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The Voice of The I AM      August 06, 2015

The Voice of the I AM
David Christopher Lewis
August 6, 2015   2:13–2:25 pm PDT
Saint Germain and Mighty Victory Return to Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California

Be Ambassadors of the I AM Name of God
to Proclaim the New Era of Aquarius in the Now

I AM the Voice of the I AM, and I stand here within your midst to ray forth throughout Mount Shasta the living light of the I AM Presence. And this I AM name, vouchsafed to you, O souls of light, is here for you to use magnanimously, generously, as a blessing to mankind. For as the name of God in the English language, this gift of these words of Presence are yours to claim and reclaim, to utilize every day and throughout your day to anchor light, love and the power of the Presence where you are.

I AM that voice that speaks to you in the intimacy of your soul, both within the silence and within the storm, within the pulsation of your heart and that which you feel as the mighty I AM coursing through your bloodstream, as the very life essence of you as a sovereign spiritual being, one with God.

You know who you are when you speak: “I AM God,” “I AM divine,” “I AM light,” “I AM love.” For in voicing these words, the power of the Presence descends into your present awareness, the eternal Now, and amplifies and aggregates unto you the fullness of that which you have become and are meant to become in the totality of your true Selfhood.

Beloved ones, it is time throughout this Earth that the I AM be understood in a more magnanimous way than ever before. And therefore I commission each of you, as ambassadors of the I AM name of God, to go forth, from this day forward—north, south, east and west—and use these sacred words to proclaim the new day, the new era of Aquarius manifest in the Now; to speak these words into any situation with the authority of the Logos; and to draw forth the power of heaven into the Earth. For it is your commission from on high to do this. Will you do this, blessed hearts, for us? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

Watch what you speak after the I AM name of God and determine, from this day forward, that those words will always be pure and true, uplifting and supportive of life, of every sentient being, of nature and of God's will, wisdom and love manifest within this plane of being. For if you speak these words and say else than what is perfect and benign, then you anchor what you speak with the authority of your I AM Presence. And therefore the care that you pour forth is essential for these words to ring with that authority of the I AM THAT I AM that I AM.

Why do I come unannounced? It is because I have heard some of you continue at times to say things after the I AM name of God that you later regret. And I will not even give these words credence this day in this my release, dearest hearts. For if I were to speak anything less than perfection, it would instantaneously manifest as a thunder and lightning in this plane.

O ye who call yourselves disciples of the Master Saint Germain, have you truly understood his teaching in the totality of its release unto Godfre and through other messengers of light? If so, you should be living in that fire eternal, the flame of the I AM, every day. That flame should pulsate through everything in your world: your voice, your singing, your writing, your speech, your movement, your sleeping, your waking and even your snoring. Yes, blessed ones, the humor of God is here to raise you up through levity's light to a new plane. And if you can comprehend the totality of what Moses beheld within the burning bush and feel the impulse of that eternal light, then I daresay that you will be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and the transformation will be complete and you will be subsumed into the very living Presence of the great I AM!

Many humanly proclaim their understanding of these teachings, and yet they are far afield from Self-realization in the eternal Now. Therefore assess where you are, through humility, and decide and aver before your own God Presence that you will take a new course, directly to the Sun of the I AM, that you will not go here and there into other byways that are not worthy of sons and daughters of freedom.

Yes, blessed hearts, I am even trembling within the I AM name spoken by Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun. And even I must raise my gaze to the Source and kneel before the One Light in complete obedience and surrender in order that I may be that vessel for the Logoic Word of I AM.

Therefore if I, having so surrendered day after day in the eternal cycles of life, have come to this, will you also let go of your past and speak no more of what has been that is less than perfection? And realize that even when you are not using the I AM name of God, when you speak of density, darkness, deviltry and evil, you crystallize it through your sacred throat chakra, the voice of who you are. Therefore decide to speak of love and light. Decide this day to only talk of that which is true, beautiful, harmonious, godly. If you will make this one commitment and stick to it for the duration of your life, you will see that you will soar in your alchemies. They will become much easier because there is no dissonance or disturbance in the force, within the flowfield of your auric light-energy. And therefore you will more easily bring into manifestation the desired goals of beauty and perfection.

Therefore, O gracious ones, let us pray. [Audience repeats each phrase after the master:]

O Lord, I AM yours; you are mine; we are one.
And in your I AM name, I proclaim the light, here and now,
Burning within my heart, infused throughout my being.
I surrender all that is less than perfection within me.
And I AM Self-realized in you, O God, now and forevermore,
By my conscious choice to be the voice of the I AM,
With the Voice of the I AM.
So be it. I AM it. Amen.

There is now the living Logos here, as tangible as is allowable. And that Logos will look after you. That Logos will shine forth through you. That Logos will love you unto the fulfillment of who you are and have always been, created in God's image and likeness, pristine and pure in perfection's glory, dearest hearts.

What an event this will be, because you will make it so by your joy and love. I thank you.

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