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Justinius      April 08, 2005

Beloved Justinius
David Christopher Lewis
April 8, 2005 8:33 - 9:03 am
Livingston, Montana

Hearts of Fiery Love,
            I come with legions of seraphim to protect the descent of light that does come to those who invoke purity's flame. And so, on this day of purity you are called to defend the light of the Mother on that six o'clock line as your beloved Mother does enter that line of the clock in her birthday cycle this day. Serapis and the cherubim also come in fiery love to anoint her for this holy cycle of her preparation for her victory in the ascension as the Lord God does prepare to receive the Mother of the World unto His heart.
            So, each of you should be on your knees each morning and evening, praying for your Mother as her disciples and chelas, for she is in need of your every call, your devotion and your protection as she passes through the final initiations of her life on earth. I dictate this message to the faithful, for although some have dreamed of her return to you physically, the desire of the Lord God is for her to ascend and then return even more tangibly to your midst in her ascended light body to accelerate her work, your work and the mission of the Two Witnesses that has never been left off at inner levels, beloved.
            Pining for the Mother is natural, for do not all children of God desire the comfort flame, even from the time of their gestation in the womb unto their last breath upon this earth? For the Mother love and the Mother light are what make the world go round. The Mother energy is what nourishes your soul. The Mother ever desires to seal each child in the swaddling garment of perfection that allows that one to know the purity of God, the wholeness of being and the transcendence of union with true grace within the inner chambers of holiness.
            Beloved ones, seek the simple joys of knowing the Mother's love for you by offering your devotion each hour through works of charity, kindness and compassion. Strive to learn the art and science of the immaculate concept by beholding each person as God beholds them and not seeing any blemish or stain, but only light. As you rise in your ability to do this you raise each soul, including your own.
            Mother needs many now who will mother life. Mother needs those who have become wed to their own divinity by the acceptance of immortal love, unconditional love into the chalice of self that can then be distributed freely to all who come to her fount. Mother needs you who have known her to accept your calling to carry on the mission even amidst a world in decline, for when the cycles turn and the upswing begins to occur where life is no longer waning but waxing in the great outflow of cosmic energies into your world, you must be ready to teach, to heal and to surpass your present understanding and ability to carry the light of the Mother.
            Seraphim and Cherubim of God, wing your way now to every heart who has heard of the World Mother! Pierce their hearts with your arrows of divine love and joy to remove the sorrow that has weighed down those who yearn for the return of Mother! Replace that sorrow now with supreme bliss in knowing that Mother has never left you and will never leave you so long as you allow her entr�e to your heart at each hour, beloved! Mother is here! And on this, her birthday she comes to whisper to each of you the call to Camelot come again! Don your armor, shine your swords and come to the Table Round to listen to Arthur and Lancelot and Guinevere, for they will discourse this night about their plans for this activity and for each of you to take up mantles on their behalf to again win many battles of light for them. And this time you will not go out seeking after a physical grail chalice, but you will remain wedded to the divine plan of coming into union to stir the very angels of heaven to descend to save all sentient life upon this earth!
            I, Justinius, mount my white steed and lead all of you into battle this night as we join forces with all the hosts of light to deliver the message of truth to a world! And Mother rides at my side on her white charger fully decked in white with rose and blue and gold trim, calling her own to return and to again take up this sacred cause for the right. And Lanello and Morya lead the flanks on the right and the left and we will see only victory manifest each day to come!
            Charge forth, ye hosts of God! Charge forth and ride as one! Charge forth and know the victory of the Lord this day! I decree it! I command it! Onward to victory!

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