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Zarathustra      January 25, 2005

Beloved Zarathustra
David Christopher Lewis
January 25, 2005
Livingston, Montana

Hearts of Sacred Fire,
            I am come, arbiter of fire on behalf of a planet and her people. I am Zarathustra and the fire I carry is not only for your own purging but for the raising of many who have lost contact with that inner spark of their true reality, that God-identity that they are.
            Fire is at the core of everything, beloved. Fire is the very nature of life and, as you know, mankind cannot evolve without both physical and spiritual fire; for if ye be unkindled, how lowly ye are. Many have touched the fire of ascended-master love, but being burned they withdraw from the flame until they can grow accustomed to the glowing coals that we bring both as fiery wisdom and as that challenge to the untransmuted self.
            When you imbibe sacred fire daily, you enter the initiatic process whereby your aura is cleared of that astral substance and muck that may accumulate through an unconscious entr�e into lower dimensions of being through your attention on the mundane. Why do you remain in this state when you can taste the embers from our altars and have your speech, your sight, your hearing and your knowing of our light accelerated?
            Fire vibrates above the mental plane, and so if ye would enter in ye must put aside those mental aberrations that cause the split personality wherein you desire God but yet still desire your earthly life apart from God. You cannot remain wedded to both, and so you must leap with both feet into the coals of the understanding of God-Mastery, casting aside all fear of the future, fear of your path and the next step on the road to our abode.
            Beloved, call to me and I will train you in the use of all the flames, beginning with the blue, transiting through the seven levels of awareness and then beyond into the higher initiations of the flames of the secret rays. Some of you have become so accustomed to only invoking a few of the rays and their flames that you are as wobbling tops, spinning without that balance that is required of all who would reach for that Christhood which is defined as the mastery of all the seven rays. You would do well to diversify your decrees and invoke the action of each ray even a little each day so as to charge your aura with a minimal quotient of fire to stabilize the balance that will allow you to accelerate quicker in full mastery and then move beyond to the Buddhic mysteries.
            Dear ones, study the major religions including the one I sponsored, for you will find keys to your own path through the seven gates that lead to the heart of the One. And fire for fire as you understand each path you will be able to transfer to others a greater portion of the Holy Spirit who is the very teacher and sponsor of all the Chohans who do individually sponsor those paths that all lead back to God, the God of Love.
            Beloved, you should now feel a certain intensification of fire within as I have warmed you up to a new level of your ability to retain fire. Maintain this level through the constancy of your devotion to fire through invocation, through deep breathing and meditation on the very core of your identity as a spirit spark of the Divine One.
            When you understand all the elements of fire as we do, you shall not flinch when the Holy Spirit does come to initiate you with greater fire. And when you are able to withstand the heat of the purging light that I bring, you will begin to know what it means to be immortal.
            I hold before you the image of the flaming Sun of your own God Self. Will you make the commitment this day to enter this flaming orb and to live no longer as man but as God, beloved?
            I seal you in this light. I hold you in this light. I sustain you in this light. May you be light, beloved, for it is the only option for those who know that this time they will get it right and complete the journey to the Sun, so help you God.
            Be my fiery ones and live forevermore as Zoroastrians, ever ready for more fire, more fire, more fire!

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