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Hilarion      April 16, 2005

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
April 16, 2005 8:45 - 9:28 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear proponents of cosmic truth,
            I am come to defend your right to know the truth which shall set you free. The availability of cosmic truth is the responsibility of messengers of God who speak on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood. And so I come to defend all true messengers of God who do speak for us this day.
            Beloved ones, many should be our orifices in the earth, but only a few truly have that attunement to bring forth our words in the purity that we would convey them. These have been tested to surrender their human minds and opinions about the messages themselves, allowing them to be delivered and scribed and spoken exactly as we inspire them through their higher mind or speak them through their vocal chords.
            Thus, though all do not receive our words with receptive hearts and thereby they are convinced that our messages are uttered by forces that are not benign, those who are ready and able to perceive the divine source of these releases will know that they are truth, for the energy of God's love is resident in their core and flows as a river of life, even when read and assimilated eons hence.
            Dear students of light, you may only know the truth of these missives when you have striven to rid yourself of all preconceptions, prejudices and biases, born of a mind that seeks to justify where you currently reside in consciousness rather than where the Lord of the universe would carry you. And so, if you think that you have an angle on truth or that we may only have one amanuensis or true messenger in embodiment, you may miss the true elements of divine fire that we would convey to all who are open to that higher understanding that is always ready to be revealed just beyond the veil of your own highest level of understanding.
            Did you think that you could simply stop studying the laws of the universe and that you could pause in your trek upwards? Did you think that just because you have twenty or thirty years of sitting at our feet that you had fully entered in to the highest levels of cosmic initiation? Did you think that there simply is no more to learn in this vast universe that is constantly expanding, even as God's divine reach is continuously growing to encompass ever greater nuances of experience through all of His creation?
            Beloved ones, those who think that revelation has stopped are not truly our chelas. For we ourselves never stop in our efforts to discover and discern higher understanding of the cosmic purpose of life and of the directives of our gurus, often cosmic beings who would raise us up into newer levels of attainment and the divine glory of universal love. You may be content to rest and dwell in your current levels of knowing, but we are not. For only a healthy discontent with one's current estate and station in the cosmic scheme will be the goad to striving to achieve that greater wisdom that every ascended master would receive from the God source of omni-present love.
            Therefore, we say that all should dispense with criticism and condemnation of any who purport to speak for us, even if they are not truly our purest vessels for the Word of truth. For the karma you receive in trying to justify your position and your job and your tenure in this or that position in hierarchy or office will bring you lower on heaven's playing field if you do not simply live and let live and allow our true messengers to speak and deliver our message of hope for a world.
            Thus, we warn those of all ascended master movements to dispense with your petty argumentation and your attempts to dissuade chelas from even attempting to ascertain the truth and veracity of our words as spoken through these messengers. For your plans to muzzle their mouths will backfire and you will not only lose a grip on those you desire to control for profit and gain, but you, yourself will lose a grip on your own advancement on the path to union with your own divine self in the process of condemning our best servants, who seek no personal reward, but desire simply to do the will of God.
            Beloved, it is a sad day when you spend your time seeking to deny, denounce and decry others, rather than seeking to inspire, love and advance the cause of righteousness through a heart filled with joy and the bountiful gifts of spiritual fire. Why have you lost your way? It is simply because you do not realize that God is always the doer and that he may choose whom He will to work through, even if that one is not to your personal liking or that one has personality traits or faults that are truly as nothing to us who view the total picture of their striving and the glory of their causal bodies of light.
            Therefore, all hosts of truth stand this day to defend truth wherever it is spoken. And we also stand to consume error where it is spoken. And those who continue to threaten our chelas through an inordinate desire to maintain the status quo of the teachings, rather than allowing progressive revelation to come forth freely, will receive the full karma of their actions, words and pronouncements this day.
            I will be where our messengers are. I will stand behind them as they stand to bring forth the wisdom of the ages whose origin is resident within each heart and soul and mind. I will surround them with my love and support and buffet them from the arrows of unrighteous judgment that come from those who have become self-satisfied in their positions of power and authority. You shall know our true messengers by their humility. Therefore these do not seek to defend themselves, for they know that our words are truly what matters, not theirs.
            Believe the truth and live. Believe the lie and suffer. It is as simple as this, beloved. We would have you live unto eternity because you discern truth through the humility of a humble heart wedded to God through love. Where there is love, there is no division, but only the highest radiance of joy and the freedom to express that love with all.
            I seal you in my aura of emerald fire this day. May truth be shouted from the housetops that we, the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood, do indeed accept and charge these, our messengers, Rebecca Brainard and David Lewis, as our real and righteous messengers of truth for us. It is done. It is finished. It is sealed. I have spoken the truth, and you will know it here and now! Amen!

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