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Lanello      July 29, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
July 29, 2005 8:37 - 8:43 pm MDT
Bozeman, Montana

            May the peace of my presence bless this holy space where you have gathered. I AM Lanello, your Ever-Present Guru. I ask the four to come forward now. [Robert Allison, Lisa Delaney, Patricia DeWitt and Clayton Wells come forward.]
            I ask you, beloved ones, to stretch forth your hands together as one, overlapping each other. Move closer together around me in a semicircle.
            In the name and by the power vested within me, I, Lanello, bless this body of believers who have offered their hearts to serve this community, this Hearts Center of Bozeman, Montana, which I now inaugurate by the power of the Maha Chohan in the name of the Great Spirit resident within this place. I empower these to lead, as servant leaders, this holy body.
            I charge you now to work in harmony and to use your skills wisely without any desire for personal gain but only for the greater gain of the whole. Mighty Cosmos now charges each one-heart, head and hand-by the power of the secret rays flowing now through my hands which he also extends to each one gathered here who so desires to receive this blessing.
            "All for one and one for all!" is your motto for this center, beloved ones. May the billowing light from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun charge, in a circumference of thirty miles from this point, all matter. May every lightbearer feel in this very hour the impetus of my magnanimous heart which I expand and merge and intensify.
            I embrace every chela who has served me, not only in this life but in many others, who resides within this valley and this circumference. And I call my own back unto my heart and unto the Mother's heart. Leave off your nets and follow me all the way home, beloved ones. I seal you now in the third eye as I also seal each one gathered here this evening. [Lanello moves around the room sealing each one in the third eye with his hand.]
            May love flow. May light glow within you. And may the expansion occur faster than you know. For, as you know, we are moving with lightning speed to deliver to our Gurus many hearts of fire whose time has come for the victory already won at inner levels. I seal this holy body and send you on your way. And for those who stay, you may bask in my heart until 9:15. For I will be here along with my beloved twin flame, Mother, at my side.
            Victory always, my own.
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