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Goddess of Light      November 16, 2004

Goddess of Light, Queen of Light, and Goddess of Purity
David Christopher Lewis
November 16, 2004 6:03 - 6:43 am
Livingston, Montana
            I Am the Goddess of Light and I come with the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity to deposit light, light, light within your auras. For if you would be more of God you must increase light within your forcefield. What will this mean for you, dear hearts? It will mean that you have greater access to God's energy for all your work and service, for you will be able to hold within your spheric awareness a greater portion of God-Consciousness.
            When you become supercharged with light all shadows disappear! Yes, the shadow of your former or lesser self pales into nothingness, for you have become that light unto a world in need. And so you become that focal point for the ongoing release of light in greater measure to the earth. As the light flows through your consciousness, as you are truly and simply a humble instrument for it to be released, you are blessed thereby, giving you greater joy, creativity and access to the riches of the spirit which are truly the divine birthright of each one.
            Every avatar and ascended being knows that he or she is simply a reflection of and an instrument of God's light, qualified through that one's being in a specific manner to the glory of God. Thus, flow is established permanently and there is no blockage or temporary power outage for the release of light through the being; for that one is permanently fused as a direct channel for God's energy to flow. Would that each of you could become that clear and free vessel for the light; for then you will know the ultimate joy of liberation, freedom from all that binds and from all sense of limitation.
            I Am the Goddess of Light, for I did and do invoke and have become that pure garment of light for the Lord to use and dispense at all times and in all places that require my presence. And so I do spend my "time", as you would say, in teaching newly ascended souls how to weave that crystal chalice of light into a multi-faceted focus for the amplification of light to ever greater levels of intensity on behalf of a planet and a people.
            As more ascend from the earth, a greater weight of light may hold the balance for that darkness which has come but which must needs be dispelled if earth is to have a golden age of the sunlight of love and enlightenment to come forth. And as more of you focalize light, truly becoming lighthouse beacons where you are, the merging of these foci crescendo into a blazing conflagration that will truly tip the scales so that the Solar Lords will authorize the righting of the earth's axis (physically); and then a greater day of light shall dawn, such as has not been seen since the golden ages of antiquity!
            Beloved, would you be more of light? Would you become lighter by releasing those accumulations of things and of worries and of doubts so that God can use you as a chandelier of radiant energy? Yes, meditate on Self as a crystal chandelier, replete with diadems of sparkling radiance beaming from all of those 144 focal points within, the major and minor chakras and meridian points through which you press out the light of God unto a world. Visualize this chandelier of Self as a glowing sun for 15 minutes each day, qualifying it with hues of violet or emerald or aqua or ruby as you are able to hold the thoughtform during your decrees and meditations. And ask your Christ Self to emblazon this image upon the backdrop of your being so that at any hour or moment you may call it forth; and that this visualization be re-activated for world transmutation or for the alchemies that Saint Germain and Portia would perform through you.
            This is my gift to you today, for I have used this visualization now for centuries, and in the retreats of us three who work in harmony for the radiant light of purity and grace to expand, we each have a focus of this cosmic chandelier which focuses the very energies of the Central Hub (of the cosmos) through our causal bodies to bless all of life on Terra.
            Beloved, become diadems and jewels for God, for you truly are God's crystals in the earth; and he needs each of you to polish those facets of being which are temporarily clouded with the smudges from past choices; but which, in His eyes have never lost their inner luster and glow, and therefore simply need that gentle and tender loving care to be wiped clean again for the light to again flow and shine in the fullness of who you are!
            You are God's diamonds. I raise you up into the light of the sun this day and charge you with that brilliance that shall never be diminished as long as you remember who you are and that you were fashioned with the utmost care by your maker to resonate in perfect harmony with all of the other diamonds which grace this vast universe of light; yes, this oneness of light that we share together.
            Beloved, be the jewel that you truly are through love. For this love we share is the key to our overcoming. As we merge the diadems of our individual qualification of light, we shall create that most colorful and beautiful chandelier that does express the fullness of God's light and gives full glory to the All of the love of the One.
            I seal you in light. I am your Mother of Eternal Light. I bow to the fullness of the light that you are. And as the tears of joy now descend upon my face, I see reflected in each droplet of fire the image of your immortal glory. I love you in the eternality of light's glory, beloved.

Commentary: I was so overjoyed with the love of this message that tears were streaming down my face during the final words that were penned. I sat in awe of her beautiful words which could not have come from any other source but God. Shortly after I "came back to earth" I went outside to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen, with a golden-pink glow-ray dawn of tremendous glory in an almost complete 360 degree circumference around the entire horizon. And directly above me in the sky was the most incredible formation of angel clouds in the shape of two giant wings. I went for a crisp walk and jog and noticed that this formation dissolved within just a few minutes. God is truly great!

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