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Goddess of Beauty      June 06, 2005

Beloved Goddess of Beauty (Ruth Hawkins)
David Christopher Lewis
June 6, 2005            7:03 a.m. - 7:43 a.m. PDT
Bodega Head, California

Dearest Children of Beauty's Rest,
            Beauty is a quality not often spoken of by the ascended host to you but one that I have chosen to ensoul on behalf of a planet and its people. Beauty is a grace of God that is bestowed when one has entered into the heart of God in some way. The beauty of which I speak is not just an outer beauty but is the outpicturing within the soul and being of both man and woman of the inner reality that has been formed and reformed and gradually refined over many lifetimes and through a process of purification whereby the elements of unreality are cast off and all that remains is substance of perfection, beloved.
            You can realize a true beauty of heart and spirit by entering into a self-transformation process where you start from the beginning, which is always the expansion of the God flame within the heart. You see, if you begin from this point, then the natural cycling of energies will also be realized as the beautification of your outer form. Isn't it poignant that souls who have realized this goal in its fullness who have become saints in the Catholic tradition are one day said to be "beatified" by the holy father of that church? Many of these have truly become beautiful and often even their outer forms do not decay but become immortalized through the focalization of intense love and adoration of God through their beings.
            The light of beauty is truly within the eyes, dear hearts. And so you often note the sparkling eyes and tender smile of those who have embodied grace and therefore whose faces shine as the saints and sages who have discovered the inner secrets of maintaining their presence of love even through the dark night of earth's current cycle of the Kali Yuga. Although there are those who have squandered the light within who do have an outer beauty, you will always see with your inner sight that this display is only a temporal beauty of the outer personality rather than one that does suffuse itself from the center of being outward.
            Those of us who serve on the pink ray of love, culture, adoration and beauty always look for ways that we can soften men's hearts through inspiring them with images of natural beauty, forms that flow with a gentle arching effect rather than a rigidity or broken sharpness, and colors that accentuate the pastel hues of heaven and the subtle shades of the secret rays that enliven and inspire the inner workings of solar evolution.
Thus, our training to initiates and students of the higher arts is always to first see the perfection within all forms and expressions of life through the mind's eye and to then lower it or put it into practical, down-to-earth reality through the work of heart, head and hand combined.
            Beloved ones, you are all beautiful to us! But we would behold an even greater beauty within you when you first accept the fullness of God consciousness within and then use the sacred energies released to you each day to magnify that grace in everything you think, say and do. Is this so hard to do? Simply see yourself as an extension of a specific ray of beauty that flows from the central sun of the great being of God. This ray is pure and undefiled, potent with the spiritual impetus to create new forms of beauty. It is full of divine intention. It is full of intelligent love which always acts from a point of inner harmony and balance on behalf of sentient life. It is pregnant with the creative spark of the soul which always uplifts and inspires rather than puts down or condemns or beholds any other part of life as imperfect.
            Why, you, as rays of the Godhead, are truly not only sons and daughters but full partners in the process of the ongoing evolution of life on not only this planet but within the entire warp and woof of the cosmos! And it is time that you perceive the responsibility that God, as the source of all, invested in you, as a joint heir and subcontractor of his mighty Elohim, in continuing to fill the cosmic egg with the substance of light and the energies of divine wisdom outpictured in pure thoughts and in grand ideations and powerful meditations on the flashes of great solar worlds from whence you originally were thrust forth as a spirit-spark.
            Beloved ones, beauty is as beauty sees. And as you know that what you can conceive of and hold within the purview of perfect vision can become a reality for you and for others, we admonish you to only see the beauty of perfection and glory and the radiance of heaven manifesting where you are. Do you see that this is the easier path home for you? Do you see that beholding the inner wonder of all life as one and whole and fully ensconced with the spiritual essences and sensitivities of the angels allows those unseen spiritual beings to then be comfortable in your presence and then to more often inhabit your auric field to refine you and make you a new creature in Christ, in Buddha and in the image of the Mother most holy?
            I am grateful to my twin flame for holding this image of perfection for me for many hundreds of years as an ascended being while I was going through the refining process of self-realization as a daughter of God in my own right. For his great presence of divine love and the beauty and inspiration that flowed to me from his heart was truly the key that allowed me to fulfill my own divine plan and to return unto immortal spheres where we now work together to raise the entire race unto God's higher beauty.
            I love you as a mother who knows the inner secrets of your soul because I see you already perfect in God's sight. I seal you fully flowing free in the grace of God which is always available to those who would truly know it because their hearts are pure. I am the Goddess of Beauty, bathing you in rays of eternal love always.

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