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Cyclopea      November 20, 2004

Elohim Cyclopea
David Christopher Lewis
November 20, 2004 7:47 - 8:16 am
Livingston, Montana
            The message of vision I bring! For I am Cyclopea, and Virginia is here with me. We come for a cosmic purpose and that is to enlighten you as to the purposes of God in your life! Why do and will you continue to wallow in any vision of imperfection or lack when you can have our vision for you of eternal victory, bliss and of the love of the almighty in such glory that you are literally charged with those solar fires that are transforming the earth this very hour?
            I come in the sign of Scorpio to cleanse your third eye. For some of you have suppressed the very activation of this sacred center of God through impurity and the attention upon all things banal and the unreality of your plane. Would you have us lift the veil so that you may see as we see? If so, then put aside the attention upon the unreality of television and of movies which depict scenes from the nonsense of the imaginings of souls who have little or no spirituality whatsoever; and gaze upon our vision for you and for life, and create those scenes and images of perfection yourselves-images of a golden age captivating the hearts and minds of the people by love and scenes of perfection-golden temples of light, mystery schools where the higher truths are taught; landscapes of beauty and glistening, clean cities whose very citizens are enlightened by the sun of Helios and Vesta flowing directly into those crystalline homes, domed abodes ready for the light of Cyclopea and Virginia to flow!
            You should commission your talented artists to deliver to you scenes of grandeur, awakened from your memories of past golden ages, so that your focus and attention may be upon those positive images which move you forward—never backward—but up, up, up into the very realms in which we abide and into which we would draw you! Yes, we would draw you on our cosmic canvases as immortal ones, gleaming with the light upon your brow that is cleansed, one-pointed and does anchor our light within your very being-of perfection, perfection, perfection.
            Seeing is believing beloved. What you see is what you get; and if you would get God, then see God in yourself, in others and in everything.
            Yes, we see you as perfect beings. When will you join us and get with the program and see yourselves as we see you, I ask you?!
            There is no time or space, for we have vanquished it on your behalf; and you can dissolve all those past records, past encumbrances around your vision, around your heart and mind and soul, and be perfection here and now. Once you hitch your heart to our star, the star of the All-Seeing Eye of God-Vision, nothing shall be impossible to you; for if you can see light, light, light then you can be light, light, light!
            I come to quicken you! I come to awaken the light within and activate those higher senses of the soul, the mind and of your higher bodies; so that the eternal flow is re-established and you may know that God loves you, God wants you, God is your very vision this hour and you can win your victory because you have seen God in the mirror of Self and thus you no longer live as man.
            Beloved ones, stand now, face the focus of our presence and sing the songs to Cyclopea and Virginia as we continue to work with the angels of the emerald ray to do our cosmic surgery on the spiritual lens; yes that cosmic cornea that is the window to your soul and the portal unto your God Presence, I Am.
            Sing now and raise your voices on high so that they resonate now higher and higher, actually raying out through your third eye unto a world that needs God-Vision in this hour. Pray for your leaders to see and know God-Vision. For when they do, they shall not lead you astray; and the people will not perish for they shall know God, God, God!
            I seal you, each one, as you sing and give glory to God this day! We are Cyclopea and Virginia. May you win through perfect vision this hour!

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