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Virgo      April 05, 2005

Virgo and Pelleur
David Christopher Lewis
April 5, 2005 5:30-6:09 pm MDT
Between Minneapolis and Bozeman while in the air

            From the depths of the earth's core we come to correct imbalances within not only the earth but within the physical bodies of our chelas. We are Virgo and Pelleur, hierarchs of the earth element.
            Mother Earth receives all. Mother Earth embraces all. Mother Earth is the repository of the ongoing creation of life at many levels of being. When you invoke the light of the Mother, a great focus of her forcefield and power rises up and flows from the core of the earth itself in answer to your call.
            You may recall how the Lord Jesus said that the very stones would cry out should others hold their peace. So the earth does groan and cry out to you this day to give deference to the Mother and to the honoring of your own body as the temple of God. Protecting your physical bodies and taking care of them is a need and a requirement for all true devotees and adepts to be. For the flow of fire through the latticework of light in your form is essential if you are going to be able to bear greater currents of fire for us. Therefore taking the time to exercise, to walk, to move and stretch and maintain that elasticity and balance and harmony is necessary if you are to have a long life of service and fully realize your highest potential as messengers of the word for the Brotherhood.
            May we suggest that you place as much importance on your physical health as you do on the other three quadrants of being, beloved? And so, equal time must be given to the maintenance of your wholeness, your balance and the positive positioning of your being in the concrete world in which you live. If you spend your time primarily in the mental plane of thought or in your emotional feeling world or in musing on the past of your memory body, you cannot fully integrate into the cosmic awareness of your three higher bodies, for the base of the pyramid of self will be askew, thus causing the apex to also be out of alignment.
            The energization that you feel when you exercise and take in fresh air and prana prove that you can increase the flow of light through your being when you are physically fit, beloved. So, by the full authority of all the hierarchs of the elemental kingdom, I announce that those who will be faithful to and show mercy upon their physical bodies by being diligent in the pursuit of physical fitness will receive my tangible assistance through the aid and care of a special gnome who is like a personal trainer who will work with you and work on you to keep you in shape! So you can now call to this personal trainer gnome to help you, dear hearts!
            The joy you will feel when your body is awake, alert and functioning smoothly like a well-oiled and maintained car will help propel you into new levels of cosmic joy, even as you incorporate the use of the Pure Joy System and the violet flame into your routines! Too many of our chelas are overweight, and it is time to get serious about shedding that extra poundage, often a result of an emotional imbalance that you try to compensate for by eating. So, a little more discipline will result in greater joy, greater light and a greater opportunity for you to serve well into the future to fulfill your mission.
            You may desire to select a friend or a partner with whom you can exercise, and soon the joy will increase for you as both of your trainer gnomes and your body elementals will also be dancing and playing and running together! Become as little children again, beloved! For in the simplicity of the fun of your spiritual union you will find a new light in your life and the shedding of many burdens, even as you shed those love handles that are not really composed of pure love, but of the desire for love.
            We are Virgo and Pelleur, practical masters who do give you a prod this day in one specific way that you can improve your life and practice that practical spirituality! Walk and jog and run upon the earth. Touch our being and feel the currents of power flowing up through the soles of your feet. Know our presence of hope and deep joy, for we would have you touch many lives in your newfound freedom this day.
            We seal you in the fire of communion with the Mother within, the Mother without and the brooding Mother Earth below.
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