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Aries      June 20, 2005

Beloved Aries and Thor
David Christopher Lewis
June 20, 2005            8:28 a.m. - 9:02 a.m.
Emigrant, Montana

Beloved Children of the Sun,

            We come now in succession to the coming of the hierarchs of the fire, water and earth to deliver to you our fire for the purification of the air element within the earth's sphere. We are Aries and Thor, and we desire to complete the alchemy of the anchoring within the earth itself of a great fire for the lifting of the burdens of the elementals and for the raising of earth into a new level of awareness of nature's God.

            Beloved ones, the clearing of the mind is necessary for you to be able to function on a new spiritual plane that allows the full release of God's light into the domain of your consciousness. This clearing may only come about when you have released the elements of your carnal mind and embraced that divine mind which is everywhere present within the cosmos. Yes, the cosmos itself is composed of the stuff of the Mind of God, for it interpenetrates all, even as it holds all within the purview of the sight and hearing and the other senses whose realizations and reflections always pass through that aspect of consciousness that records and analyzes and stores the impressions of life.

            Beloved one, the clearing of the mental belt of the planet must occur in regular intervals if mankind are to be lifted up and delivered from those hankerings with the mind that do not vibrate at a pure level. This clearing action requires a great release of spiritual fire to wipe clean the air so that there is not that toxicity that is ingested into the very cells and molecules of the brains of humans. For as mankind take in those hydrocarbons and other gases and particles that are released into the atmosphere in your civilization, the blackness and soot of those substances are deposited upon the very cortex of the brain and within the bloodstream itself, clouding and densifying your thinking ability and temporarily making it more difficult for you to cognize divine ideas and ideals.

            So, when you are able to spend time in nature in those pristine areas where the prana is greater because of the release of more oxygen into the air through the beautiful trees and plants, you are refreshed and revivified and your minds receive a certain clearing action. And, thus, you are able to think more clearly because the very air itself is not suffused with unreality, for the toxic substances which are spewed out into the air are actually precipitated molecules which are the antithesis to the God-Reality of the Holy Spirit who breathes upon and within you the true breath of life.

            Beloved ones, some of you have discerned how important it is to learn to breathe in the breath of life, of pure energy itself. And so, as you have practiced those techniques of pranic breathing and of engaging in the tai chi action of first drawing in both fire and air and then allowing that pure air to penetrate your being, you experience the transfer of a greater quotient of spiritual energy into all your bodies. And then, as you breathe out the breath and release all stale and "used up" air, you rid yourselves of those substances that have accumulated within you that you no longer have need of.

            So, the most important work of the mighty sylphs is in the cleaning up and repolarization of this air which must be purified so that mankind and all life may actually continue to live on the earth. For if we did not do this work, you would literally be breathing in a toxic soup that would quickly cause your demise, beloved. And so, the blessed sylphs take seriously this sacred calling and work intently with the other elementals and with the angels themselves to deliver to you, day after day, the flame of purity through their own beings. They truly lay down their lives over and over for you as they learn to become spiritual transformers of the unclean air and return to you, by the alchemy of their devotion, that clean breath for you to ingest.

            Now you have had the key of the violet flame for many a year to help us, beloved. And those of you who have given your prayers and decrees to the violet flame do help accelerate and simplify our work, for if you could see what a tremendous action occurs when you call forth this cosmic elixir, you would be amazed at the transmutative action and the immediate change that occurs even within the very forcefield of your own bodies and beings and homes!

            So, we come to ask of you to please remember us and to call forth the violet flame on behalf of all the elemental kingdoms to complement our sacred work by your own devotions. And through our mutual efforts, we will see a certain lifting of the veils of pollution; and we will work with your scientists and business leaders to bring forth those new discoveries and policies that will allow clean energy to manifest on the earth, which will then prevent much pain and sorrow and truly make our burden light.

            Thank you for your decrees and songs and prayers to us. We see many changes on the horizon for the earth. We will prod you to continue your work and inspire you to give certain visualizations which can accelerate the delivery of the greatest "bang for the buck", as you say, through the time that you spend in praying with and for us.

            We raise our hands now and extend to you the blessing of the crystal mind of the Great One for the purification of your thoughts and consciousness. Wipe clean and clear now all space within the minds of these who read or hear these words! Transfer to them a quotient of fire for the purification and raising of their very thoughts and all the musings that flow through them! Cleanse their breath, their lungs, their blood and every cell and molecule! Replace all old and outworn images and matrices of imperfection with a new infusion of sacred air and fire that will inspire each one to come up higher!

            We are Aries and Thor! When you hear the thunder and see the lightning, know that we are there to deliver to earth the flash of cosmic illumination that will goad you to become all that you are meant to be.

            We love and seal you in the breath of the Spirit Most Holy this day!

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