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Amaryllis      June 15, 2005

Beloved Amaryllis
David Christopher Lewis
June 15, 2005 7:51 - 8:27 a.m. CDT
Colby, Kansas

Beloved Children of the Mother Light,
            Spring is here and I am here with you to foretell of the eternal springtime of life dawning within you. This time of the resurrection light within you is meant to become a perpetual state of awakening whereby you are propelled into that consciousness of the Christ and the Buddha as enlightened beings. So I, Amaryllis, come to give you a little more of my light this day, beloved ones.
            What is springtime but the spirit of the resurrection when all life is again flowering in the fullness of its verdant nature? What is this process of life beginning again to pulsate throughout the world and through you but the cosmic cycling of the energies of God flowing upward in rays of glory? And what are these rays of glory but the very emanations of God's being and spirit throughout the entire created universe?
            Beloved ones, all are uplifted when the healing greens of springtime again appear and the blessed elementals become busy again from their long winter repose. For the upsurge of resurrection's currents creates a hush of expectancy of the appearance of not only the spirit of Christ and Buddha but of their walk in the garden of life to teach and to bless all sentient beings.
            Wonders of nature foretell of the greater wonders that await men and women who partake of the spirit of an inner renaissance that rises like a seed bursting forth from its shell and sending a shoot of immense energy upward unto the Son Presence of life. If you could behold your own Presence and know the tremendous fire of love that is always available for your use and employment, you would never despair or retain a sense of lack or of misfortune in your lives, beloved. For the unlimited reservoir of light that is ready for you to tap into is the birthright of every son and daughter of God.
            Receiving grants of light to raise mankind is what we do, and so we seek those who are ready, willing and able to receive these grants and to use them to benefit many lifestreams and in some cases many lifewaves. So, when you expand your consciousness past the domain of your own person or family to encompass the greater community and even cities and nations, sensing the needs of these wider circles of life, you can begin to cognize, as we do, the solutions to greater problems and to meet those needs that will be a greater benefit to many more of mankind.
            Life is universal, and so, when you raise a particular segment of God's creation, the entire antahkarana is also accelerated. So, see yourselves as spiritual catalysts and cosmic benefactors whose purpose is always to energize God's people through selfless acts and prayers of depth that reach beyond the normal range of impact. See your calls maximized and impressed upon the ethers by angels and cosmic beings who are ready to take your offerings to bless greater rings of life with their creative energies.
            Creation is always ongoing, but you must see, through correspondence, your own selves as co-creators with the Infinite One, beloved. For God is not denuded when you take up this calling to expand the universe but does revel that some have desired to place themselves in the seat of harmony to fulfill all that they were sent forth to become. God is grateful when you rise in responsibility and awareness to perceive and then to conceive of ways and means of fully employing Him through his servant angels to bless life in your own domain.
            Beloved, I am the Goddess of Spring because I long ago entered into a true understanding of all the processes of nature that spring forth when the energies of life again burst forth to proclaim the victory of a renewed opportunity to praise the Great Spirit within all living beings. I utilize the fullness of my being to inspire all to become those budding ones who, with a smile of grace and compassion, can truly change a world to return to the Edenic experience of that holy communion with the Great Initiator. Yes, I knew him then and I know him still. And I never left off in my sacred calling to witness unto the eternal fount of life that flows through the Tree of Life within the center of being of the one who has merged with God's holy will.
            I am your sister and mother of the resurrection. Call to me whenever a sense of doubt temporarily clouds your joyful countenance, and I will be there to witness to the God-Mastery that you require for your full and final victory in all things.
            I love you ever and always, my beloved friends. I am Amaryllis, your mother of spring's fount of eternal refreshment of your soul.

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