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Hercules      March 22, 2005

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
March 22, 2005 8:40 - 9:08 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ho! I come to release the sacred fire of blue lightning from the invincible Mind of God this day! I AM Hercules, and I stand to deliver my own from the wiles and the plans of those who would snuff out this movement of light created in the very heart of God known as The Hearts Center. So be centered in my heart, dear ones.
            We of the Elohim do not equivocate with human creation, for we have long ago dispensed with our own in devotion to the one God of love. And so, when we observe that human nonsense that gets in the way of your overcoming and the plans that we have laid out for the expansion of the light within you, we become almost incensed, as you would say, with the darkness that would deprive you of your rightful inheritance of God's infinite grace. Yes, you have a divine birthright to dwell in the very living presence of God's love manifest in the opportunity for self-transcendence, and this birthright is etched in letters and engrams of living fire! So, we do release our God Power this day to thrust you forth with a greater impetus to complete your projects for us and to accomplish, almost instantaneously, those feats of glory that we of the ascended realms would work through you.
            So, some of you have experienced the accelerated precipitation of light within your being and the wonder of the power of the mind of God thinking and acting through you with a greater facility than you have ever experienced before, beloved! And so, we do open up the apertures of your being to receive more light, and you will continue to experience the flowing forth of greater energy, greater impetus to work, greater understanding of the will of God in each and every situation and decision that you make, so that you will literally become walking and talking electrodes of God's will in the earth!
            Thus, some of you will experience what it truly means to be ascended masters in embodiment, unascended, yes, but acting as if you were truly us in the physical. And you will realize that there is no time and space when you dwell fully in our presence, and so we may dwell fully within you as our hands and feet on the earth. To be in this state is a grace, and few can bear the intensity of the light. But we must have more of you doing this if your beloved Buddha Mother is to be free to pass upward into the light and then continue working in an even more tangible way with each of you who have been faithful to the mission that she and Mark did initiate.
            So, invoke my God Power this day and throughout this cycle of Aries, for the flame of God Power must be adjudicated by the flame of God Control so that the fire you receive is not abused or misused but is truly channeled into the specific work that we would accomplish quickly for the acceleration of your world into a new world of divine love. So, your Knight Commander is also almost impatient to begin anew to spread his message of the Great Instauration and of the transmutation of consciousness from the human to the divine within the domain of the entire three-dimensional world that you see, raising it into a golden-age culture that is long overdue.
            So, add a quotient of blue-flame fire to your violet decrees and see the acceleration of the power of that ray of joyful transmutation taking place in ever new ways to exhibit the change that is needed in your world and in your life, beloved. So, you may now begin to use a more "purple" action of the violet flame to give it that thrust that is needed to reach many more upon earth and thereby bring about change, change, change!
            Yes, change is the order of the day, and we would change you in the twinkling of an eye to become truly divine in thought, word and deed, but most especially in the way in which you act on our behalf to bring forth our plans. Use that new call to the Great Divine Director, for he will accelerate you as much as you are able to receive his energy within your aura and chakras, beloved!
            I, Hercules, send a ray of power into the physical earth to shear away from you those layers of unreality that have at times clouded your ability to see, to know and to feel the flame of truth and the God Reality of the Presence working all around and about you at all times! This ray does strip from you a patina of darkness that was put upon you millennia ago when your crystal cord was reduced and your three-fold flame receded. If you will call to me daily, I will begin to increase the size of both, and if you can maintain your harmony in handling the increase of the flow of light from your Presence through you, I will help you to stabilize this advance in your God-Consciousness so that you will truly be walking the earth as a living god in form, so long as you maintain your humility and that you act knowing that God is acting through you, dear ones.
            Increase now the action of the light unto and through our own this day! Elohim of the twelve rays, seal the twelve gates through which this flow occurs twice daily in the twenty-four hours of each cycle of Alpha and Omega within these hearts. Protect them from the intrusions of alien forces and those black projectiles that are hurled against them to dissuade them to be fully attuned to us.
            I, Hercules, seal you in a cosmic patina of navy-blue fire this day. May you see it ensconced all around you. May you feel it as an actual mantle of fire, almost as a light chain-mail armor draped upon you. May the egg of your aura become impervious to all darkness that would beset you. I declare it for you and send you forth as conquering heroes and heroines for the Lord God. Be up and about our mission, and be Victorious!

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