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K-17      April 25, 2005

Beloved K-17
David C. Lewis
April 25, 2005 8:15 - 8:57 am
Livingston, Montana
Heart Friends of Heaven's Radiance,

God has need of you

.  And His need is for you to surrender and become all light. Coming into the light of your own presence of love is your greatest need, which fulfills God's need.  And although God may move on without you, He is more complete when you are more complete in Him.  This is the personal aspect of God that is truly the comfort flame and the mothering light that cares about how you are doing in your work and in your striving to realize more of God.
            At one point on my path I realized that in order to serve most effectively I would have to maintain a certain quotient of light around me at all times.  When I meditated on how I could do this God revealed to me that His love and light were already there and I simply had to visualize it and feel it and know it as a tangible reality always.  Thus, you too can know this presence of God, and the first requirement is to have the cosmic sense of spiritual worthiness.  You must know that you are worthy of His love, even if, in the past, you have gone out of the way and fallen short of the mark.
            A sense of self-worth in God is the keynote of all who have ascended, for they believed not the lie of unworthiness and that we are all sinners and cannot fully enter into a higher relationship with our own God Presence.  These have known that the purpose of life is to fully merge with God.  And so, only when you have that relationship where you see yourself living and breathing in a peer relationship with the ascended hosts will you feel worthy to become an ascended master in your own right.
            There is a fine line between this point of co-measurement and the perversion of this state, which is the pride of the fallen ones who claim that they are equal to or superior to God and his sons and daughters.  The true state of co-measurement is always protected by the aura and grace of humility, where you know that of yourself you can do nothing, and that it is only by that holy grace that you can know God's spirit.  The prideful ones will always tempt you to claim this grace and light as your own rather than the blessed radiance that flows to and through you as a result of your purity of motive and heart.
            Beloved ones, I can be in many places at once, doing the work of my LORD, because I have entered into cosmic consciousness.  And so, your Lanello also is moving here and there with me in establishing certain electrodes in the earth in advance of the establishing of those key Hearts Centers that we would see physically manifest in the next few years.  Many souls are waiting for these centers to be established, for they would enter in and study and learn about this Buddhic path back to the feet of the Lord of the World, who has been pulling on many to return home in this grand cycle of opportunity through this new dispensation.
            Dear hearts, you should know that as we evolve, you must also follow us in the discernment process, sorting out and through those opportunities for greater self-mastery and learning those spiritual techniques and cues that will goad you to God.  Yes, the word goad means to "go and advance."  And if you are not moving forward and advancing, then you must be retreating and decelerating, beloved.
            So I goad you this day to conquer one aspect of yourself that has been a knotty issue for you in this and past lives.  Lanello and I will reveal this problem if you do not already know outwardly what it is.  And together we will lend our momentum of cosmic consciousness to give you that little push that will help you to stumble upon the solution to your dilemma, almost falling because of the shove we give, but spurring you out of your lack of discernment of the highest and best solution for you now.
            I am K-17.  I have not only the 24-percent solution to the problem, but the 100-percent solution to your every need, every proof that you need to know the reality of God manifest in your world today, here and now.  When you need an answer now and not two months or two days from now, call to Lanello and me and we will be there!  For the two of us have that special dispensation to work tangibly in your world, appearing here and there and making contacts with those who will work with us to advance the cause of world freedom and the liberation of souls, peoples and nations.
            I am the indivisible one.  And though I can multiply myself many times over, I am never divided in my resolute stand for the defense of principle, of truth, and of the higher way of the ascended masters.  You may note that my pen-name* contains keys to the indivisible nature of my spirit.  When you are not divided in your stand for truth you can call to me, and if you are ready and willing, you may begin that training that will allow you to enter into a greater service to your LORD.
            Become whole.  Know yourself fully as God.  For when, in humility, you come to know the reality of who you are, I will appear to you and usher you through the next door in the process of discerning the plan for your full and final liberation, beloved.
            I place my mantle of fire and the ring-pass-not around you.  Call for it.  Claim it as your own.  And when you see danger ahead, remember me and whisper a prayer and I shall be there, always ready to defend you.
            I love you and seal you ever in my cosmic cloak of fire.
*K-17 is referring to the fact that "K" is the 11th letter in the alphabet.  Both 11 and 17 are indivisible numbers.
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