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Lanto      May 21, 2005

Beloved Lord Lanto
David Christopher Lewis
Above the pacific ocean
May 21, 2005 10:30 -11:00 am MDT

Beloved Children of Wisdom's Incarnation,

            Resident within the heart of every soul created by the One God is the seed of wisdom. This seed is the foretaste of what that soul is to become. And the cosmic intelligence placed within that seed is where I reside this day.
            I am Lanto, and I exude wisdom's light to a planet and its people. Would that my people would receive and retain this wisdom, beloved. Yet they are enslaved by a force of anti-wisdom born of a different seed, a seed of unknowing of the One. I would come this day to expose and to destroy this seed of anti-light.
            To expose ignorance is a part of your mission. But concurrent with the exposure of the diabolical lies of the not-self you must retain a light within that can maximize the yellow fire of wisdom to bring to light the true path of wise dominion of energies through the God Self. This takes resources beyond the ken of the carnal mind and its machinations-it takes the Buddha mind.
            I am that Buddha mind for you this day. And by invoking that stream of a cosmic energy field of wisdom's fire around you, by correspondence you may have access to me and to the Buddha mind. This is not a one-time event but a process whereby you are literally glued and melded to the mind of God by belief and by training the mind to accept only the intimations of purity and not the vibrations of this world.
            Some would continue to have or attempt to have the best of both worlds-not quite surrendering to this process, but desiring the freedom to explore the lower regions of the human mind while also straining to allow God to inhabit their being and consciousness. This attempt will never bring resolution and finality to your acceptance as a permanent atom in the stream of wisdom, but causes a schism which one day may be outplayed as an act of betrayal or of leaving off of the mystic way of the wise ones.
            So, it is better to remain engulfed in our stream and to shun those distractions that continually arouse ire for the true spirit of cosmic fire that you must imbibe ere your soul is made permanent in the heavens, beloved. For the dallying in human momentums and patterns of mesmerism can only lead to the breaking off of the relationship that you seek with us as your mentors, friends and benefactors.
            Come unto the fount of golden fire that we bring and know true surcease from the distress of life in the karmic rounds of earth's magnetic pull. Wisdom is the cosmic intent of a super voltage that will release that magnetic attraction of the sympathetic mind of serpentine logic that has held sway in your world since your departure from Eden. Once you are free of this vibration you will again be able to gaze into the eyes of Maitreya and behold the joyful and smiling one whose visage will engage you in that higher walk where you may once again walk and talk with God through His servant ascended messengers, masters and cosmic beings.
            It is one thing to listen to our words and to discern their inner meaning and message for your soul. It is quite another thing to take the seeds we bring and to plant them deeply within your soul and to water them so that they take root, grow and ultimately nourish your being at all levels, beloved.
            Study the seed I have brought you this day. Render it as ample for today to bring you into greater alignment first with me and ultimately with your own divinity. For my purpose in coming is to sprout anew within you the glowing remembrance of your inner walk with Maitreya so that you will again recognize him when he comes to initiate you unto all wisdom, all knowledge and all being through his compassionate heart.
            I am Lanto. I transcend time and space through loving wisdom to the Nth degree. Know this Nth degree today as the nexus of cosmic joy. I seal you in the joyful spirit of wisdom's seed. Seek and find it this day. Bring it to me so that I may help you plant it anew and water it with you daily unto your victory.

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