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Madiba      December 05, 2015

Beloved Madiba (The Spirit of Nelson Mandela)
David Christopher Lewis

December 5, 2015   9:00–9:26 am MST

Livingston, Montana

Madiba Speaks on Our Higher Walk to Freedom through Reconciliation

Beloved Friends of Freedom and Those Who Walk in the Light,

I AM Madiba, your eternal friend, your brother, your advocate for enlightenment, for selflessness in that eternal light, and for Self-realization through the courage to be who you truly are.

As you know, for it was announced unto you after my transition, I was privileged to return to the heart of God through the ascension, which is, dearest ones, the most magnificent opportunity that you can walk toward on your long walk to freedom. For in God there is only light, there is only grace, there is only love. And when you have modeled these virtues successfully in your life, the Lord gives you the opportunity to be permanently ensconced in that eternal flame of beingness and represent to the world who you are as your individualized essence of Godhood, the expression of your creativity, beingness and joy.

My walk to freedom involved what I called “my struggle.” Many in this hour struggle to attain freedom, justice and equality of opportunity—socially, economically and in all ways. What all must realize, blessed hearts, is that spiritual integrity must come first if you desire the outward manifestation of that justice, freedom and equality to emerge. For when you stay true to divine principles and values and you obey, revere and are always attentive to the guiding light that shines forth unto you from on high, then whatever the outward struggle seems to be, there will be an inward equipoise of presence—a state of harmony and beingness that perfuses all with this divine presence and allows the ultimate changes that you desire to manifest to occur, by grace and according to a higher timetable of light and understanding.

You may have heard that my name, Madiba, originates from a chief who ruled in the eighteenth century in my land.1 I announce to you that I, by God's grace, was that chief in a previous incarnation, and therefore the name is apt to use. For in that hour, as a righteous ruler I drew all to me. And I continued to bear that light, understanding and wisdom through subsequent incarnations until I was called by the Lords of Karma before my incarnation as Nelson Mandela to work the alchemy of justice, freedom and opportunity for my people, for the dissolution of apartheid and for a new light to descend into South Africa, Africa as a whole and throughout the world.Due to this alchemy of reconciliation, forgiveness and compassion, the total entrée into the light of pure love occurs. One's enemies are forgiven and then no longer seen, felt or known as enemies. All become friends, brothers and sisters of one God, of one people, of one eternal life.

            Truly it was, dearest ones, what I went through and experienced in prison that made me who I am as a divine being now. Much of the same internal struggle occurred in past lives, which set the stage for this ultimate destiny to be realized whereby I could bring to thousands and millions an understanding of the nature of reconciliation—which is an alchemy of forgiveness, a perfusion of the seventh ray, the violet ray, into life, into all activity—so that divine justice and mercy, as one, could be realized.

Blessed ones, many upon the Earth in this hour feel abused and mistreated and have welling up from within them a sense of injustice about many things. This has caused them to react in ways that will not ultimately manifest in freedom, both for their outward personhood and especially for their souls. My great desire in this hour is to ray forth around the world the light of understanding, patience and forgiveness so that those caught in this web of deception, which leads to destruction, may atone for that which has manifested through them. They can bend the knee in humility and grace to the One Light, the one Father-Mother of all children of God upon Earth, and realize that only through brother/sisterhood, community, self-sacrifice, and selflessness may the joint goal of planetary peace, justice and freedom be realized.

O dearest ones, many cry out for justice, and Justice answers this day as she comes as a great herald of the New Age. And yet Justice is blind to all colors, races and orientations in order to give birth to a true sense of equality born of understanding and the opportunity for all to live as sons and daughters of God, no matter what one's origin, family, race, creed or economic standing.

Education, dearest ones, is the key to Self-realization through an understanding of the principles and values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These were outlined by the original patriots of the United States of America and have been broadcast and accepted throughout the world as a means whereby every soul may be seen as having equal value and every individual may receive the same opportunity for education, support and upliftment. Through this harmonic way of life, you will see the nurturing of peoples nation by nation, continent by continent, and culture by culture throughout our world.

It is by the grace of God that I received an intimate understanding of the means by which harmony and peace could ensue through reconciliation and forgiveness.And though some may see reconciliation as a compromise of their values and goals for complete liberation, I tell you, dearest ones, that it is the only means by which peace may be bestowed and fulfilled in all cultures and among all peoples.

