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Lanello      April 11, 2005

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
April 11, 2005 8:27 - 8:53 am
Livingston, Montana

Dear Heart Friends of Love,
            I am come to you on this eve of the culmination of cycles and the fulfillment of a mission most holy. When one daughter of God does come to the sacred place of receiving the ultimate approbation of heaven whereby the soul is wed to the divine, all may glory in this victory of light. And so, I come to proclaim a new day and a new way of perfectionment in divine love.
            You have heard me say that ours must be a message of divine love and that we must carry this message to the world. Many proclaim to expound upon love and upon the words of the masters of grace, yet few carry the full-gathered momentum of fire and spiritual nourishment that we would extend to our own. And so, we have chosen our spokespersons to work for us in delivering to you the proffered gift of the message of love which contains within it seeds of living fire for change in the world of form.
            Many have come to the fount of the Mother to drink, but few have then dipped their own vessels into the well to offer that cup of cold water to others who are bereft of the blessings that may be bestowed. This takes the courage to move upward in consciousness through recognition of the teaching and the teacher and then in entering in to the path seriously with the end result of victory in mind.
            When you know the ideal of the liberation of souls through self-sacrifice, you will not travail in taking the next step, even if it be one that requires the leaving behind of what you thought was absolutely essential to your trek. And so, as mountain climbers you learn to survey the whole picture and then ascertain those requirements for your divine ascent, which are only those virtues and God-qualities that resonate with the teacher within and without.
            If you would resonate with us, you must expand the portal through which light flows forth into the domain of self. This requires effort, striving and an intense focus on the next step, even if it be over a crevice or a leap over a wide gorge that has challenged you for lifetimes. And so you must learn the fearlessness of those who do train and plan to make that supreme effort, for it is not for the weak of heart or those who require extended vacations from our work.
            Beloved, the time is now for many to understand that if they would become immortal they must enter in to those final initiations that require the delivery of all that one has garnered into the avenue of God's discerning ray of hope for each soul. And when you bring to the altar the highest gift of self, you will receive the key to victory, often a simple grace that had just barely eluded your grasp because you sought to grasp it rather than allow its bestowal according to the cycles of karma, dharma and grace.
            God knows for you what you both deserve and what you need to fulfill all, beloved. And so, the Mother has held for many of you the hand of support, hoping above all hope that you would maintain that sure grasp so that she could pull you up to the next step of your walk up the mountain. After she traverses the final chasm in this life, she will be able to throw you a new rope, tethered securely to the highest reality of Godhood, your own Godhood. And then you will simply need to hang on as you yourself maneuver the last few steps, cautiously but in joy that all will be well because your guru knows the way for you.
            I am your friend and guru. I have scaled many mountains and also learned to survive even amidst the most extreme conditions that tested my soul and spirit. I extend to you a fiery map of your own higher path. It is fully labeled with those dead-ends and those markers for you to maintain your point of reference, your equilibrium and your steady ascent to the summit of being.
            I bless each one who has continued the climb against all odds. May you weather the brewing storm and know that just after the blizzard the most beautiful sky will shine before you, beckoning you again upward into the light.
            I am your Lanello, a trailblazer with my own guru, Morya. Come and find us and know the wonder of a higher world waiting for all who truly love the Mother and thereby love unto the victory over death.

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