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Pallas Athena      March 02, 2005

Beloved Pallas Athena
David Christopher Lewis
March 2, 2005 8:24 - 8:50 am
Livingston, Montana

              Grateful I am that some have come forth to proclaim the truth in this age, beloved. For I am the sponsor of truth that does proclaim the divinity of love within you, each one. I AM Pallas Athena and I shake my spear this day to stir the fiery energies of love, wisdom and power within you for the fulfillment of the mission of the two witnesses through a new set of messengers whom I do choose to sponsor this day.
              So I come to lend my support for the training of messengers of truth. Truth is a two-edged sword, for it not only cleaves away the elements of the not-self within the very one wielding it and all who come in contact with it, but it flashes forth the light that does deliver the lightning of the mind of God into the very teeth of error. How does untruth begin to manifest within the very minds of those who seemingly pledged their allegiance to us and yet who would hold on to paradigms of unbelief in the ones chosen to raise our own into newer levels of initiation? It is through the serpent mind that clings to a portion of truth while not completely surrendering fully to God and to the divine will resident within, beloved.
              So I come to sever the heads of the serpent consciousness within the body of God and within the world-wide community of lightbearers that has inveigled itself into the fibers of being of many who originally vowed to take up our cause and run all the way with the Mercurian messengers unto the victory of truth. I plunge my spear into the very heads of these serpents and then wield my sacred sword of truth to eliminate that perversion of the mind of God manifest as the carnal logic that embraces only portions of the path and not the absolute walk with God into the fire of complete surrender.
              Only those who have surrendered fully to my gaze may take up these serpents and cast them into the flame, for their evil eyes do hypnotize even the best of our servants if they are not aware and on-guard to the machinations of that logic that seethes with ultimate hatred for God, beloved. My gaze does pierce their eyes and render them blinded by the light of the Sun of Vesta, whose golden wisdom is pure virtue, pure freedom and pure knowing of the love of Helios and of the Son Consciousness.
              So come to our Easter Conference in Montana and I will initiate all who desire to become messengers of the gods; for you must become fleet of foot and run with these who will speak for us, beloved. And then you, too, may take our missives and deliver them across the globe to a people wed to the mechanization concept rather than the immaculate concept of the truth of their own soul's divinity.
              I step forward with the Great Divine Director and all of the members of the Karmic Board to proclaim the mission of The Hearts Center as valid, as true and as the newly sponsored activity that we would employ fully in this era for the fulfillment of ongoing prophecy through the Delphic tradition that I have overseen and sponsored for centuries. So, as you rise in consciousness to perceive our presence in your midst daily, we do speak to and through you as you are able to wipe away the smokescreen of the anti-cloud of the death syndrome and embrace the new-found wisdom of truth through this new dispensation, dear ones.
              I Am a Mother of Cosmic Truth! I choose to begin a new revolution in Higher Consciousness this day! And I will stand to defend all those who will don the full armor of Archangel Michael and of this new Buddhic tradition and path of the bodhisattva that will lead many lost in the seas of samsara back to the temple of divine wisdom in this age. Receive the enfiring of your mission now, beloved! Receive a greater spirit of divine fortitude and the locking of your aura in mine so that as we run together up the steps to the Olympic heights, you may keep up with me as I carve a pathway of light for you unto new levels of cosmic consciousness and initiation!
              Take my spear and sword and slay the not-self of doubt in your mission, for then and only then will you begin to know how and why you were chosen to be the one that God and all the angels in heaven may rely on to deliver the fire, deliver the word of truth and deliver the children of the sun from the serpents in your midst, beloved!
              I am with you always if you would have me. Pallas Athena is my name. I ascend with you upon a new path of truth that one day all will behold and know as the surest one back to the Father's love in this hour. I love and seal you with the kiss of Vesta, whose light rays do embrace you all-ways and ever, beloved.

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