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Manjushri      October 14, 2015

Beloved Manjushri

David Christopher Lewis

October 14, 2015   8:56–9:11 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


Manjushri Fills Our Souls with the Divine Radiance of Godliness


            I, Manjushri, come, filling the world with light, filling your soul with the divine radiance of godliness that is your true Buddha nature, that is that sublime reality in which you may live and move have your being eternally by your conscious choice to maintain your state of Buddhic beingness. You were born of that Buddhic light, and it has remained around you and within you through the eternal cyclings of light, through the rounds of your existence, both within and without time and space. You may move into the dimensionless state and the timeless realm of beingness in God as you access this Buddhic radiance and maintain, through the holy breath, that presence each day, each hour, each moment.

The solution to every dilemma within your life may be accessed from within this state of being. The answer to every problem that you encounter within yourself and in your interactions with others is found within the jewel within the lotus of your own heart. Through mindfulness and constancy and through the maintenance of that wisdom state of Buddhic bliss, this jewel shines its radiance throughout your world. And in that light—intelligent, divine, refreshing—the Buddhic state is born anew within you in the eternal Now of your current life experience.

O, how the Buddhas woo you to this bliss of beingness through stillness. O, how within a true meditation practice you may know your own Buddha nature. O, how grace and all the virtues of the Divine One may be felt, cognized and shared with all sentient beings from that state of equanimity in the center of the circle and that point of perfection within the All-Buddha who abides where you are.

The purpose of your meditation practice, dear ones, is realignment with the Source of pure light-energy within. And when you practice in the sufficiency of that stillness, which allows that grace to be where you are, and you sustain it through love, through levity and through Buddhic mindfulness, we will be there meditating with you. We will allow you to feel the greater God-frequencies of this state of the all-encompassing One. And reflected back through that diamond-shining mind of God, which abides within the all-knowing Buddhic frame of reference of the Universal, there is a new state of life born within you during your meditation, during your stillness, during the peace that you access in the Great Silence.

Some of you have accessed this state through the depth and the height that you have known within your practice. And others may come to that point, through the perfected heart of the all-loving nature of God, in a mindful way, in a blissful way through constancy. Wherever you have come from, and whatever you have experienced, each of you may refine who you are in the godly state of Buddhic beingness through stillness. Each of you, through greater mindfulness, may emanate greater God-frequencies of purity, of love.

Therefore we the Buddhas encourage you to come to Tucson. For we daresay that this will be one of the greatest releases of Buddhic light that the world has known in generations. And when you are present and centered, when you are mindful through stillness and self-mastery, what you access in our presence may indeed be that difference, be that leap in awareness that will provide for you, through great joy, entrée into the Pure Land of the Buddhas yet while embodied upon and walking upon the Earth.

Imagine this Buddha state of being emanating through you consciously 24/7. Imagine the consequences of you fulfilling your true nature and living in that pure light-energy field of godliness. It is, dearest ones, a renaissance for all mankind when one soul reaches the Buddha state, the metta state of perfected beingness. Cherish this goal. Make it yours, if you dare. And the Five Dhyani Buddhas, with Maitreya and me, will ensconce your being with all the essentials, will refresh you with the breath of God so that you may indeed know that state of the allness of the One.

Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. What is perfect? What already is, which now becomes clear, illumined and real within your vision center, within your mind and within your heart. When you can feel and see your Buddha nature, you are there, and all is light—diamond-shining light. I thank you.

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