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Godfre      January 04, 2016

Beloved Godfre

David Christopher Lewis

January 4, 2016   9:09–9:30 am MST

Livingston, Montana


Godfre and Lotus Come to Enfire Us with the Action of the Atomic Accelerator


Beloved Ones,

As your Godfre, with Lotus at my side, I come to you on this fourth day of the year to infuse every cell of your being with the ascension current that some have experienced while sitting in the atomic accelerator chair in the retreat of the Grand Teton. And this infusion this day is for the essence of the ascension to be ensconced within your being so that you may feel, even for a moment in time and space, the divine bliss and ecstasy of what it will mean for you to know permanent oneness with your I AM God Presence, complete identification with the allness of God; whereby that light eternal flows—unabated, uninterrupted, freely—through you as a God-free being, immortal, one, divine.

We have sought this dispensation, dearest hearts, because we have been told and we have seen that some of you do not experience the feeling of your Divine Presence within your physical body temple. This to us is unimaginable, and yet it is the lot of those unattached to their Divine Presence. Therefore we bring this experience now into play and into the dimensionless aspects of your physical reality so that you may know this harmonic state; so that you may feel the impressions of light within your cells, the recharging of your spirit and then move forward consciously on the path to your Self-realization, to your ascension in the light of God.

Those who have been privileged to sit in the atomic accelerator chair know whereof I speak, and they too support this action this day. And Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl, with Daniel Rayborn and others, are also here to lend the momentum of their causal bodies so that you may know this infusion as a constant stream of cosmic activity at the deepest core level of your being; so that you may know that there is a purpose for your disciplined life; and so that you may know that all that you attend to, all that you focus upon, all that you truly desire, with God-desire, to manifest of this state of oneness is coming into play now, dearest ones, within your life.

Each day there may be a greater manifestation of this infusion, this experience, this dynamic and cosmic activity. And if you are not attached to the temporary feeling of it and you truly understand our purpose this day and what it will mean for you to completely surrender to your I AM Presence and accept the totality of this God Reality right where you are, then this daily experience of feeling God's Presence may grow and grow and grow within you! And there may be, even yet, in your life miracles transcendent, bounties and glories of God daily occurring because you have accepted the possibility of their manifestation right here, right now; because you have listened to the Spirit—you have obeyed. And through your obedience, there descends the afflatus of the Holy Spirit and the radiance of the light and the divine joy and cosmic ecstasy of that which God is, of who God is right here in this moment of cosmic space and eternal time.

Many have read about my experiences with beloved Saint Germain. Many have mused on my words brought forth at the direction of the Master in the I AM books, published by the Saint Germain Foundation. Yet how many, dearest ones, have sought with their entire being to also experience what I experienced, to know what I have known, to feel the radiance of the Presence, fully employed through every aspect of consciousness and beingness daily in some glorious and divine way?

If you truly accept that there is a God and that that God flame is individualized within you and exists as a cosmic current that energizes your life, your experience here in the matter planes, then you too may know all of what I experienced. And through your knowing and your full acceptance of your God Presence, there can be the same type of dynamic whereby the Master even appears unto you, and you feel the cosmic electricity moving right through your being, changing you in an instant and dynamically transforming everything within your life so that God, God, God is front and center, present and available to you in a new reality, with all of its cosmic possibilities of joy, of divine service and of holy love.

Truly, dearest ones, it is a time when every son and daughter of God must truly know his/her source of infinitude and the cosmic blessings that can be bestowed and received through this pure stream that descends from your Presence, through your crystal cord right within the center of your temple. Yes, your heart chakra may, from this day forward if you choose, burn with a new intensity of devotion to God, to divine love and to the expression of that love in many divine, radiant manifestations of givingness, of service and ministration to life. For it is here, where the pedal meets the metal of active employment of your Godhood in direct service to the light, that you will feel the flow of the afflatus of the Holy Spirit; that you will magnetize God-direction in your life; that you will know at every turn the next step on the path; and that you will reverently, with a cosmic attitude of gratitude, bring that joy of your divinity into the employment that you choose as your mission, as your vocation to the light.

