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Serapis Bey      April 01, 2005

Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
April 1, 2005 8:30 - 8:58 am
Wheaton, Illinois
            Prisoners of earth I come to free! I am Serapis, master of the initiations of ascension's currents when you have overcome the last enemy of death and the death consciousness, beloved.
            What is death but doubt magnified until it is squared by your acceptance in the four quadrants of being? It is the ceasing of the coursing of the energies of God through the chalice of self resulting from the compromise of that flow due to your detachment from the source, the grid of life. It is the corking of the genie of the miraculous within you by the shadow self that feeds off that flow but does not stand under it to receive its current of power.
            You must be plugged into the power station of your true self if you would overcome death and put on those pure white garments of immortality. You must know the resurrection and the resurging of the original impartations of fire that created you and have come full circle to make you permanent in the heaven-world of perfection's grace. You must simply know God as your being and the chalice of identity wherein all is refracted in and through you as the center of life and wherein you are also a part of that greater circle of radiant energy that is God.
            The base chakra is meant to be a pyramid fount of fire, the four petals establishing a foundation in time and space where the acceleration of ascension's currents may rise through your four lower bodies freely, beloved. And so the alignment of your being within the cosmic plan and the foundation of your inner blueprint is necessary before the acceleration may occur wherein all dross is thrown off into the Maxin Light and you are enfired fully as an ascended master!
            Initiates of Luxor come to receive those final tests and the instructions from my angels on how the accumulations of the past may be let go and the full radiance of divine love may flow within at all times. And so a cosmic ionization occurs where the soul is cleansed as the seat of life and there are no more aberrations of the psyche or the mind, but the golden light does begin to course through the light body with a greater pulsation and presence in the ascension candidate.
            Many of you at times feel a step-up in the burning fires of your heart. You may also feel this action in other chakras as you rise higher in initiation. Despair not, but flex your spiritual muscles and allow the fire to expand your vessel gradually, dear ones. Carrying more light, you will know the eventual acceptance of the full voltage of those ascension currents that will propel you once and for all out of earth's gravitational pull and into freedom's orbit of divine knowingness!
            I am a master of cosmic love, though that love is precipitated as the seriousness of the real joy that comes to the overcomers of all that is less than perfection. This is the divine joy that all seek. So call to me, come to my retreat to begin your training, and you shall know a new purity and grace that you will not again be able to live without, for it is the distillation of God's highest love and hope for your return to His great heart. Sing to me and feel the presence of my angels and the angels of Victory with whom we also serve.
            I am victory. You are victory if you would accept and receive the firing of self in the cosmic kilns of Serapis.
            Lux Fiat!

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