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Meta      January 12, 2005

Ascended Lady Master Meta
David Christopher Lewis
January 12, 2005 10:00 - 10:50 pm
Livingston, Montana

Dearest Children of My Heart,

              I am come to you today for the healing of many in the earth, for the need for healing is great. As I serve on the Emerald Ray of Healing, so I work with angels of Raphael's bands to bring the healing of body, mind and soul to children of the sun of all ages and in all nations. We have been taxed to offer our hearts and service of late to many, for due to wars and catastrophes and the choices that humans make, many have reaped what they have sown and so they need to experience the pain that they have previously placed upon their brethren in order to grow on their path back to God.

              Healing is a very specific science, beloved, for we must work closely with the angels of record and those who adjudicate the return of karma to know just what quotient of healing light we may extend to each soul at any given time. And so some receive a deep and lasting healing of both body and psyche, while others experience only a temporary lifting of a certain burden, for if they are to grow and progress they must know the fruit of their past choices.
              We come to remind you to invoke the Emerald-Teal ray released by the healing masters in 1974 moving into 1975. This ray does seal the third eye from the intrusions of psychic forces that would steal the light of perfect vision from the sons and daughters of light. We anticipated the proliferation of greater misuse of the third eye through video and movie images, and so we come to inaugurate an action of the deep green and blue as a specific ray to close the gap where evil and its images would invade the very sensitivity of souls where many are most vulnerable, namely through that nexus where all of you experience life through the sense of sight, through which conscious awareness on your plane is manifest.

              Many of the lightbearers are visual learners and have a keen sense of what higher beauty should be, and so they are often shocked when images of brutality, rage, and extreme violence and murder are paraded across the screen of their vision through the media. These negative engrams create deep scars that we, the angels of healing, must often remove one by one with a certain emerald-laser action. And so this work can be somewhat problematic and time-consuming for us, if you would allow us to use terms of which you are familiar.

              If you would simply refrain from watching violence of all kinds, you would save yourself much in spiritual light and thereby also save us from having to work our laser surgery on your spiritual scar tissue, beloved!
              I pray for those who will step forward with the courage to challenge this infamy in your entertainment industries, making pleas to us to replace it with those movies and scenes of natural beauty; elysian images and floral graces that do lift the soul to her natural state of union with God. Thus, all devotees of light must spend some of their time in focusing on pure images, especially if they or their families have had a propensity to revel in or enjoy those titillating but dangerous images that stimulate the lower energies of the nether world and of the lesser self.

              Dear hearts, you know the truth. You have been given many keys and dispensations in many previous releases from us. You must become studious, seriously studying our messages and past pleas so that, amongst the large body of lightbearers on earth, at least a few are invoking one or more of our major dispensations daily. We count on you to do this, for the re-energizing of these dispensations through your calls builds a momentum into which we may tap in order to do our work. In many cases it was a major effort for us to secure these dispensations, so we greatly appreciate it when you honor us by using them to the fullest extent, dear ones!

              Being the daughter of Sanat Kumara, I have a listening ear to you and do enjoy receiving your prayers, petitions and letters so that I may act on your behalf in the service of healing and the science of precipitation and wholeness and of the immaculate concept. Our work is specific in nature, for we are truly scientists of the spirit. So please do ask in very specific terms what you need, and we will move heaven and earth to assist you in very deliberate ways if we are allowed by karmic law.

              Beloved Mother Mary comes now to seal the earth in a sphere of emerald light, along with the white light of perfection and purity. Through many pleas to her, she does lift a certain weight of karma from the earth in this hour and from the shoulders of some who have been unduly burdened. She and millions of healing angels from her bands do take up the souls of those slain in the womb and who have passed in recent weeks through war and cataclysm, and these are received into special temples of rest and recuperation above Fatima and in other healing retreats. For a while many will sleep in peace and know a release from their pain and the pain of their separation from loved ones. And many will know that their needs were met through your prayers.

              They are eager to join you again on earth and to get it right the next time, for they know that the time is short and they will not always have an open door of opportunity to balance their karma while there is such a growing body of spiritual truth available as in your world of today.

              Beloved, pray from your heart, but see the action of the light of your prayers through full belief manifest now! Take to heart the message of the Christian minister in Sri Lanka who did fully believe, and therefore his heartfelt fiat was answered instantly!* You have the power to change this world if you will use it and if you will employ us! Yes, we need worldly employers who will put us to good use, for we are so near when you believe in us and call to us whenever you need healing and divine vision.

              I seal you in the love of the Mother, for I am a Mother of Healing for the earth. Call to me when you pray to Mother Mary, for I will come with her to amplify and augment her perfect science of healing on behalf of millions. I love you always, and I return now to the great service of healing to which our God has called me in this hour.

* On December 26, 2004 an earthquake off the coast of Sri Lanka caused a massive tsunami that inundated the coastlines of many nations in the Far East. During a moving interview heard on national radio Pastor Dayalan Sanders told a wonderful story of how he and many children survived the huge wall of water that inundated his coastal village through the power of the spoken word that he uttered in Jesus' name. You can hear his story by going to the following link on the website of Focus on the Family and ordering a CD or cassette of his testimony.


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