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Raphael      December 01, 2004

Archangel Raphael
David Christopher Lewis
December 1, 2004 9:22 - 10:04 am
Livingston, Montana
            Healing light come forth for these souls who have gathered on the etheric plane for healing in this hour! Healing fires from the altar of our retreat over Fatima, come forth for the healing of the souls of God's people! Healing light descend for the salvation of the souls entrusted to our care in this hour!
            I come from the Central Sun dripping with the light of healing, for you are in need of the healing light most holy to enter every level of your being, beloved. This emerald fire is kindled in this hour for each one of you personally; for by God's grace, I have received a dispensation for the light to be employed and tailored to your individual needs; entering your four lower bodies and the unconscious and subconscious levels of being for the flushing out of certain toxins and patterns that for far too long have enslaved you in matrices of imperfection-a certain laxity on the path, a certain lack of discernment of the necessities of your soul and a certain haughtiness that has allowed you to build up a resistance to the impressions from God and your real Self.
            Yes, when you can hear and understand and act upon the impressions of God and the angels, you can avoid much-the temptations to enter byways on your path home and the need for outer recognition or emulation that can create a disservice to your soul through the allowance of energies that are not divine into your aura and consciousness. Thus, a listening heart is the need of the hour for every chela; for in truly listening to the impressions of God's heart, you will tune into and become one with that heart. In truly hearing and acting upon those intuitions and the flow of God's light through your being, you begin to weave a stronger line of spiritual defense around your soul, which does need the defense of truth in this hour.
            The legions of error are everywhere! They have attempted to insinuate themselves into the arenas of light through a serpentine lie that does accentuate elements of truth; but weds them to the white lies that eventually lead to a full-on betrayal of the path through the same subtleties that caused Eve to partake of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And so, when your vision is in duality, the blurred vision causes a lack of focus upon the pure light of truth that always leads to our abode.
            Beloved, where are those who espouse truth in this hour? Where are those who would be healers through the invocation of the light of healing truth as a sword that cleaves away error; the very fat of error that has infected your schools and universities and systems of education, where the lie has become the order of the day? Where are those who will stand forth and proclaim the lie of the right of women to abort their own fetuses in an attempt to proclaim their sovereignty apart from the law of their own being and from the Godhead Himself? We send the ray of healing light into the courts of jurisprudence to elicit a new beacon of truth that will show the way out of the dilemma that your Supreme Court placed your nation in in 1973 in their decision in Roe vs. Wade. This decision must be reversed ere this decade is over. Else, when the year 2012 comes, you may see a greater straining of the elementals to handle the weight of karma that will be coming due to this nation and others who harbor those who abort the very light of God in these innocent ones.
            I Am Raphael. Mother Mary does come with me to ask for your fervent prayers and your rosaries to her for a softening of the hearts of women throughout your nation and in all nations to be sensitized to life, to the love of God, and the need to bear life that does come unto the woman as a result of the merging of the sacred fire between man and woman. With the aid of our angels you must create those products and publications and videos that bring forth this message, and bring it forth to the fore of the consciousness of young men and women who are deciding what to do with the life that has begun to sprout within the womb of woman; yes, even at the tender ages that your young girls are now experiencing the sharing of their bodies with young boys in this age.
            We come to repeat this message, for you still have not tipped the scales to the point where your government will safeguard the right to life of every unborn soul; and so we implore you to make amends and to fast and pray and to work together to bring it about, even if you must join up with those whose religious views do not agree with yours, but who agree with you on this issue. The blessed Mother begs of you to assist her in this endeavor, for she is almost growing weary in answering the prayers of the righteous who do beg of her to see to it that this scourge is erased from the earth.
            Dear ones, we have anchored a great light within your auras while you have listened to our words. We pray that you will retain and use this light for the elevation of your soul unto the highest possible station wherein you may continue to commune with us; to hear our ongoing communiques and to be those who will stand for truth and the healing light of Raphael and Mary in days to come.
            We seal you in the Emerald Matrix of the All-Seeing Eye of Perfection in this hour. We hold you in the immaculate embrace of the Mother's eye, which does always see you in your perfected state-free to be those sons and daughters of God that you are
            We love you always, and we return now to our abode in Fatima to hear the prayers of the faithful; to teach them of the higher path and to blaze forth the light of healing love to all whose hearts are upturned to God in this hour.
            I Am Raphael, Archangel of Healing Truth. Be my witness in the earth, and Mary shall comfort you, heal you and show you the little savior, whom she does love to hold and to show the world each Christmas season. In His love we serve.

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