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Shiva      December 02, 2004

David Christopher Lewis
December 2, 2004 6:14 - 6:39 am
Livingston, Montana
            I come to crack the whip! I come to dance! I come to strike a pose, a cosmic stance that cannot be denied, for I AM Shiva!
            Shiva comes to dissolve what you thought was unsolvable! But it is, for when I add my fire it does dissolve before your very eyes! Yes, fire is the key to your victory, and I bear it, I bring it, I hurl it your way to consume on contact all unreality! For I AM that action of the Holy Spirit that does dissolve the indissolvable substance of unreality within you. And it is not painful if you will simply let it go into the flame, into my fire this day. For I come on OMRI-TAS day to lend my fire to his and to Saint Germain to burn up certain records in the earth and within you that must go NOW!
            Yes it is time beloved! It is high time that that point that has attracted the dust of the not-self that is not the staff of creation but the anti-destiny substance be consumed by the holy fires of the Holy Spirit that I AM! I AM the Destroyer of worlds of unreality in all. I AM the Destroyer of the points that flash before your eyes, as you invoke that Violet Flame, that are the very records of the past that now have no more reference point within you; for you have moved on, yes you have danced on with me to inhabit new worlds of love and bliss in God that has released you from the former grip, the former grippe of sickness, disease, death and nonsense!
            Shiva comes today to awaken you with the fire of the Sun. For I do serve with Surya who traverses the sky in a blazing trail of fire that you can observe and tap into if you would become the living fire of the Holy Spirit that is SHIVA!
            Yes I have stumped with the Mother! And she placed my image before you to remind you of who you are—dancers in the great drama of fire that is the very creation of worlds. And I expect that some of you shall soon be stumping with me and stamping out those fires of the fallen ones and lighting new fires of Shiva in the earth. When we have enough fire flowing through your hearts each day we can act, we can dance, we can incite the lightbearers into positive action. For when Shiva comes, Shiva is not denied the full opportunity to present my fireworks that will inspire, that will goad you higher and higher and transform you into the beings of fire that you truly are, beloved!
            Be fiery ones! Don't just sit around and mope about what used to be or what could be, but get up and dance my dance of fire! Yes, don't be wallflowers when you could be our floral offerings to the Lord of the World as the fiery ones who know who they are, who will not settle for less than perfection—perfection in thought, word and deed and the mastery of those ten perfections of the Buddha that will literally catapult you off your feet into the very arms of God.
            I come in a fiery trail as I am launched by Brahma and Vishnu across the sky this day, and I blaze a trail of light that you will witness. Yes, step outside, step outside of yourself and see the trail that I have blazed for you and follow it all the way home to the Mother—to Mother Vesta, who awaits your presence so that she can cool you down from your fiery trip to the Sun!
            Shiva I AM. Shiva you can be if you decide to dance with me! Yes, play those Bhajans and sing and dance and enjoy yourselves in the divine enjoyment that is that joy overflowing that comes when you are on fire for God as I am.
            Well, you thought you had fire! Now you know what fire is, because it leaps all around you as a court jester to raise your spirits in the full regalia of God's party of effervescent joy in you! I AM Shiva and I will continue to dance with you every Omri Tas Day if you call to me to come and be that Destroyer of Death, that Harbinger of Fire in your midst.
            Stand now, leap to your feet and proclaim the Victory of God as the God of fire this day!
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