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Lanello      August 28, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis, Messenger
Detroit, Michigan
11:31 PM EDT
August 28, 2005

            Those who believe in the ascended masters and our work will take up the calling for mitigating all world karma when they see on the news those events which require prayer for the saving of sentient beings. Therefore, beloved ones, all situations including natural disasters or pestilence in situations such as the current hurricane Katrina, which is now heading into Louisiana and up through the eastern United States, require diligent effort, the joint effort, of all members who will put the work of the brotherhood before their own desires.

            Here is how you can mitigate loss of life, property and destruction to the homes, the businesses and the economics of at least seven states. Beloved ones, you are to immediately call to the hierarchs of the elemental kingdoms to direct the elementals under their jurisdiction to mitigate to the greatest effect the destruction that could currently come without this intersession.

            You are to give every prayer that you know to the elementals, sending them your love, sending them your light and especially, then, giving the blue flame decrees after the calls to the elementals and then, after this, call to the violet flame. First you must invoke the elementals for their protection, then seal each of the states with the blue fire and then send the violet flame there.

            We desire the instantaneous downgrading of this hurricane to a level one storm and then into simply into a tropical depression which will in and of itself will cause much moisture to be dumped on these states and flooding to occur rather than a more intense action of destruction of thousands of homes and businesses.

            The hurricane is at this very hour ready to hit land in and around the New Orleans area. This is a wake-up call for those life streams in that region to bend the knee and put beneath their feet all perversions that currently occur.

            We desire this message to be called first and foremost back to the western United States for our chelas there to act upon it, since many of them are not yet asleep. And then, for the calls to be continuous for the next thirty-six hours and a great effort including at least one half hour of intense decrees during the New Wisdom University class tomorrow evening. However the calls must be made even before then by all who are willing and able to at least make fiats and use the morning decree session for this purpose. Mother Mary desires that her rosary to be sped up to be one half hour of intense action instead of the normal hour, replacing the final prayer of the rosary with reverse the tides to consume the cause, effect, record and memory of this storm.

            Get this message to your Hearts Center in Montana and Bozeman and Canada and other regions. Thank you everyone for your attention. Thank you our Witness. Thank you Messenger and those on the board for getting this message out quickly. Goodnight.

Question by Rebecca: Beloved Lanello, before you go, how does this relate to your message that you gave us last Tuesday at the darshan.

            This particular storm was created from a combination of certain forces as always from black magic and witchcraft and voodoo coming from the African continent, but which when combined with certain energies of non-resolution and intense criticism within certain circles of lightbearers augmented and exacerbated it to bring it to its current state. Therefore, yes you are right, the prediction or the answer to the question that was given last week is now outplayed through this action.

            A word to the wise is sufficient. Morya has also spoken this evening. And those who have ears to hear must take to heart the specific message that relates to their lifestream. Those who know exactly what they have done must drop to their knees and ask forgiveness and pray. Thank you.

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