the divine you that you have always been, yet which has receded because of past choices and desires.

Now living within this eternality of beingness, you feel truly your heart, you know truly your mind, your vision center becomes clear and the resonance of co-creative energy and the harmonics of unity begin to expand. And there is the life energy of your crystalline Self now manifesting through you again, to the glory of God, right where you are for the magnification of all that is righteous and pure, beautiful and harmonic within your being, one with God's being.

Within this activity, you have many rosaries as offerings to heaven of your heartfelt energies to bestow upon, across and within the world light—nurturing light, abundant light. As you feel that light flowing through you, growing and expanding into ever greater dimensions of being and enfolding multiverses of souls, of worlds, of cosmic dimensions, you live in the nexus of the eternal Now. You enjoy, through that singularity of your heart melded to God's beingness, in all of its greatness, possibilities and co-creative opportunities.

After my ascension, having been absorbed into the allness of God's eternal Presence, within the universe itself, I saw clearly who I am, who you are, who we are within the great I AM of all that is. Doctrine and dogma dissipated, and I knew, through love—ruby-enfired love—the answer to life, to suffering, to separation from this state of being.

So I convey to you within this movement that love, that ruby fire, that essence who I AM, so that you, each one, may fulfill your destiny; may truly merge with God and retain that sense, that essence, that beingness each day, and choose never to lose it in all manner of wishful human desires, feelings and thought processes, and instead choose to retain it, not for your human self—for the God Self that you have now truly fully ensconced within your being and manifested within your aura and life.

Contact Jesus by inviting him into your conscious presence as a child would, as a lover would, as a divine friend would. And expect that Jesus will respond and communicate his love, his light, his teaching directly to you. Do not think us so far removed from your daily experience that we are. Through your loving acceptance of God's love where you are, it is so, it is bright, it is beautiful. And in that holiness and in that oneness, all pain and suffering, attachment and desire will dissolve, and your full rebirth in Spirit, even while in the flesh, will occur through the magnanimity of this magnet of love.

As David was composing his songs to me over a decade ago, there was the inscribing within him of many divine symbols that one day would emerge, as we saw it, within the HeartStreams, which you are now privileged to receive, each one. And these engrams are glyphs of light that will work for you as you utilize them on your spiritual path for advancement, for truth, for understanding, for grace to be realized on behalf of any and all souls with whom you choose to interact or to serve.

The keys within our words, as you know, are cups of light. Yet you must drink them and then extend that cup, which will become even fuller by your devotion and understanding so that when you offer it to another, it is rich in your spirit linked and one with God's Spirit. Truly, dearest hearts, the most imaginative and powerful communication occurs first through your intimate conversation with God within another, and then with the outer form and being of that person as the personality.

Seek first the kingdom of God within you, within another and within all life. When you find that kingdom within your brother, your sister and harmonize with it, associate with it, be with it, so it is. And your communication is perfect because of the linkage that has first occurred, by your conscious choice, between the God within you and the God within the other, who is really you in reflection.

Study my words; know the teaching; deliver it with accuracy and the perfection of clear thinking and divine ideation. For we have taken care to communicate with specificity these engrams of light unto you now for twelve years. And it is time for the new cycles of light to appear within this movement through communicants of fire, advocates of truth, co-creators of beauty, the virtuous hearts who know God directly by personal experience, by oneness, by love.

I see your growth, each one, in spiritual fire. I see you, each one, creating and leaving your legacy for generations through your sacred work. I see it fulfilled day by day through your conscious choices, through your obedience to the law of your inner being and your acceptance of grace each day in this sacred trek of light, this journey of love, this path of beingness.

Now Melchizedek comes and anoints you, each one, with spiritual fire from a cosmic chalice that he holds in his hand. Be bathed in this light! Be nurtured in pure love and retain this fire within your own inner chalice through all your days, through all your nights, and live as an integrated priest or priestess of the sacred fire through this anointing this day. You are all washed clean and now live in a new world of love. Know God fully and be godly every moment within the eternal Now of that love. I thank you.

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