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God of the Swiss Alps      November 15, 2014

Beloved God of the Swiss Alps
David Christopher Lewis
November 15, 2014   1:30–2:01 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

The God and Goddess of the Swiss Alps Bless the
Entire Alpine Region with God's Loving Grace

Most Precious Souls Who Would Invest a Greater Portion of Your Beings to the Cause of Light around the World, within Your Own Nations and on Behalf of the Citizens and Lifewaves of Europe,

                        I, the God of the Swiss Alps, with my
beloved, come this day at the request of one to shine forth the light from a number of mountains in the Swiss Alps and especially from Monte Rosa, which you may visualize now, blessed ones, ensconced in that radiance of rose light as you have seen it both at the sunrise and the sunset. For my mission is one of divine love, and our mission together is to express the eternal light of God high in the Alpine region of Europe.

s you know, this mountain range encompasses areas of eight nations, and there is a magnificence and a divine radiance that flows from these peaks—north, south, east and west—traversing into the valleys below and bringing the light of the threefold flame, in harmony, to all peoples. The impact is felt even in the regions through which the Rhine and the Danube pass, for we commingle that light with those snows in the mountain fastnesses as they melt and create tributaries to these two great rivers that flow throughout this region. And there is the alchemy that manifests whereby the grace of God, infused within the snows of these Alpine heights, blesses and charges the Earth, the atmosphere and every hectare of land therein with that grace and the soundless sound of purity.

Dearest ones,
I reveal to you that two very special musical themes may be played to invoke our presence, in addition to the Swiss national anthem that you have heard. These are “The William Tell Overture” and The Sound of Music,”which many of you have heard Maria sing from the alpine heights as she was fully imbued with a love for nature, enveloped by the greenery that she beheld, and filled with a wonderment that may only be experienced when one ascends both physically and in consciousness to the higher heights of light in the mountain fastnesses.

            Dearest ones, through your invoking of the light on behalf of Europe during this vigil that you have held, we have amplified a certain grace that manifests as an acceleration of the threefold flame that we tend on behalf of all of Europe from our retreat over Monte Rosa. This acceleration manifests this day as a blessing to all life, especially the elemental kingdom; the God of Nature, who is also invested in this alchemy; as well as those noble devas who guard the peaks of the Alps and inspire a sense of victory within those mountaineers who have climbed these peaks, who have made the effort and mastered themselves both physically, mentally and emotionally. And we add the momentum of purity within their etheric bodies for having conquered these heights and ascended to the pinnacles of each of these peaks. You too, blessed ones, who feel inspired to hike, to climb and to ascend may use this dynamic as a metaphor for your spiritual path of climbing the highest mountain of Selfhood and of reaching the summit of being, the apex of your True Self through devotion, praise and beingness in God's eternal Presence of light.

We now accelerate this fire through the nations of Austria
and Slovenia in the east; Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany and France to the west; and Italy and Monaco to the south. And there is a manifestation of infinity stamped upon these regions for the acceleration of those who would open their hearts to greater divine truth and light; those who are willing to accept the eternal verities that God has invested within those who have been quickened in the light to share the truth, the way and the life through the glorified radiance of their beings, one with God.

                        Yes, dearest ones, even that story that many of you may have read or watched of the little maiden Heidi has moved you to understand the dynamics of what can manifest when one receives inspiration from one's grandfather, from one who knows the soul in feminine form within you. That grandfather represents wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, as it manifests through one who has held the balance for you, garnered light in the regions of truth and brought it to bear to assist you on your path.

                        Are you inspired by those who have learned to blow the trump that you have called the alpine horns, whereby the toning, even
sounding at times likethe OM, is heard echoing through the mountain fastnesses? Are you inspired by the edelweiss and those mystical flowers which somehow magically grow in regions beyond what most would consider opportune for those tiny, glorified wildflowers of light? Have you also heard the mystical sound of those who have mastered their voices in yodeling, which years ago was a form of communication across long distances in these mountain heights? Yes, dearest ones, there is much for you to consider in meditatingwith us upon the Swiss Alps and thereby accessing what we model and what we radiate as the fire of God, the love of God, the wisdom and power of God in balance from this central region of a great continent, inspired by the Divine Director and many other ascended masters whom you know.

                        O gracious ones, now my beloved steps forth and sends forth a ray to the soul of every individual evolving throughout Europa to augment that which the Divine Director has initiated and continues to manifest through his great causal body as the
manu of the seventh age, as one who holds the blueprint of being for you all in evolving and ascending into your true Godhood and unto eternal beingness in the light. And with the twin ray of the Divine Director, who is in embodiment holding that fire and that light on behalf of all in these regions, she extends now a certain grace, even a transmutative fire of forgiveness, mercy and understanding, to bring forth, through the light of compassion of a mother's heart, that which will move more to seek God, to aspire to new levels of truth and divine wisdom.