Love and forgive your enemies. Cherish the souls that are within those whom you disagree with. Listen deeply to what others express, even if they are in an inharmonic state of agitation or reaction. When you are calm and live in your Presence and speak by the authority of the living light of peace within you, others will feel—as, by God's grace, they felt within me—that light, that patience, that inner knowing by which and through which divine change, the alchemy of transmutation, may occur. People will be brought together in a circle of fellowship and divine love to work out the details of how justice for all may prevail.

Beloved Afra stood with me in those years in prison, and often it was his Presence, his light, his great fiery love that saw me through the harsh reality of what I experienced in that cell. Consider being locked up for twenty-seven years of your life, often with communiques not reaching your loved ones and feeling cut off from your people and even your mission. It causes one to go deeply within to access the finest essences of one's Godhood. This is the alchemy that I chose as my path, what I termed my inner struggle—to be Self-realized in the flawless state that I had walked into and walked out with from my incarceration. Yes, even my friend Desmond Tutu proclaimed that upon my emerging from that prison, the diamond of my being was flawless.

This, dearest ones, is all due to the inner work that I engaged in, the transmutation that occurred in an ongoing way day by day. I often knelt in silence as a means by which I could accept that light of forgiveness, let it flow through my heart to forgive my captors and jailers, and dissolve the unjust system known as apartheid. You know the rest of the story, for it has been documented and shared with you and all of humanity.

In our humility, our oneness emerges. In our self-sacrifice, our brother/sisterhood becomes a living reality. From the abject poverty that we endure from the human state of our lesser self, there may arise the divine abundant life that we are all due as sons and daughters of God to fulfill our purpose, our inner calling, our reason for being upon this Earth. You see, dearest ones, the ultimate freedom is the freedom of the Spirit. And though you may at times feel incarcerated within the matrix of limitation of your outer personality and soul, seemingly caught in a certain web of illusion, all of this may be transmuted. You may rise to fulfill your higher purpose, sponsored by divine beings such as Afra, to perceive beyond the veil the truth, the way and the life of the virtuous ones, the ascended masters, the hosts of the Lord and the great divine sponsors of humanity.

I adjure all to study the words of the Master Afra, for they are key to universal brother/sisterhood upon Earth in this hour. They are key to the resolution of conflict and injustice among all African peoples and people everywhere, not only my people in South Africa. They are essential for many more to Self-realize so that the new age of freedom, enlightenment and true love may manifest among all peoples and cultures. When you imbibe them and when they are inscribed deep within your soul through soulfulness and a new soulful life, you will emerge, as I did, from the chrysalis of your yesteryear's selfhood into the light of the living Solar reality of your own illumined state of being. You will fly and soar unto your own freedom in eternality, dearest ones, as those words live within you and as they flush out all that is meaningless and inane and inept at assisting you on your path of courage and dauntless love.

It is a great opportunity to share my message with this movement. As you broadcast it throughout the world to others of other understandings, religions and cultures, those who knew me will feel my vibration speaking through this one. And though he lives within a body alien in concept to some, a white man, I trust that you will feel my soul through these words, which can enrich all in the grace of justice, in the harmony and beauty of freedom and divine love.

Dearest hearts, all are called to oneness. Answer that call within yourself daily to resolve all issues that are yet a burden to your soul. And when the resolution process is complete, when you have reconciled all within yourself by working diligently and applying divine principles as you live consciously, creatively and passionately for God-good, then you will walk in that light as I walked in that light. Then you will walk unto your eternal freedom as I walked free, with head held high in the knowing state of my inner being—rich in love, respect and reverence for all beings. Then you will be free in God to know the higher path of light, the ascension, your eternal union with your Source, the source of all that is sublime, kind and merciful.

I AM your Madiba, your advocate for brother/sisterhood, understanding and justice. I work with Lady Justice, Lady Liberty and Lady Opportunity to bring the living light of the seventh ray of the seventh age into play for the victory of all mankind, through love, unto a new and peaceful world of joy and eternal happiness.

I thank you for your prayers this day. And in the anointing that occurs as you are subsumed into God's Presence through your conscious words said and sung lovingly, I am there with my hands over your heads, giving an ancient blessing as a true chief of the sacred fire and an advocate of peace, peace, peace. I thank you.

1. The name Madiba was respectfully and affectionately used by South Africans to refer to Nelson Mandela. It is the name of the clan that he belonged to, which is considered more important than one's surname, and originated from an ancestor who was a Thembu chief who ruled in the Transkei in the eighteenth century.

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