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Aries      April 04, 2005

Beloved Aries and Thor
David Christopher Lewis
April 4, 2005 5:55-6:24 pm
Wheaton, Illinois

            We are the hierarchs of the air. We come to Chicago to divest it of elements of impurity that have beset the air and the mental quadrant of this city and heart of America for decades.
            Obtaining peace of mind should be a goal for every devotee of God. Peace of mind may truly only come when one has discarded the outworn and ancient elements of anti-Mind that have lodged in the recesses, the attic if you will, of your minds for eons. These elements are thought-forms of imperfection, mental models of lack and ideas which have no basis or place in the Mind of God or in your true mind.
            When Paul said to let that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus he touched upon a key for all. That key is to allow the higher mind of God to be a part of you. Struggling to simply know more through the cramming of raw bits and pieces of data, even spiritual data, is not the way to obtaining peace of mind, beloved. It comes from allowing the Higher Mind to reside within yours through a sacred emptying process. Therefore, knowing your Source is a key to knowing when and how you may invite the stream of that Source into your mind, thereby displacing your mind in the process.
            Some may wince at these words, thinking that I am advocating the giving up of one's own mind, intuition, thoughts and consciousness. This is partly so, but not in a way that surrenders free will and the process of cognition and the very vehicle of the mind itself. What I mean is that until one allows the full reality of the Pure Mind to function within the sphere of awareness of self, one is not truly aligned with that radiant flow of real knowing that taps into the Universal Mind and stream of consciousness.
            Be purged of error! Be free from matrices that you have held about your life, about other beings and about life itself this day! Know as we know, having been knowers of divine wisdom and masters of the flow of cosmic thoughts over the waves of space that are the ideations of God and the Elohim seven.
            Beloved, when mankind can learn to think as God thinks your physical air will be cleansed, for then nothing of darkness will accumulate either in the higher or the lower realms of the mental plane. And that clouded morass of impurity that precipitates around each jaded concept or thoughtform will be wiped clean by the action of the wind of the Holy Spirit!
            Become knowers. Cleanse your minds each day through meditation on purity and the divine cloud of understanding. And use the thoughtform of a white rose to invoke that chaste reality of harmony within that shuts the door to the fury of those winds of grossness and baseness sent by the minds of those who know not the love and beauty of God.
            We are Aries and Thor! Call to us in your large cities to purify all, beloved, and we will come with all the elementals to accelerate that process wherein you may tune into the wavelengths of perfection by the grace and joy of our offering. We are pure joy. Call to us when you use your violet flame invocations and we will whirl you ever higher in our whirlwind of fiery love!
            Thank you for musing on us, for we would muse on and inspire you often by the holy breath of the sylphs who will blow away the darkness and impart only Light, Light, Light!
            We seal you always in this graceful dance of the stream of love that you must become.

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