                        If you choose to call to us in the same breath as you pray to the Divine Director, we will accelerate the grace of God, the light of purity within these regions of these eight nations throughout the alpine heights. And you may just hear echoing within the inner chambers of your heart and within your divine mind those overtones of joy which will inspire you to make greater effort on your path and to secure for yourself the light of love as grace on behalf of those whom you serve in your families, in your communities and in your nations.

                        When the movie The Sound of Music was released, we jumped for joy and there was a great celebration in our retreat. For we knew that the light of freedom, of joy and that which emerges from the divine sound of pure music would bring a refreshment to many spirits, an inspiration to so many souls. Many of you cherish those songs, whose words and strains of light we inspired upon the musicians and composers in order to bridge the gap between heaven and Earth and to ray forth the essence of happiness,
which was experienced by many through what we consider to be one of the most epic tales and movies of all time to ever released upon Earth.

                                    Now, dearest ones, a word from my beloved, whom you may call the Goddess of the Swiss Alps, although I know her by another name. And if she chooses to release it, so be it.

Goddess of the Swiss Alps:

O My Precious Ones, O Earnest Students of Truth,

                        The grace that flows this day is truly a fountain of light, reminiscent of the ancient fountains of Lemuria, which some of you will be experiencing soon as the twelve archangels release that light again at your New Year's winter solstice conference. We are so looking forward to this event and encourage you to consider attending either in person or online. For you see, the same investiture of light that these beloved ones of heaven will make on your behalf, we have known for centuries. For within the temple in the etheric plane in which we serve above Monte Rosa, we tend the fires of that eternal light on behalf of the evolutions, the devas and the magical mountain beings who serve ye all, with grace and tenderness, in these regions of the Alps.

es, I am here and there and everywhere that a traveler or a pilgrim moves to protect him or her on the path or in those areas that are off the beaten roads of life. And often when that one is about to stumble and maybe even experience a tragedy, either I or another maiden of light who serves with us may intercede, bringing protection and a miraculous release of safety. There have been thousands of such intercessory experiences over the centuries, blessed ones. Some of you yourselves may even have stories to tell of how an angel, an elemental or a mountain fairy, king or queen was there to save you from a great fall or from some minor or major disaster. You see, we, as guardian spirits of these regions, are invested in the purification of the air, the water, the fire and the earth through what the Lord God allows us to engage in through the alchemy of our heart's fire. And we are also here to inspire and protect many, even those living in these regions who may not be aware of the magical light of God within our mission and environs, and yet at some level they also receive our grace and overshining presence.

                                    Yes, dearest ones, God is great. And a prayer of thanksgiving should always be on your lips each day in some way to thank the Lord for your abundant lives, for the riches of the Spirit that you have known and for the blessings that continue to flow day by day as God Almighty holds you inviolate in light; as your guardian angels and spirits protect and direct you; and as the noble ones, the ascended masters, teach you of the way, the truth and the life through their sacred Word of wisdom released through the HeartStreams, which truly are the new pearls of wisdom for this movement and this time.

                        Yes, blessed ones, we observe you and we pray for you. It would be quite an experience for you to see how we pray. It may be a little different than what you know, and yet the same fire of devotion is there within our beings, which magnifies God's light on behalf of millions. The same elements of praise, adoration and devotion manifest through our hearts, which creates a sacred divine vortex by that devotion and allows there to be mitigation and intercession for many.

O, the words of uplift, reverence, gratitude and beingness that flow through the conscious ones when they pray from their hearts, when they emanate from their souls the light of God on behalf of Earth's evolutions. So it is and so it will remain for eternality in God for those who serve humbly with purity of motive, only invested in God's holy will, wisdom and love in balance.

                        Now, dearest ones, in conclusion, we assign a special elemental to each of you who has now listened to our message, will in the future or will read the transcript of it. And this elemental will wax hot the fire of happiness for you in your midst through divine laughter and great levity and joy. And if you would learn even one song precious to those who yodel in the alpine regions, this elemental will come into your midst, tickle your funny bone, smile until you smile, and laugh until you hear that inner laughter of light.

                        Yes, blessed ones, the joys of divine living are worth the effort, are worth the climb to the highest heights of love. Thank you for inviting us, beloved Rune. Our family is your family and, as has been said in some nations, our home is your home.             In grace, we bring you peace—the peace of the Presence, the peace of the alpine heights, the Swiss Alps of light. We thank you.

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