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David Lewis      December 24, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
December 24, 2014   9:00–9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Christmas Eve Message on Jesus's Communion with Angels in His Youth and Beyond

Good morning, everyone. God bless you and a merry Christmas Eve to you and, on behalf of all of The Hearts Center, a merry Christmas season tomorrow and beyond into the new year.

In the book of Matthew, chapter 26, verse 53, as Jesus is being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, he makes a very important statement: “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” We just had our conference with the twelve archangels and their archeiai, and as I contemplated this scripture this morning in preparation for this sharing, I saw clearly how Jesus had an intimate relationship with many angels throughout his life. They came at his birth to announce his birth to the shepherds. They obviously had to have been around for a lot of his life, because why would they come then and then leave him? They were available always. And if he could make this statement to those who came to arrest him and to Peter, who had just raised the sword and cut off the ear of one of the centurions, then of course he had to have been in communion with them for quite some time, and it was ongoing throughout his life.

We sing to the angels at Christmastime. We love the melodies that we have learned and the caroling and the singing of these songs, these psalms of love. These poems in honor of the coming of the Lord Jesus do invoke the great light of ascended beings and the angels of light throughout the world.

What I'd like to do today is share with you a story from the heart of Mother Mary about one of the occurrences in the life of Jesus that is not in the scriptures.

As the Holy Family was returning from Egypt to the area of Nazareth, the sky opened up at one point to the vision of the entire Holy Family. What you may not know is that by that time, Mary had two other children besides Jesus. When the sky opened up, many thousands of angels sang again to the glory of God in welcoming the Holy Family back from their journey and their life in Egypt, where they had learned much from initiates of various mystery schools, those who had come to prepare the young Jesus in his infancy, while he was a toddler and in his early childhood for his great mission.

When the heavens were opened to the vision of the Holy Family, there was a great outpouring of light and gratitude, praising and singing. And a number of individuals in that area could also see and hear the angelic choirs singing, just as they had at the time of the birth of Jesus. And some of the same shepherds that were present at the time of the birth of Jesus were there in a similar area at this time—a little older and yet still tending their sheep. At this tender age, Jesus himself smiled and beheld these angels, and they smiled upon him. And streams of divine energy poured forth from the angelic hosts into the very chakras and auric fields of Jesus, his parents and his siblings, who were younger than him.

And there was an activation of Jesus's crown chakra in that hour through the intercession of beloved Jophiel and Christine and a band of their yellow, golden-fire angels, who clothed him and illumined him with divine radiance, inspiration, knowledge and wisdom in preparation for what he would learn of the divine science of light and energy and of the scriptures. He truly was the living Christ in embryo at that time, modeling what a divine manchild is, and could receive instruction directly from the angelic hosts, especially during his sleep and at nap time in his travels out of the body.

You may remember that at age twelve he was speaking in the temple in Jerusalem, and the doctors were amazed at what he shared.1 This instruction was not just from what he had received in Egypt and from his parents and what they had taught him from the scriptures at that tender age; this knowledge had to do with what he was also receiving directly from ascended masters and angelic beings out of the body. Even at that age, at times he would go into silence and meditate and prayerfully invoke the light of God and be shown various things of the heaven world as the angels escorted his spirit to the Holy City, to the various regions of light, to the temples of light in the etheric octave.

Because Mary herself was an embodied archeia, her auric field and her immaculate heart were there as the focal points through which all of these divine rays and heavenly resources could emerge and come forth from the higher octaves. She was literally the electrode, the talisman by which and through which this alchemy of Jesus's greater illumination, mystical training and spiritual education could occur.

It's interesting to see that Mary, who held all of these things in her heart,2 was also energetically experiencing much and virtually all of what Jesus was experiencing. She was his mother. They were mystically connected in this mother-son relationship, which was magical and beautiful to behold. And because her immaculate heart was there as the focal point for the development of Jesus as the emerging Christ, the angels tutored her. It was as if she received what he received an instant before he did. And she was nearly always in a state of ecstatic joy, inner peace and blessedness as these magnificent outpourings of light, radiation and instruction occurred.

When you embody love, when you live in an integrated way in your life and consecrate and rededicate your life daily to divine purposes, there is angelic and archangelic intercession for you, because in the act of consecration heaven's portals are opened, the doors to divine light swing wide open and you are graced with the same magnificence, beatitudes and light radiances that Mary and Jesus experienced, though you may not always see it, behold it or feel it.

The more you walk with God, the greater your sensitivity becomes. The more you talk with God, the greater availability, through your heart, are the messages of divine truth and eternal wisdom of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to invoke the angels regularly, to commune with them just as we communed with them this past weekend in San Diego, to invite them into our worlds, our lives in everything that we do so that they can shine their light and sing their celestial music unto our souls and help us to reach the same or similar levels of God-consciousness and Solar awareness, Christic awareness, that Jesus, even as a young boy, was accessing. Every step along the way of Jesus's life is a marker for us to know and to understand on our own path so that we, too, can follow him all the way into the light, into the new day, into the Holy City, where we, as brothers and sisters of the One God, sons and daughters of Alpha and Omega, can serve, minister and bless all evolutions with the light from our hearts, one with God's heart.

The Christmas message ultimately is that we can become exactly what Jesus became in terms of energizing our beings with the Christ light and spirit. Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.3 Today Mary says: “Let that heart be in you that was in Christ Jesus. Let that will be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” We require the balance of mind, heart and will in a balanced action of the threefold flame. And so every morning, if you choose, you can say, “O Lord, let that mind, that heart and that will be in me that was in Christ Jesus.” And just those words bring an electrification of our auric field in light and Christly beingness and provide us with an impetus to rise in consciousness, to perceive with greater awareness and vision, to know with greater clarity, to act with greater divine forethought and in alignment with the holy will of God.

