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Oromasis      April 07, 2005

Beloved Oromasis and Diana
David Christopher Lewis
April 7, 2005 9:15 - 9:53 am
Livingston, Montana

Fiery ones who can withstand the intensity of God's burning love,
            We are come into your midst to increase the fire of transmutation upon the earth. Oromasis and Diana you have called us, hierarchs of the elemental kingdom of the fiery salamanders and of the release of fire from etheric octaves of light.
            Beloved ones, the radiance of fire is felt by all life as the pressure of love's release through the rays of the sun of your system. All sentient beings must have this radiation enter their worlds in order for life to be sustained, for without light you cannot exist. And so, we who serve to amplify the fires of God do know the science of receiving this energy and magnifying it on behalf of earth and its evolutions. This is an exact science wherein the equalization of the inflow and the outflow of the pressure is sustained so that you are neither left bereft of this radiation nor are you burned because the intensity is too great. So, you receive the exact quotient of the energy you need that is acceptable to your evolution and spiritual qualification.
            At times you have experienced receiving too much solar radiation and your skin has been burned, causing that uncomfortable situation of needing to rest and recuperate from the fire that does descend from above. And you who live in certain climates have also experienced the depression that may set in when you do not see or experience the solar light for many days, that light which does enter your eyes and strengthen your entire system thereby. So you can see how important the proper balance of fire is to your physical health as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, beloved.
            How may you experience a step-up in the acceleration of spiritual fire in your world without knowing imbalance? We come today to give you keys in this equation. If you would know greater light you must first have removed from your world those particles of dense matter and globules of darkness that block the free flowing and coursing of light through your being. These substances are both physical and astral and converge around your spiritual centers which are actual sun-centers within you. And so they cause a deceleration of the spinning of your chakras, just as that tarry substance of karmic waste does decelerate the rate of rotation of the electrons that compose each atom of self. And so, in order to increase the rate of rotation of the petals of your chakras, you must first invoke light to consume this gooey oil and replace it with that spiritual substance that does oil the central hub around which the petals do rotate and spin.
            You must know by now that the key to this alchemy is through the invocation of the violet, transmuting, singing flame! For this frequency of light does not only consume that tarnished substance but replaces it instantly with a flow of radiant and bountiful spiritual energy that lubricates the wheels of your sun-centers, allowing a friction-less spinning to ensue that will put your life in hyper-drive forevermore, so long as you do not leave off in your spiritual practice of sacred invocation.
            So the internal combustion that we would bring is truly miraculous, for it is driven by that glorious gift of your Knight Commander who does patiently wait upon you and wait for you to fully know the joy that this science will command for you when you, one with God, do command the atoms of self to come into alignment with the sun that you truly are.
            We are masters of the delivery of fire to and through you. And so our salamanders will burn away the dross of your human consciousness as quickly as you will allow them, beloved. As so, the rate of your acceleration in your spiritual development is determined by no one except you, for you are the scientist who must discover in the laboratory of Self the keys to your own freedom in this age.
            Fiery determination is the quality that we seek among those of you who would become adepts and arhats. And so the zeal of the Lord will surely eat you up and in the digestion process you will emerge as a new man, a new woman in the Christic and Buddhic light to go forth to conquer a world in need of your God-control of the sacred energies of life that continue to flow through you moment by moment. You too may be healers, world teachers, bodhisattvas of compassion whose fiery hearts can contain a greater quotient of light and thereby consume that world karma that does weigh down your brethren who would do better if they knew better the path of fiery love that we bring.
            Invoke greater fire and you shall know our intercession and presence in your life. Become electrodes of the flow of currents of cosmic fire and you shall see the acceleration of earth into a new day of freedom. Become sun-centers and all life will seek you out for that sustaining radiance that nourishes the soul and heals all woe.
            We have come. We return to the center of the fire infolding itself within the sun of God's presence within all life. Seek and find us and commune with that fire and you shall also know the eternal joy of a newfound love for all life.
            Ray Ah Tea Mo Pea Vay So Rah So Fah So Mu Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. (Chanted.)
                        (The above chant is shown phoenetically for easier pronunciation.)

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