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Uriel      December 02, 2004

Archangel Uriel
David Christopher Lewis
December 2, 2004 8:35 - 9:10 am
Livingston, Montana
            Ho, I come in the flaming presence of the angels of the purple and gold ray who obey the dictates of God through His Archangels. I Am Uriel, Archangel of the 6th Ray of Peace, and I bring the fire of peace to the earth this day. Yes, peace is a fire, a stream of quintessential light such as you have only experienced when you are truly tuned to the very heart of God. Peace is a light that is not wishy-washy, not mamby-pamby, but which is composed of the strong current of the Elohim who does still the very currents of anti-peace through a power that is beyond your understanding in this octave.
            I come to deliver peace as an electric shock to the nations, for the nations and her peoples must be shocked into an understanding of what it will take to have God's peace reign supreme in the earth. It is not through compromise with terrorists as some have thought. It is not through compromise with those who seek to bind the very souls of the people through the control of natural resources and the very life-blood of the lightbearers. It is through the invocation of fire that resounds throughout your being that billows forth as a powerful current that quells all war, the elements and dictates of the warlords and the very core of instability echoed through the not-self that is the nadir of war.
            Yes, when you have the warring in your members through the non-resolution of your human psychology, you create war! Did you know this, dear ones? You contribute to the brutality of what is going on in the remote parts of the world when you cannot be true to your divine Self through a surcease from that core anger, that inner violence that is stirred up by your own dweller who criticizes self, others and anything and everything that comes its way; for it was born of the tyrant ego that dwells in the depths of Hades and would take up its abode within you if you do not cast it out!
            I come to help you cast out this point of unreality within, for I Am the Angel of the Judgment. And if you would be the instrument for the judgment of fallen ones you must first receive the very personal judgment whereby you are cleansed of all that is the force of the perversion of divine justice and judgment within. Therefore, I cast out of each of you today a certain malaise that has settled over you that has clouded your inner vision of your purpose, your union with God and of the next step on your path to be saints embodied on earth. I take up this substance and cast it into the very sun-the fires of Helios and Vesta-for complete dissolution this day! And I am grateful to Shiva who has burned off more than you know from the core of your dweller this day and also cast it into the violet flame which you invoke during this 48-hour period.
            I am your advocate when you need a self-evaluation, a self-correction; and when you need that personal counselor and trainer who can tell you truly what you need to do to come up higher, to wash away the tears of loneliness and the desperation that sets in when you decide to make a go of your ascent of the summit peaks and to once and for all begin that final leg of your trip all the way home to God's heart. I dwell in God's heart permanently; and so I can escort you to the altar of change and transmutation where you, as the divine alchemist and priest of sacred fire, do know what to offer up for consuming each day so that you will be the consummate one, subsumed into the arms of the living God!
            I Am Uriel and I rain peace into the middle east as an action of the chemical ray of purple and gold for the Prince of Peace to reign in the hearts of all the people-those of every religious persuasion, sect and calling. For when the divine Son of God does show his face in each brother, none can call that one enemy; but can step forth out of that untoward fanaticism to embrace that one truly as brother, as born of the same earthly substance and therefore of the same blood-line, ancestry and seed. Come unto me and I will show you the face of the Son of God this day! For his countenance is beautiful. It is noble. It is full of the light of the Father who bestows his loving grace upon all who will bow to the light in this one, Issa, the Buddha of Christianity who comes to compel all to be the Christ and then to go on to master all the rays and the initiations of all lines of the cosmic clock.
            Let the image of the face of Jesus be impressed upon your inner sight this day. Let it be impressed upon the inner sight of every son, every daughter of God in the Middle East and wherever there is strife, division and misunderstanding. And let this sacred son's visage overshadow the face of all whom you meet and contact; so that you will no longer judge others as unworthy, as less than yourself, but truly as that light of the Christ that resides within that one. I Uriel say to you, STOP judging and BE the flame of Christ Peace this day. For when you are, the light of the savior will descend in the second coming within each one to quicken all unto eternal freedom and deliverance from the clutches of the tyrant ego dweller that is deflated this hour of my coming!
            Beloved ones, I seal you in the light of the sun. I seal you in the light of the angels of peace. At times they may wrestle with you to remind you to maintain your conviction to be my sons and daughters of Peace in the earth. Avoid them not, for to decry their presence and their flame is fruitless; for they are the very ones who will escort you into the living Presence of the Son Himself. May His Peace be with you this day. And may you win all the way, beloved.

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