The message of the Christ is the message of our own union with God as we, as freewill sons and daughters of God, choose to align ourselves with the highest calling and to blend the resources of our heart with the hearts of these great angelic legions and choirs. A while back I looked up how many soldiers are in a legion, and it's a lot. So if Jesus could call forth twelve legions of angels, he had a lot of support. These angels could take care of any situation that came about in his world and protect him, seal him and thwart his enemies' plans to cause his demise. He didn't have to go through the crucifixion. He had the all-power of heaven and earth at his disposal, and yet he chose to be humbled and to go through what he went through in order to prove that the light of the resurrection fire is greater than death, greater than mortality, greater than the human physical body temple.

Now, as Jesus's siblings grew, he often fed them with some of the wisdom that he was experiencing and getting to know through the intimate conversations he had during his jaunts to the heaven world in his finer body. And even his siblings were amazed at what he was sharing with them at a tender age. When he left for the Far East, they cried. They did not desire to see their brother go. He was so beloved of them. He was their leader, the leader of all of the siblings. He was humble, smart, gracious and heart-centered. He cared tenderly for his brothers and sisters and helped his mother as others of them were being born. He knew their souls. He saw the record of their past lives, even in his early teenage years. And he prayed for them, for their victory, for their greater awareness as a part of that Holy Family.

We've been taught in Catholicism that the Holy Family was primarily Joseph, Mary and Jesus. And yet now we know definitively that he had other brothers and sisters. So we have to have a paradigm shift in terms of what the Holy Family really was. Many of us have brothers and sisters; some of you have a number of them. Some of you have half-brothers, half-sisters or stepbrothers or stepsisters because your parents were married more than once. You can pray for those who are akin to you in some way. And you can pray for your spiritual brothers and sisters, your compatriots of light, those who have taken up the mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and desire to help bring the kingdom of heaven here tangibly upon earth through the magnificence of their beings, their creativity, their light.

Mary and Jesus desire for us to know that these other souls who were part of the Holy Family were important to Jesus's greater mission, and some of them later became his disciples. They were very near and dear to him throughout his life. And if we could see the whole record of his interactions with his brothers and sisters, we would be amazed to find keys for us in our communication and dealings with our own family members. It could be a whole study in the psychology of the family. We could see the model for how brothers and sisters within a family unit can treat each other and communicate with each other.

Jesus had very little karma when he was born, only 2 or 3 percent, and he perfected himself in heart and spirit very quickly during his life so that he could have that full 100 percent balanced and blaze forth the light of his Presence and Christ-consciousness to all life. At the same time, he could share his resources in so many beautiful ways with his brothers and sisters as he was learning, growing and mastering the science and art of Solar living.

We also don't hear much in the Gospels about his interactions with other children in that area. There were dynamics similar to what occurs today in the interactions of children. Some loved him, some despised him. Some reacted to his light, his strength of character, his integrity and his smarts, his God-consciousness. Where there is light, the darkness sometimes comes. And so even during his childhood, he was already experiencing some of the dynamics that would occur later when people reacted to who he was.

Some of those in that area also became disciples later, yet the majority of those who lived near Mary, Joseph and the Holy Family were not fully ready for what Jesus brought to the Earth and the discipleship to which he called many. Others of the Essene community were prepared to be Jesus's disciples. They had the inner training to assist him energetically, just as many of you have supported spiritual teachers of previous movements and you support this movement now and the bringing forth of the messages of the ascended masters. Jesus required those who could support, love and help promote what he was doing: Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus, John the Beloved and many others. And some of those disciples weren't always in total harmony: Peter, Andrew, James and the rest. As a whole, however, both the male and female disciples who were closest to Jesus did support him and provided a light of protection and comfort in his times of need.

Remember, the primary part of that mission was only three years. The Hearts Center has been in action for ten years. Some have come and gone. The same dynamic occurred with Jesus—some came and went. Some couldn't handle the full intensity of the light and some of the emerging words and concepts that Jesus was bringing forth that were antithetical to the more fundamental aspects of Judaism. He was breaking free of the molds of much of the ritual and what was going on at that time. Have we had this experience in this life? Of course. Many of us have broken free from the religion we were brought up in and even from previous understandings of previous dispensations.

Jesus was an energetic person. He was alive; he was joyous; he was magnificent. And to behold how he walked, to behold how he talked, to behold how he was in his awareness is something that we can ask to be shown in our meditation practice so that we can also, viewing and beholding his modeled life, his beautiful life, do likewise.

So my prayer today is that through these insights, we can have a greater understanding of who Jesus was in his youth, as he grew into manhood. We can realize that some of the same dynamics that he experienced, we're experiencing. Life is not that different now as it was back then. Yes, civilization is different. We have a lot more trinkets and baubles to experience with our technology, and yet life as a whole—the dynamics of relationships, communication, et cetera—is still very similar.

God bless you. A very merry Christmas to each of you. In closing, I'd simply like to say: In the name of Jesus the Christ, I call forth the light of the Christ upon and within you, each one, to blaze forth and shine forth for your victorious ascent, for your victorious life, for your wholeness, your full healing—body, soul and mind. O Lord God, legions of the twelve archangels and archeiai, stand forth now in the atmosphere of the Earth and blaze forth those light rays to tutor us, to inspire us, to assist us on our spiritual journey, even as you protected and inspired the Holy Family. Protect and inspire us now in the remaining days of this year, 2014, and into the next year and beyond so that we may truly, as living embodied Christs ourselves, walk all the way with our Lord unto the resurrection and the ascension in the light. We accept it done. We are it, in the I AM name. Amen.

Thank you, everyone. God bless you. Bye-bye for now.

1. See Luke 2:41–48.
2. See Luke 2:51.
3. See Philippians 2:5.

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