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Lady Love      June 07, 2005

Beloved Lady Love (Peggy Black)
David Christopher Lewis
June 7, 2005            8:09 a.m. - 8:34 a.m.
Olema, California

Dearest Friends,
            I am grateful to be able to communicate with you officially and formally from the ascended state for the first time. I am your beloved Peggy who now am known among the ascended beings as Lady Love. Yes, it was through love that I won my victory and through which you will too, dear ones.
            Now that I have had the opportunity to acclimate myself to the planes of spirit as a lady master, I wish to tell you that many of you should be preparing yourself at many levels for your own ascension in the light. It is not so difficult to obtain the fulfillment of this initiation, but it does take striving and constancy that only the few are willing to make, beloved friends. So, please listen as I give you a few keys that will assist you in your desire to leap over that final chasm of darkness unto the eternal realms of light.
            Beloved, joy and a determined spirit of tenacity in loving all life free are both qualities that you must embody. We as lady masters would see the spirit of giving that is ennobled in a joyful attitude become the daily fare of those of all ascended master movements. For some of you speak too much about your burdens and the darkness you see in the world and the dire situation in the world.
            As some of you who knew me saw, even despite all that was happening around me, I tried to maintain a spirit of fun and joy, and this was truly a key to my victory. This �lan allowed me to rise early and to pray will all my heart that each new day would bring forth greater graces and gifts of love to all. And so, I did magnetize to me and around me many angels and mercies and blessings because I was willing to sacrifice something of myself daily for the greater cause of the Great White Brotherhood and the masters that I loved so much.
            So, if you can develop this sense of the newness of joy each day and arise early and praise God for all that you have, you will see welling up within you a closeness of your spirit and heart to God and the angels that you have sometimes forgotten or not quite latched onto to propel you higher. And when you have that sparkle in your eye because you know that God is great and that each opportunity to give is an opportunity to not only balance karma but to gain in self mastery, you will build a momentum of devotion and service that will allow you to catch the cosmic wave that you can ride all the way home to the heart of God!
            You must know the sunshine of love anew each day! You must praise all the special hosts of heaven that come to offer their love to you if you would simply receive it, beloved! You have no idea how many angels are able and willing to come to your aid and to lift you up even with a simple prayer for help, for a boost when you feel like you can't go on or that there is some confusion or disorientation in your life and affairs. These magnificent beings have every answer to every dilemma in which you find yourself! There are literally unlimited angels who are trained in delivering you the specific answer and antidote to the exact problem and need that you have! Think of this! God, through his angels, knows exactly what you need and is just waiting to give it to you if you simply ask.
            Therefore, I have a proposition. As a dear friend of these angels, you can call to me from now on to bring to you the specific angel or angels that can deliver to you exactly what is needed for you to pass your tests, come up higher and to fulfill your daily assignments to your own ascended-master gurus and teachers. Yes I, Lady Love, am willing and able to fulfill this role for you if you invoke my presence and help!
            Dear ones, although I am still learning the ropes, as you would say, about all that can and must be learned in order for me to ascend higher in my own attainment, I have been blessed with this dispensation to help you today and forevermore when you need me. I thank you so much for hearing me and for David to be able to receive this special opportunity for each of you to know of my great love and desire to serve you.
            I am Lady Love. You too can be knights and ladies of God's love if you will pledge your allegiance to the God of Love to the earth-Saint Germain-and his beloved twin flame-Portia-and know that your victory is just a breath away, if you will try!
            I love you always, my dear friends. And I'll be seeing you on the cosmic highways of light as we together traverse ever-new streams of divine love and grace together, as true friends of the spirit and those who wait upon the Lord in all ways.
            Victory to the Light! I seal you in my aura of living love today and ever.

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