I suggest that you set aside time for this energization of your being each day, even for five minutes, where you are simply still and you turn up the heat within yourself to accept and receive your true Godhood as those cosmic rays descend and are deeply felt within your being. Some of you have a hint of this during these prayer sessions. And yet what I am experiencing and speaking about, dearest ones, is a cosmic consciousness and awareness that is manifest through this light and is brimming within your being, flowing and coursing through every avenue of expression within you, flowing without blockage whatsoever and illumining the world with this radiance, with this joy, with this harmony and peace.

The reason that we speak with the intensity and fervor of our God Presence is so that you may feel this energization, dearest ones. Of course, it is not that we are in any way angry with you or with mankind. We seek only to raise life unto the Divine Presence and bring all to the fount of eternal joy. And yet because of the dullness that has descended upon humanity, sometimes it takes almost a cosmic shock wave of divine radiance to be employed so that people feel this charge of light active within them.

Therefore we bring it unto you this day. We charge, charge, charge the cosmic lightning of Mighty Victory right where you are within this experience of the ascension current. And, dearest ones, you do not even have to be seated in consciousness upon this chair, this cosmic atomic accelerator chair, to feel this charge. You may be standing anywhere; you may be in the lotus, swimming, hiking, even resting upon your bed, fully supine. For it is a choice to accept God's light fully within your being, and through this freewill choice of acceptance and allowance, grace is present and the dynamic of virtue manifests as a new auric energy right where you are.

Therefore choose to be God-free with me this day! Choose to be God-free with Lotus this day! Choose to be God-free with beloved Saint Germain this day and his beloved Portia. And our rays will be extended unto you through your cosmic choice, through your acceptance and through the new virtuous life that you will lead because you know that God leads you on, that God is front and center, that God is the very purpose of everything that you do. Glorify God! Magnify the Lord! Glorify God! Magnify the Lord! Glorify God! Magnify the Lord! Let these phrases be deeply embedded within you so that you, every moment throughout your day as you self-assess where you are on your path, may return to this question: “Am I glorifying God in this moment? Am I magnifying the Lord now? O my Lord, assist me now to bring forth those virtues of the Spirit so that this may be my new life, my experience, my reality.”

Dearest ones, the harmonics of the Spirit are infinite. The possibilities for God-attainment are endless. The universal awareness of God is all around you and within you. And if you enjoin your human will to God's will, if you allow us to direct your course and you are obedient to the cosmic commands that come from within your own soul and spirit through that still, small voice that speaks unto you, then I can guarantee that daily you will make that necessary progress on your path of the ascension and that one day you will simply dissolve into cosmic beingness and there will be nothing left of the human. And all of the divine will take hold of you. This is what we pray that you will experience now, even while you live, move and have your being in time and space upon this Earth.

Truly, dearest ones, it is an age of opportunity. It is a time when you should not take chances with God by removing yourself from the flame of service, from the disciplines of the path, from the action and the activity that you know in your soul you were sent to Earth to engage in. It is a time to be dynamic, to be expressive and creative. And the best means for this to occur in your life is for you to be true to who you are, to know yourself, to feel God active within you. And in this feeling and knowing and experiencing of your divinity, we are there always with you to support and engage you in the cosmic activity of the Universal White Brotherhood. And Saint Germain, leading the way in the seventh age, will dynamically and cosmically coerce your soul to its ascension spiral, with your permission of course. And the alchemy of the Spirit you will know every moment, and the love of God will suffuse itself throughout your day. The beauty and harmony of a life lived to cosmic fulfillment will bring you the greatest happiness that you may ever know—truly that yoking of your being to the star-fire radiance of your Solar Reality.

I AM Godfre. El Morya called me to speak to you on this fourth day of the month, when normally he would come to inspire you with his words. For he desired this charge to be yours, this new energy to be delivered. So it has come forth. And we dissolve into the sun-fire radiance of our Presence and bless you with a kiss of peace and an embrace of divine light. Thank you.

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